Can you raise pets, don’t blindly abandon them anymore

A while ago, my sister was pregnant, and her mother -in -law had to send her pet cats away.The reason is that the cat is sick and has an impact on the child.But in fact, her sister’s cat was raised when she was in college, and she had accompanied her for several years. It was really unbearable.It is still a little better treatment method, and even some people abandon the pets directly after pregnancy.So can I raise pets during pregnancy?The answer is yes, just do the following steps.

1. Vaccine and deworming

Pets must be vaccinated for them.Whether it is a cat or dog or a stray cat or dog from a small hug.Regular vaccines and deworming agents can keep them in good health and avoid sickness affecting people.Except for moss, there is actually no disease that cats and dogs can coexist with others.So as long as you give your pet deworming and vaccine regularly, the problem is not big.

2. Timely cleaning

Human beings love clean animals very much, as well as pets.Cats will comb their hair every day and wash their faces.But the cleaning of pets is far from the standard we are pursuing, so we need to take a bath often. If it has its own "residence", remember to clean it regularly and change it often. In this case, it lives.Comfortable, we look clean and comfortable.

3. Salt treatment

Most of the owners who abandon their pets are worried that they carry germs -hormone.In fact, all cats and dogs and bird animals are carried on their bodies, and the hormone eggs of Toxoplasma are generally hidden in animal feces.Therefore, we are required to pay special attention when dealing with animal feces.Try to avoid direct contact, and wash your hands in time after cleaning.Of course, if you do a regular job of deworming, you can rest assured that your little pet is okay.

4. Don’t eat raw food

Pets will bring a little wildness. After living with humans for a long time, this wildness will degenerate and the diet will gradually change.Therefore, the owner should not feed pets and eat meat when feeding.Small animals who eat pets for a long time may get sick because they can’t digest raw food.In addition, there are certain germs of raw meat shoelaces, which will be unhealthy for pets, causing bacterial infection.So even if you want to add food to your own pets, you must avoid eating raw meat.Pay attention to the diet of pets. They will not get sick and will not threaten pregnant women.

If you must treat it sincerely, don’t abandon it because of a momentary rise or blind prejudice.As long as we do these basic work for our pets, we can live happily with them. Originally, the world was not only we humans.So if you have a pregnant woman or friends who are preparing to prepare for pregnancy, make these points and treat your pets well!

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