Can you fake a pregnancy?

How can a woman not love beauty, as is the pregnant mother who is pregnant.But the health of the baby and the beauty of pregnant mothers often seem to be unable to have both.Many pregnant mothers have a beautiful dream in their hearts for their babies, but they still have a beautiful dream in their hearts.

In fact, it is not completely impossible to use skin care products and cosmetics during pregnancy. Let me introduce how to love beauty correctly during pregnancy and become a beautiful pregnant mother.

Let’s talk about skin care first.During pregnancy, due to the fluctuations of hormones in the body, skin problems are more likely to occur.

Such as the skin is dry and rough, freckles, stretch marks, etc., so more care is needed.But remember that the principle of maintenance is the foundation and gentleness.For dry and rough, pregnant mothers can choose mild emulsion or cream.For freckles, pregnant mothers can increase the intake of vitamin B and vitamin C.

However, it must be used to avoid the use of functional products such as whitening and freckle during pregnancy. Such products often contain lead and hormone, which is one of the culprits that cause fetal malformations.

After chatting, how to skin care during pregnancy, let’s take a look at those things about makeup.

First of all, pregnant mothers need to know that inappropriate cosmetics are indeed terrible murderers, which are in danger of teratogenic and disabled.

In terms of ingredients, products with alcohol, hormones, heavy metals, mineral oils, chemical flavors and other ingredients, especially far from mercury -containing products.Secondly, cosmetics are mainly applied to the surface of the skin, and then absorbed through the skin.

The amount of absorption depends on the time when the smear and cosmetics stay on the face.Therefore, it is best to light makeup during pregnancy and completely remove makeup to prevent the residues and accumulation of chemicals.

In addition, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother should be very cautious to apply lipstick.Because lipstick can enter the body by drinking water, eating, etc., chemicals may affect the baby’s health after being absorbed, so try not to rub the redness as much as possible during pregnancy.

In addition, many pregnant mothers will be anemia, and lipstick may cover the manifestation of anemia and affect the doctor’s diagnosis.If pregnant mothers do need it, they can choose to eat natural lipsticks and wipe them clean before drinking water and eating to avoid the absorption of harmful substances.

Above we mainly introduce skin care products and cosmetics used on the face.

So how to choose hair removal cream, hair dye, nail polish, perfume?The suggestion of half a meter is to stay away from as much as possible.Because these products are often more complicated than skin care products and cosmetics.For example, the hair removal cream contains acetate and a hair dye contains aniline, which can threaten the baby’s health.

To choose cosmetics reasonably during pregnancy, you can be a beautiful pregnant mother and have a healthy baby.

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