Can’t drink during pregnancy, is the child who is pregnant after drunk?See what the doctor says!

Many couples want to have a child who belongs to themselves after getting married. Pregnancy is also a great event for the entire family.But Xiaoyun, who was pregnant not long ago, was not so happy. Because she wanted to prepare for pregnancy, she and her husband had always paid great attention to all aspects of life, but not long ago, Xiaoyun’s husband went out to entertain and had a rare drink.After returning, the whole person was drunk.Can’t drink during pregnancy, is the child who is pregnant after drunk?See what the doctor says!

This was not a big deal, but after a few days, Xiaoyun found that he was pregnant. Xiaoyun was very excited, but after calculating with her husband, she found that her pregnancy time was exactly the night when her husband was drunk.I am very worried.Because whether it is during pregnancy or during pregnancy, alcohol cannot be touched, and alcohol can easily cause harm to children.The anxious Xiaoyun and her husband discussed whether to ask the doctor whether the child who was pregnant after drinking would flow off, but the doctor’s words made them feel at ease.

After hearing their intentions, the doctor said that after being drunk, the child was divided into three situations: 1. If the child who is drunk after the male is drunk, if the child is a child who is drunk, you don’t have to worry too much, because menThe pregnancy period is longer than women, and it takes three months to produce a strong and vibrant sperm for men.So occasionally drinking wine has no great impact on children.Xiaoyun is the first situation, so don’t worry too much about children’s health issues.

2. If a child who is drunk is a child who is pregnant after a woman is drunk, it may be more serious than that of men who are drunk after being drunk, because women have shorter pregnancy cycle, and the eggs are more likely to be affected by alcohol.EssenceHowever, because the location of the egg is "well -protected", even the children who are pregnant after drinking will not have big problems.

3. Both of them are drunk. If both of them are drunk, it is best to go to the hospital to check the body. Although the impact of drinking unilateralA certain impact.After drinking, you can take the food that decomposes alcohol such as vitamin C, which can also reduce the damage to the baby.Copyright statement: If it involves copyright issues, please contact the author’s ownership and contact this website (Article Source: Mommy)

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