Can you "love love" during pregnancy?Unclear mom and dad click in and see!

After receiving a private message from a pregnant mother, he said that his friend was derailed because of loneliness after pregnancy, and he was a little scared.When I am pregnant, the same room will be dangerous to the fetus. Want to know if it is true?

For whether you can do the same room during pregnancy, you can love this question, many experts and health scholars have their own opinions.However, most of them agree that "can be in the same room during pregnancy." Since pregnant women are special individuals, the impact of colleagues on the fetus should be paid attention to.

How many months can I be in the same room?

① 3 months in the early stages of pregnancy, the same room is strictly prohibited

Because the fetus has not stabilized 3 months before pregnancy.At the same time, the symptoms of early pregnancy of pregnant mothers are still obvious, and generally don’t have much sex.And the same room in the early stages of pregnancy can easily cause contractions and cause abortion.

② After 36 weeks, the same room is strictly prohibited

After 36 weeks, the placenta began to decline.Many pregnant mothers have serious edema hands and feet. At this time, when the movement is inconvenient, some pregnant mothers have begun to prepare for giving birth.At this time, the same room is also likely to cause contractions and lead to premature birth.

Suitable for the same room during pregnancy, usually 5 months during pregnancy-8 months, the fetus is basically stable.Little Orange recommends that in the same room in the same room.

Is the same room harmful to the fetus during pregnancy?

Sexual life during pregnancy is not a taboo during pregnancy. Sometimes appropriate sexual behavior is beneficial to the fetus, and it can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.Therefore, couples need to coordinate and communicate, choose the correct posture, and avoid external squeezing abdomen.

If the pregnant mother does not have a threatened abortion, habitual abortion, aura premature and premature history, the abdominal pain after sexual intercourse should not be too worried.Abdominal pain after orgasm is not a sign of hurting the baby.Most experts believe that for abortion and low -risk pregnant mothers, abdominal pain after orgasm will not cause abortion or premature birth.

If the pregnant mother has some psychological burdens, the husband can massage the subsequent waist before sexual intercourse to relieve tension.In addition, the uterine contraction caused by orgasm will have a temporary effect on the baby’s heart rate, but it does not adversely affect.

Precautions for the same room during pregnancy

① Pay attention to health

The increase in vaginal discharge of pregnant mothers at the same time decreases, and the same room can easily cause uterine infection to affect fetal development.It is recommended to take measures for hygiene and safety precautions, and we must bring a condom.

② The same room during pregnancy

Pay attention to the same room during pregnancy should not be used to compress the belly and abdomen position.At the same time, be careful not to be too intense, so as not to lead to premature birth and abortion.

③ The number of times in the same room during pregnancy should not be too frequent

Pregnant women have severe bodies during pregnancy.Frequent sex life can easily lead to the function of the placenta activity and affect the normal development of the fetus.

Do I have to bring a sleeve in the same room during pregnancy?

If the pregnant mother does not have the symptoms of uterine atresia, the uterus itself will block things that are invaded and protect them. At the same time, the fetus is wrapped in amniocente -film, so it will not be infected by semen.

However, the prostaglandin with semen may cause a strong contraction of the uterus in the pregnancy, and pregnant women may have symptoms of abdominal pain, and the more severe consequences are abortion and premature birth.If men themselves have diseases such as reproductive or urethral infections, ejaculation may cause pregnant women and fetuses to be infected.

Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, it is best to use condoms in the same room.

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