Can’t eat these places in crabs, teach you how to eat correctly, simple and fast, no waste

Do you know the most correct way to eat crab?Look at me step by step

Hello everyone, welcome to the gourmet lattice. Many families of crabs like to eat, but most northerners do not eat crabs very much, they are put in their mouths to chew them.In fact, there are many places in crabs that are not available, and if these places are not eliminated, it is likely to cause damage to the body.

Let’s talk about the method of distinguishing the crab male and female.There is a circle of black fluff around the navel of the mother crab, and the male crab’s paws have a lot of fluff, especially its large pliers will gather very thick black fluff.The place.

In addition, under normal circumstances, male crabs are slightly larger than female crabs.The smaller crabs on the market are generally called in a catty, and the current market price is about 45 to 65 yuan a pound.The larger crabs are sold by one.

After the crab is steamed, the first step before we eat is to cut him the joints of his legs first, because the crab’s legs are relatively small and thinner, so it is also cold and fastest.They are relatively hot. Let ’s eat it from the legs first. We will cut the two large pliers and eight legs of the crabs. When cutting, we must be outside of this leg joint when cutting.

In addition to cutting with scissors, in fact, we can also use our hands, but when we are 掰, we will bring a little meat in the legs, which may cause waste.After all the crab legs are removed, we will find that the legs are thick and thin.Let’s start with a thicker place, cut the joints first, and cut off the joints on both sides of the legs. Then we use the thin legs below.In the thigh, the meat inside the crab legs was all pushed out.Using this method to eat the meat in the crab legs will be very simple and convenient, and it will not be dirty. All of the eight crab legs will be solved all at once, so that we can directly hold the crab legs to dip ginger vinegar.Eat juice.

Many people only eat crabs and do not eat crab legs, which is really wasteful.Then come to eat the meat in the pliers of the crab, one can move and the other can be moved. We need to cut that cannot be moved, first break from the middle of the joint, and then follow the place where the edge of the pliers first first first first.Cut off the side, cut out the opening, and look at the tip of the scissors along the edge, cut it a little bit, follow the place of the cut, use the scissors to gently, don’t give it a little.The shells are all processed. At this time, you can hold the joint that can be moved by the pliers, and then gently go up, so that we can put all the meat on the entire pliers.Woolen cloth?

In this way, we can enjoy a large piece of complete crab tong meat.Then look at the entire crab, first open the navel. The belly button is directly rolled off. This is the genitals of the crab. Whether it is male crab or a female crab, the navel must be stretched.Then we first unveiled the small red lids on the crab. After opening, you can see the crab yellow or crab paste of the crab. Gong crabs are generally crab cream, and the mother crab is crab yellow.

After unveiling the lid, we can see the crab yellow, but there will be a white area in the middle of the crab yellow. There is a hexagonal white small sheet in it. This is the crab heart of the crab.Crab yellow is covered, and there will be a relatively hard area in the back.Behind is the mouth of the crab and the crab’s stomach. These three places are not edible, and we need to put it off.After picking it up, use the toothpick to peel all the crab yellow next to the toothpick, and we can throw it away directly in the triangular area in the middle.Crab’s stomach mouth is relatively cold, so be sure to throw it away, don’t eat it.A small white hexagon is stuck on it, which is its heart.

And there will be a white little pipe under the crab’s stomach. This tube is the intestine of the crab, which is also dirty. We use the toothpick to throw it away. Sometimes the crab intestines in this crab are more than thisThere will be about one or two sections of the festival, which can be picked out. This place is not only dirty, but also the taste is not good. It is easy to suffer, and the remaining areas can be eaten.Many people say that there will be a layer of black film next to this crab’s crab yellow. Is this black film dirty and pigmentation?In fact, this is not the case. Now I see that this layer of black film is the shell that the crab will change the next time, so it can be eaten, not due to pigment deposition.

And if you find that the crab’s shell is soft, it proves that this crab has just retreated, and even some crabs that have just retreated. Its shell can also be eaten, and the taste is unique.Then come to deal with the soft things on both sides of the crab body.Crab lives underwater, so its breathing filtering system is its cheeks. There will be a lot of dirt, microorganisms, etc., so you must cut it off for small scissors. The gills of this crab cannot be eaten.There are two thin triangular meats next to the tail below the cheeks. This meat is not edible. It is a crab’s aunt, which is also relatively cold, so we use a toothpick to remove it.

The same is the same on the other side. In this position, there will be a piece of triangular flesh. Plow it with a toothpick. The gills of the crabs are cut on the same ones.There are no meat, so you can use small scissors directly.Because this crab is eaten everything, the mouth and teeth are very dirty. The yellow part of these yellow parts in the middle is yellow. These places can be eaten.

We can use the toothpick and put the yellow yellow in the shell on it. After a while we can use the crab’s upper cover as a container.

Then we cut off the joints of the crab’s leg with a small scissors. You can cut it directly, or use a small scissors to pite him carefully, and then cut the crab’s body with a small scissors. After cutting, it looks inside and looks inside.Very messy, but don’t worry, we find a small spoon, or a disposable straw, gently follow this small bone, and pate the meat in the middle of the bones a little. The order in it is very good.Looking, in fact, it is like the eight -piece abdominal muscles of the crab. Every two bone joints are hidden in the meat full of crabs, and then it will be cleaned on both sides.It is presented.In the middle of the eight legs on both sides is its eight -piece abdominal muscles, and each piece of abdominal muscles are full of meat. There are a lot of meats that are unpopular with such a small crab.

Now all the crab meat has been removed. After the eight -piece abdominal muscles of the crabs are cut from the middle, the lid above and the bottom lid are all of the meat, which are removed.On the far right is eight legs and two pliers. The middle position includes its gills, hearts, stomachs, mouths, navels, and navels in the middle of the paw.of.Well, how many things in the crab cannot be eaten?The first is the mouth, the second is the teeth, the third is the stomach, the fourth is the heart, the fifth is the intestine, the sixth is the cheek, the seventh is the aunt, and the eighth is the navel.Have you remembered these?

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