Can’t pregnant pregnancy be pregnant?Eat more four major pregnancy foods to help your baby come to your mother faster

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After marrying her husband, Liu Jie hopes to conceive the baby as soon as possible, so neither of them have contraceptives, but the marriage is more than half a year, but the belly has never moved.Healthy, Liu Jie was very anxious.”Zero plan”

Once when I was together with my girlfriend, my girlfriend mentioned that I read a lot of books such as pregnancy and pregnancy when preparing for pregnancy. Among them, it was mentioned: For example, what kind of posture of pregnancy is easy to conceive, what kind of food to eat is pregnancy to help pregnancy help pregnancy to help them, four major pregnancy -assisted foods are recommended to eat more, and eat more foods rich in vitamin E during pregnancy, while vitamin E rich foods are mainly vegetable oil!

She only remembered that because she liked to eat lard from an early age, she felt that lard fried dishes were more fragrant, so most of the time in the home used lard to cook, I thought it was because I often eat lard., Is it easy to conceive children?So decisively replaced the lard used in the cooking to corn oil, and as a result, Liu Jie was pregnant with children in less than two months!

Liu Jie was very happy to tell the good news to her girlfriend, and her girlfriend was also happy for her.

Normally, my mother can be pregnant for about three months when she is in her 20s. By the age of 30, she can be pregnant for half a year., It may also be related to our daily diet, such as the four categories of gestational foods without sufficient intake.

The first category: foods rich in zinc

The book "Food Nutrition and Sanitation" mentioned that long -term zinc deficiency in adults can lead to sexual dysfunction, excessive sperm produce, and congenital malformations such as fetal central nervous system!

Zinc affects the secretion of sex hormones and the development of gonads!

Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, you must eat more zinc -rich foods. Foods rich in zinc including animal liver, fish, oysters, lean meat and nuts, eggs, beans!

Generally, the amount of seafood with shells is relatively high.

For example, 100 grams of oyster contains 9.39 mg of zinc, 100 grams of mud contains 11.59 zinc, and 100 grams of snails contains 10.27 mg of zinc.

The second category: food rich in folic acid

Studies have found that folic acid lacks the production of sperm and leads to male infertility.Now it is recommended that the mother supplement folic acid when preparing for pregnancy, because folic acid is closely related to the development of the fetus’s nervous system.

Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, my mother eats a piece of folic acid every day, and my father can also eat. If the father does not eat, then eat more folic acid foods, such as various fresh vegetables and fruits.In particular, mothers must eat rice noodles and other staple foods, because the rice noodles are also rich in folic acid.

Third category: food rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C can remove free radicals in the body. It is a strong oxidant in the body and protects the integrity of DNA protein and cell membrane.Therefore, the protection of sperm eggs is very strong, and it can also enhance the activity of sperm eggs and help better conceive.

Vitamin C is a water -soluble vitamin, so intake of fresh vegetables and fruits every day, vegetables and fruits contain more vitamin C, especially the slightly sour jujube, fresh dates, grapefruit, kiwi, hawthorn, hawthorn, hawthorn, hawthorn,There will be more vitamin C in it.

Fourth category: food rich in vitamin E

Vitamin E has a very important role in embryonic development and reproductive, and has something to do with animal reproductive functions and sperm.

Therefore, Liu Jie and her husband ate lard every day, resulting in insufficient vitamin E, which affected his fertility. Later, he quickly became pregnant after eating vegetable oil.

The vegetable oil we eat usually has abundant vitamin E, as well as wheat’s wheat embryos, nuts, and all kinds of beans will also contain certain vitamin E.

Mom wants to conceive the baby smoothly. In addition to eating 4 more pregnancy -assisted foods, daily life should be paid more attention to make the baby come to the mother faster.

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