Can’t keep cats during pregnancy?Zhong Nanshan team: raise!And the sooner the better

The recently popular TV series "Thirty", both on the Internet and in real life, has caused widespread discussion.The seemingly vulgar life is closely related to us.

Gu Jia’s parenting method, Xu Xuanshan’s evenings do not eat, Zhong Xiaoqin’s abortion … all have become the focus and topic center of major V.

As a shoveling officer, Xiaobian saw the part of Zhong Xiaoqin and felt the same feelings.Especially she brought the cat back to her mother’s house, and her mother said that she couldn’t raise cats when she was pregnant.

However, Zhong Xiaoqin, who had a good value and San Guan, groaned back:

You can’t raise cats when you are pregnant. That is a rumor. Pregnancy and cats do not conflict.

Someone once pointed out that there are cats and baby, which is the top matching of life.

However, in real life, there are various "conflicts" in cats and baby, such as bowworms, which are the insurmountable gap between the two.

Harm of Toxoplasma




Once pregnant women are infected, they may cause fetal malformations or abortion.

Seeing such a result, you might shake.

It ’s so scary, how can there be a toxoplasma worm?

It has been said that cats and cats are the ultimate host of Toxoplasma.

Other animals, including people, are just the middle host.

If the cat eats the raw meat of these intermediate hosts, then there will be a bowworm eggs in the cat’s feces. These worm eggs develop in cat sand for 2-5 days before you have the opportunity to transmit it to humans (shovel officer to clean the catDuring the sand).

Don’t look at the version too long (the transmission of bow -shaped worms)

1. Cats eat raw meat with toxoplasma creatures

2. The cat’s feces exist in cat litter for 2-5 days

3. Clean cat litter with a bowworm by human beings

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Video Gow -shaped worm science

Gow -shaped infection is actually very common.According to the survey, about 1/3 of humans around the world may have infected with toxoplasma.For people with normal immune systems, Toxoplasma does not endanger our health.

There is also the most direct way to study the infection of Toxoplasma infection. In fact, it is to eat raw meat.

It can be seen that it is essential to pay attention to personal hygiene and develop good eating habits.

Doctor: The sooner the pet should be raised as good as possible

Not long ago, a show "Health 100Fun" invited experts from Zhong Nanshan team to interview.

The Zhong Nanshan team pointed out that the incidence of asthma in urban children is higher than that of children in the countryside. In fact, the environment of the city is too clean and failed to contact and adapt to more allergies.

Experts point out that children are born with allergies to pets.If you raised cats and dogs at home from an early age, you actually have a protective effect on children’s allergies.

In the UK, studies have shown that children have a pet dog before the age of 3, which can reduce the chance of suffering from asthma by 40%.

Scientific research in Poland also shows that compared with children who do not have pets in the family, children who have pets who have pets in the family have no health and fever in the whole year.

And many studies have also shown that psychologically, pets can drive away the child’s psychological loneliness and enhance their sense of responsibility and self -confidence.In terms of health, children who contact dogs at home decreased by 44%of otitis media, reduced fever by 20%, and reduced antibiotic treatment by 29%than children without dogs.

Therefore, doctors suggested that the sooner the pets raise the better!

Listen to their voice

Netizen A: I have raised cats. Since the age of eight, the cats have not been broken. The cats who used to be released every day. Even so, I have not been infected with a bow -shaped worm.After, there was no bow -shaped antibody, so I could only depressed without eating raw meat and fish, and the doctor did not let me raise cats, but I washed my cats after playing with cats.Therefore, there is really no need to throw cats or something when you get pregnant. Just pay attention.If you really do n’t want to bet on one thousandth, do n’t raise cats. Anyway, for humans, self -reproduction is the most important. Why should it be raised and thrown, and it is said that it is for children to sacrifice.

Netizen B: I am pregnant, a cat, two dogs, will not be adopted or isolate. Everything is as usual. Is it so difficult for you to wash your hands before eating?

Netizen C: I have liked cats since I was a child.Every time a new cat comes to the hospital, he takes to the hospital to repeat the injections and see the doctor regularly.

I was pregnant three months ago, and I did a bow -shaped infection test, and the results were negative.

It shows that nourishing cats and pregnancy are not conflicting. As long as they are responsible for cats, they are qualified masters, and there is no problem with the way of raising cats.

Netizen D: It doesn’t matter. I found that the dog’s third needle was not hit yet when I was pregnant. Now the baby is three years old.Give a bath during pregnancy

There are also many rumors about pets. The biggest of which is that pregnant women cannot raise pets.Rather than worrying about this false information, it is better to help your pets for inspection, immunity and deworming.

You still need to understand these

Will pets spread new coronal pneumonia virus?

Will cat hair suck into the lungs?

People are worried that pets’ hair will be sucked into the lungs.

Actually, you are really worried!

It is not only nasal hair to prevent foreign objects from entering the respiratory tract.Human exhaling trachea and airflow generated in breathing also have this ability to prevent foreign bodies from entering the lungs.

Moreover, the diameter of cat hair is far greater than the size of the human respiratory tract!

Related pregnancy that cannot be raised in pets is countless, and I will discuss it again here.

It is believed that many people have gradually realized the previous mistakes, but many people still insist on their own opinions.

There is a word that I don’t know if I say it is improper -you can never wake up a person who pretend to be sleeping.(I still say it)

In any case, be kind to every life!Abandoning animals in the name of pregnancy is shameful!

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