Can you still get pregnant?Obstetrician and gynecologist tells you

Hello everyone, I am Zou Shien, who has become a male doctor for obstetrics and gynecology for fifteen years.

In these fifteen years, the contrast between gender and occupation has been used to talk about things.Most of the female friends keep in touch. One obstetrician and gynecologist is a friend to care about his men and women. Male friends often can’t hide the envy, and then all kinds of conjectures, some really make people don’t want to ignore it.

In fact, in front of a doctor, patients are just patients. I only care about how to cure patients. I also hope that everyone can also eliminate prejudice against male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology.

Today, I mainly want to talk about the concerns of many female friends, HPV.

We all know that high -risk human papilloma virus HPV continues to be infected, which is the disease -derived cricket of cervical cancer, and can also cause vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, perianal cancer, and men’s penile cancer.

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What should I do if HPV infection is checked during pregnancy?

Treatment or pregnancy first?

Many obstetrics and gynecologists are also a little aggressive.Don’t panic, you need to keep in mind these 11 knowledge points:

1. HPV infection is very common. About 80% of women have been infected with high -risk HPVs in their lives.However, more than 90% of infected people can turn the negatives by themselves in about 1 year.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

2. Low -risk HPVs can cause warts in reproductive tract and do not cause cancer; only the continuous infection of high -risk HPV can cause cancer.But even if high -risk HPV is continuously infected, only a small proportion may become cervical cancer or pre -cancer lesions, and most of them are fine.

3. Clear HPV without special effects, so it is expected that interferon and the like can be treated with yin. It is better to exercise well by yourself and enhance your own immunity.

4. HPV infection will not enter the blood system after infection (so naturally infection HPV will not produce sufficient protective antibodies), and will not affect fetal development.However, HPV may be infected directly to the uterine cavity. At present, a small number of people studies have shown that the HPV infection rate of natural miscarriage or premature people cervix and placenta in the placenta is a little higher than that of normal pregnant women, but it cannot directly determine that HPV will increase the risk of natural abortion or premature birth.

5. Simply put, check HPV positive, as long as it is determined that there is no pre -cervical cancer and cancer, pregnancy can be carried out normally.

6. How to determine whether the cervix is cancerous or pre -cancer lesions?You need to go to the hospital, do HPV detection and TCT detection to comprehensively judge. If necessary, do vaginal biopsy and cervical cones.

7. Before pregnancy, detection of pre -cancer lesions, including cervical epithelial tumors of 2 to 3 (CIN 2-3)/High -level scaled epithelial internal lesions (HSIL), or cancer, are recommended for active treatment.Because no one knows how much time you need to spend to get pregnant.

8. If you find that HPV is positive during pregnancy, as long as it is not cervical cancer, it does not need to be treated, and it will be treated after giving birth.Because even if there is an anterior lesion, it is not cancer, and postpartum treatment is completely too late.PS: Cervical tapers and cervical tubes during pregnancy.

9. HPV is positive. Whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, the baby may be infected with HPV due to exposure to contaminated production channels and amniotic fluid.The risk of delivery is greater.

10. If the low -risk HPV causes condyloma acuminatum, the risk of the baby’s infection is too great, it is recommended to cesters.

11. However, because of generally, it is better than cesarean section, so the American Obstetrics and Gynecologists Association suggested that there is no need to choose a cesarean section due to HPV infection.Because the cesarean section cannot be completely avoiding the baby’s infection, and even if the baby is infected with HPV, most of them will be cleared within 2 years.

After chatting HPV, I also want to tell you something else.

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