Can’t cough when pregnant?Do you want to cough when you are pregnant?what to do if cough during pregnancy?

Can’t cough when pregnant?Do you want to cough when you are pregnant?What should I do if I have a cough?

Coughing during pregnancy is the painful experience of many expectant mothers. She holds her stomach and dare not cough hard, fearing that the baby will report early; if you accidentally cough to urine incontinence, it is even more embarrassed.Therefore, pregnancy cough is the symptoms of distressing pregnant women and obstetricians. If the cough is too long or too intense, the abdominal pressure increases, which will cause abortion or premature birth.

Pregnant mothers, do you have experienced cough during pregnancy and dare not cough?

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1. I have ever wanted to cough

2. I didn’t want to cough

So, what should I do if I want to cough during pregnancy?If you want to know the reason, first of all, we need to know why pregnant women cough constantly?

Pregnant women’s cough may be caused by a cold, so the treatment method is like a cold.But don’t make yourself smart, take medicine (the same Chinese medicine and western medicine) yourself, because some Chinese medicine and western medicine that treats cough will affect the fetus. To treat it, you must find a qualified doctor for treatment, so that the fetus will not hurt.

However, some pregnant women cough are not caused by a cold. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these expectant mothers have a more yin deficiency in their physique. As long as they are pregnant, they have coughing. They have been coughing until the fetus is born, which greatly damages the health of the fetus.At this time, the treatment method is different from the cough caused by a cold. It must focus on stopping cough and nourishing yin and lungs.

If the expectant mother coughs due to a cold, then find your obstetrician (or a qualified Chinese and Western physician) for you.If a cold is caused by physical yin deficiency (which must be judged by a Chinese doctor), it can be treated with safe food therapy, which can be exempted from damage to the fetus.Let’s introduce the cough and food therapy that has been doing in the people.

1. Rock sugar water pear:

Peel the fresh water pear, cut off the nucleus, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and steam it in the electric cooker to steam and soften it.

2. Bake oranges:

Use a hole in the center of the orange at the bottom of the orange, plug some salt, wrap it in aluminum and platinum paper for 15-20 minutes in the oven. After taking it out, peel the orange peel and eat it.Or dry the orange peel (Chenpi) and decorate it into a tea soup.

3. Chuanbei boiled water pear:

Use the peeled and nuclear pear pear, and 2 money, steam the water in the electric cooker, and eat it.

4. Cooking kumquats:

Wash the kumquat, pitch two or three holes with a toothpick, add water and boil, add rock sugar, boil it with low heat, and eat it while it is hot.If you don’t drink it, put it in the refrigerator and save it.

5. Do not eat sweets such as candy biscuits, cold, dry and easy to get angry (such as peanuts, melon seeds, fried) foods should also be prohibited.

The above food therapy is eaten 3 times a day, which is effective for pregnant women, ordinary people (including adults, children), may wish to try it!

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