Can you drink gold and silver flowers to reduce fire during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to?Experts’ detailed answer

Golden and silver flower, also known as the honeysuckle, is a perennial and half -life -old green vine plant for Renovo.Gold and silver flowers have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, and passing the scriptures.


It is undeniable that honeysuckle flowers have a certain effect on the beginning of the wind and fever or warm disease, fever, headache, annoying less, faint tongue, dry throat, etc.

Therefore, we often see the figures of honeysuckle in some Chinese patent medicines, treating the diseased disease, sore swelling, acute and chronic tonsillitis, and periodontitis.The benefits are indeed a lot.

But the throat has a foreign body sensation. I suspect that it is getting angry. Can I use honeysuckle to reduce the fire?In particular, how should pregnant women consider this problem with high risk groups?The problem of medication during pregnancy needs to be cautious. Doctors do not take medicine and doctors to make a science popularization for the mothers or female compatriots who intend to ask for babies in the future.

There are also rumors that it is easy to get angry during pregnancy, which is probably the right to give birth to a boy. In fact, there is no scientific reason, and it is easy to delay the best time for treatment because of such ridiculous thoughts and practices!

There are usually several reasons for the foreign body feel of the throat, especially the mild discomfort during pregnancy may be more sensitive to the body’s mild discomfort. If the foreign body sensation is obvious, you need to ask a professional doctor for diagnosis:

1. The throat reflux disease, that is, the reflux of the stomach content causes the throat discomfort, manifested as clearing the throat, cough, accompanied by sore throat, phlegm, bad breath, poor breathing, etc.

2. Chronic pharyngitis, this is also more common. Chronic pharyngitis is dry, itchy, swelling, and there are many secretions and burning pain. It is easy to dry and have foreign body sensations.

3. Mental factors can also cause foreign body sensation in the pharynx. It is easy to fluctuate emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy relatives may be in a state of excessive tension and fatigue during pregnancy.If you have regeneration, anxiety, depression, suspicious, etc., it is easy to have a foreign body discomfort.

4. Nasrocestated diseases, such as sinusitis, nasopharyngealitis, chronic tonsillitis, upper laryngeal neuritis, pharyngeal muscle spasm and other diseases that have foreign bodies.

5. Compared with the niche situation, there are cysts, or even laryngeal cancer.However, this situation is rare, but it should not be taken lightly.

The above is clear. The foreign body sensation may be possible, but it can be seen that the throat has a foreign body sensation. In addition to tonsillitis, it has a weak effect of tonsillitis.Most of the honeysuckle granules can be used in the throat and pain caused by wind and heat.

If there is a feeling of foreign body sensation in the pharynx, because there are more situations involved, if it does not improve for more than a week, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to clarify the cause and then treat the symptoms.

Of course, if you are sick during pregnancy, do not medicine or doctorate doctors and do not recommend that you do not go to the doctor or take medicine. Instead, the fetus is unfavorable, which is more likely to cause serious consequences.

Gold and silver granules include honeysuckle granules and compound honeysuckle granules. The former is composed of honeysuckle and ninjutin vine, and the latter consists of honeysuckle, forsythia and scutellaria baicalensis.

Everyone knows that honeysuckle is cold and has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, evacuation wind and heat.Leno vines, scutellaria baicalensis, and forsythia are also cold, and they also have the effects of evacuation wind heat, diarrhea and detoxification, and Scutellaria baicalensis also has the effects of hemostatic.Forsythia and Scutellaria baicalensis also have anti -inflammatory and antiviral effects, so from this perspective, compound honeysuckle granules have a wider range of effects.

From the perspective of formula composition, pregnant women can be used, but they should also be used with caution, because these combinations are relatively cold. For pregnant women with cold spleen and stomach, mild diarrhea is prone to occur.

From the perspective of many years of clinical application, tin and silver granules have not found obvious adverse reactions under the formal application dose.However, pregnant women are special groups. They should be cautious for considering medication. They are not used by any medicine. For example, they should be used under the guidance of doctors under the guidance of a doctor.


Simple gold and silver flower dew pregnant women can drink, there are only honeysuckle, and the concentration is relatively low. If pregnant women have wind and heat symptoms, they can help reduce fire. Children can also drink.


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