Can’t always be pregnant?Doctors will not tell you, several methods to treat infertility, come and try

Can’t always be pregnant?Doctors will not tell you several ways to treat infertility. Come and try

Pregnancy is really not a very relaxed thing. Now more and more people want to get pregnant but difficult to get pregnant. If women are under 35 years old, couples fail in a regular sex life after 12 months of conception.And women who are over 35 years old have a regular sexual life after 6 months of conception.It’s likely to be infertile!

There is a possibility of infertility, you can go to the hospital for examination, including physical examination, medical history collection, basic body temperature determination, B -ultrasound detection of follicle development, rhinoplasty cream testing, and palace cavity examination, etc.

Factors for female infertility, including fallopian tube factors, ovulation disorders, cervical and other factors, specifically:

1. Dotian factors:

The fallopian tube has an important role in transporting sperm, ingestion of sperm, and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. If the fallopian tube dysfunction or uterine cavity is not through, women are infertile.

Many information also shows that sexually transmitted diseases such as gonococcus, chlamydia and mycoplasma infections may cause fallopian tube obstruction and cause infertility.

2. Ovulation disorder:

Various endocrine system disorders or abnormal ovulation disorders are also one of the main factors of female infertility. For example, congenital non -ovarian or naive ovarian nests, ovarian endometriosis causes adhesion around the ovary, affecting follicle development and ovulation.

Age is an important factor in ovulation disorders. As the age increases, ovarian function decreases, the quality of eggs decreases, and the ovulation rate and pregnancy rate have decreased significantly, especially those older than 35 years old.

3. Cervical and uterine factors

Cervical shape and cervical mucus directly affect the upstream of the sperm into the uterine cavity.The uterus has the function of storing and transporting sperm, gestational eggs, and breeding fetuses.Therefore, cervix and uterus play an important role in reproductive functions.

4. Immune factors

Women can produce transparent band antibodies, change the traits of transparent bands or prevent fertilization and even implantation, which leads to infertility.

Or the abnormal anti -sperm immunity in the female body affects the operation of the sperm in the women’s reproductive tract, interfere with sperm obtaining energy and body response, play a direct cytotoxic effect, condense sperm, and cause infertility.

5. Psychological factors

The sexual dysfunction of both men and women, lack of knowledge of sexual life, high spiritual tension, and infertility leads to infertility.

There are about 4 types of infertility treatment according to the cause of infertility. Doctors will also determine the treatment plan according to your situation.

1. First improve the lifestyle, the weight loss of weight loss, the supplementary nutritional supplementary nutrition, should quit bad habits to quit bad habits, master sexual knowledge, understand your own ovulation law, and moderate sexual intercourse.

2. Several common methods: fallopian tube formation, induced ovulation, artificial fertilization, in vitro fertilization and embryo transplantation, oval cell single sperm injection, embryo -implanted genetic diagnosis

The most important point is: Choose a regular and reliable hospital!Adjust your mentality.

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