Can you make a mask if you are a mother?

First of all, it is clear that the mask can be used during pregnancy, but the pregnant mother is the most sensitive crowd, so you must not be sloppy on choosing a mask. You need to pay attention to a few points.Ordinary masks used before pregnancy should be stopped, because this type of mask not only contains heavy metal substances such as copper, tribute, lead, but also contains preservatives, aromatherapy compounds and other ingredients. Therefore, pregnant mothers must stop using such masks.

You must choose a special mask for pregnant mothers, and it is a large -name pregnant mothers -only mask. For the mask of small cards and micro -business, Qiqi recommends that you should not use it. After all, the period of pregnancy is a special period.The safety of the fetus, it is recommended that you better use those products to avoid the re -acting of tragedy

Today, we will gather 6 mask suitable for pregnant women and sensitive muscles.

1⃣️ ⃣ ⃣ Blue Pill Pill Mask: Five Stars

The experience of ultra -thin and superpowient!Stay up late, lack water, peel, sensitivity, are not afraid, just use her to save you, skin sensitivity, peeling and applying a DR immediate improvement

It is particularly refreshing and not greasy. You can know the effect!Pregnant women can also use it!

2⃣️Primra: Three Stars

The main development of pure natural organic skin care brand

And this is the only mask of her jelly gel texture. The skin absorbs well, and the natural and gentle essence can be used. Pregnant women and sensitive skin can be used.Fan Litchi, elasticity, natural Shakya seed extract, yellow, Moringa seeds, moisturizing and white

3⃣️Snp South Korea’s first medicine mask: five stars

SNP Drug Cosmetics Bird Nest Mask Mask

Deep hydration and moisturizing, a box of 10 pieces!Mask available for pregnant women, 5 contains 1000mg of bird’s nest extract 1000mg of water due to water deficiency, and the dry skin concentrated in water supply

Increase the water content of the skin itself, make the skin moist and tender, quickly eliminate skin flaws, restore the smooth and neat health of the skin, and use cytoplasm fiber molecules

4⃣️ Xiangpu Li Eye Mask: Three Stars

After using it, it will slowly become thinner, with a high box of 60 tablets (30 pairs). The detoxification effect will be increased by 3 to 5 times. It has a strong effect of removing dark circles and small fine lines., Octagonal lines, even the chin can be used dull, moisturizing and hydrating, let the bags drink water, apply 20 minutes-40 minutes!Pregnant women’s sensitive muscles use me to use me so much.

5⃣️ Chunyu Mask: Four Stars

Sensitive skin, children, pregnant women can be used, it smells good, silk mask, strong skin-friendly, a lot of essences, how to apply it for 20-30 minutes, can be applied for so long.The skin is moist, without any discomfort, and the 30 -minute mask has not been killed.Efficacy: Enhance the immunity of the body, improve the skin quality of the problem, and decompose color to remove wrinkle and anti -aging to promote cell regeneration!

6⃣️AHC’s high concentration B5 High -efficiency deep moisturizing mask: two stars

Sensitive red or extreme water dehydration Sensitive skin pregnant women can be available

It is particularly recommended to dry skin, water deficiency, sensitivity, and oil secretion of rough skin, soothing allergies and redness, sedative sensitivity, promoting microvascular circulation, improving the skin’s immunity exemption

Resist the external environment to the skin’s damage, provide water, increase skin elasticity, and make sensitive skin achieve the best effect

Skin care products that go out are available

Fresh Rose Spray: Four Stars

Dry skin

After washing your face every day, spray or apply your face with Fresh rose water. It is easy to moisturize. You can also spray makeup and use it to make makeup spray!It can also be sprayed on the cotton pad as a mask, and the rose water is moisturized and yellow!Soothing and sensitive!Pregnant mothers can also be used!

If you can, it is recommended that you can also try your own mask. For example, you can use milk, honey, fruits, etc. to make it yourself. This is not only absolutely safe, but the effect is also very good.

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