Can’t avoid low back pain during pregnancy, expectant mothers can do this

"Women who have experienced pregnancy experience have deeply experienced low back pain during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, those with severe back pain can even rest in bed."

Ms. Wang, 38, felt unbearable when she was pregnant with her first child 8 years ago. She planned to conceive two children in the near future. She wanted to do a comprehensive physical examination for herself. She made a special trip to Shenzhen outpatient clinic to find me.Can the spine lumbar bears the load during pregnancy.After careful inspection, Ms. Wang’s lumbar spine had no abnormalities. It was recommended that she went home to pay attention to exercise the back muscles and maintain the correct measures such as sitting, standing, and lying posture, which would help to prevent low back pain during pregnancy.

Today I will talk about my wife’s care with my wife in combination with orthopedic experience.

Because my wife is from Sichuan, I am from Cantonese. We have three children. I basically take care of my wife ’s experience and care with my friends according to my medical knowledge, so there is basically no back pain.

1. Help my wife to choose a suitable chair. The chair is too high and too low. I should sit inward and use the lower back to close the back.In addition, the easy -to -fall cushion is tiring, so choose a harder one.Sitting on the back of the sofa is best to put a small cushion.

2. Choose a soft low -heeled shoes without wearing high heels

3. Generally, the operation of the kitchen is relatively short, and you need to bend over when you work.In order to prevent the waist from bending and fatigue, you can support the operation desk to support your body with your left hand and work with your right hand. It is best to do our men.

4. If the pregnant woman is lying on the side, she needs to bend her legs one by one.If you lie down, you can first bend your legs when you lie down to support the pelvis, and then twist the pelvis gently until the waist is adjusted comfortably to the bed surface.

5. Sleep a hard bed, don’t sleep the soft Xi Meng thought bed.It is best to take the left side when sleeping, bend your legs, or you can clip a small pillow between the legs to reduce the burden on the waist.

6. It is best not to lift your upper body directly from the flat position. Pregnant women should be sideways first, helping to support the upper body by hand.

7. In autumn and winter, the cold is compelling. Pregnant moms must protect their feet and legs. Now wool socks and cashmere pants are available.Then cause low back pain.

1. During pregnancy, due to the relaxation of the joint ligament, the increased uterus moves forward to move the body’s center of gravity backwards. The lumbar spine is forward and the back extension is in a state of continuous tension, and slight back pain often occurs.

2. Some pregnant women have back pain due to osteoporosis.

3. Some pregnant women have symptoms of threatened abortion, and long -term bed in a long -term bed may also cause back pain.

4. Some pathological conditions may also be manifested as low back pain, such as signs of abortion, aura premature birth, premature placenta peeling, urinary system disease, lumbar muscle sprain, disc herniation, etc. can also be manifested as back pain, so if you have obvious back pain, you should go to the hospital in time.Find the cause for the cause.

1. Periodic therapy.Such as massage and hot compresses can expand blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, improve surrounding tissue nutrition, and improve the symptoms of waist pain.

2. You can use the blood circulation and stasis drugs such as positive safflower oil, and then heated with a hair dryer to achieve better results.

3. Don’t overwork, it is recommended to rest.

4. Pay attention to the negative power of the waist and do not do severe activities.

5. Bend over less.Because pregnant women are holding their stomachs, the muscles in the waist are easily under pressure, so they will increase the pain of the waist. Do not do too much housework to reduce the burden on the waist. At this time, the male compatriots must bear responsibility.

6. Calcium supplement.Calcium deficiency can also cause pain in the waist of pregnant women. In the diet, foods that are rich in calcium and are easy to digest. If necessary, supplement some calcium under the guidance of a doctor to restore calcium balance.

7. Ensure sufficient rest, and keeping the hip joint when resting can effectively improve the bending of the spine, thereby reducing pain.

The most important point: Mastest dad should massage for pregnant mothers to relieve low back pain.During the massage, the five fingers are together, put on both sides of the back lumbar spine, the palms are inward, and rubbing slowly up and down until the part is heated.At the same time, you can also do local hot compresses. Applying hot towels every day on your waist for about half an hour can effectively reduce pain.There is also the mood of keeping pregnant mothers happy and relaxing!

If the above still cannot be reduced, then you need to consult your doctor and seek a better way.

I wish Ping An Health (the picture source network is deleted if there is any infringement)

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