Can you get pregnant with gynecological inflammation?Gynecological inflammation will give women three "blows"

In real life, many women are painful by gynecological inflammation and feel pain, especially married women in the childbearing age are more vulnerable to gynecological inflammation.Many women think that gynecological inflammation is just a minor disease, and it will heal itself without treatment. In fact, the negative impact of gynecological inflammation is quite large. If not pay attention to treatment, it is likely to affect women’s normal pregnancy and fertility.

Under normal circumstances, gynecological inflammation should be considered until the condition is completely cured.Because gynecological inflammation will cause increased vaginal discharge, the secretion contains a large amount of white blood cells, and white blood cells will affect the penetration ability of the sperm. This will cause the sperm to be unable to meet the eggs normally, which will reduce the chance of conception.

If you cannot treat inflammation in time before pregnancy, due to the acceleration of human metabolism after pregnancy, gynecological inflammation will be caused, and your condition will be more serious, and it is likely to bring some complications. At this timeDestruction, once infection and infection in the palace, will affect the health of the fetus. It is likely that unexpected risks such as miscarriage and premature birth will even cause serious consequences such as congenital developmental deformities and low intelligence in the fetus.

1. It affects physical and mental health.Because gynecological inflammation is a kind of disease that is difficult to treat, the condition is easy to recur, and it is severely infringed for a long time. It will have a considerable negative impact on the body’s immune function and body metabolism, and the endocrine system.The level will decline and endanger the patient’s physical and mental health.Especially in some severe gynecological inflammation, if it is not cured for a long time, life will be threatened.

2. Temperature to induce complications.Many gynecological inflammation is relatively stubborn. After repeated treatment, the condition will still recur, and it will be seriously spread and cross -infected in multiple body parts. This can easily induce a variety of complications.It may cause malignant lesions in some parts, so it will be more difficult to treat.

3. Affect family health.There are some gynecological inflammation that are contagious, so it will not only affect their own health, but also affect their families. Especially in the process of sex, the virus will be transmitted to the spouse, so it will affect the health of their husband.And long -term cross -infection will form a vicious circle.If women are pregnant, they can also cause infection and intestinal infection, which will affect the health of newborns.

Kind tips

There are many women who usually feel backache and back pain, lower abdomen pain, and leucorrhea. In fact, this may be a severe gynecological inflammation that indicates the body. Then at this time, you should go to the hospital for gynecological examinations in time.Then targeted according to the cause and condition. The effect of early treatment for gynecological inflammation is quite good. It can avoid the recurrence of the disease, and can reduce the harm caused to the patient’s from the peak and the family.

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