Can’t take medicine during pregnancy?Patients with lupus must receive medicine with medicine

—— Wang Xiaoying/Wenzhou University First Affiliated Hospital

Systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease that affects multiple systems throughout the body.When an autoimmune disease occurs, the immune system has lost the ability to accurately identify the enemy, and began to attack its own healthy cells, which means "autoimmune response".For patients with lupus, this "excessive immune response" is covered with various organs of the whole body. The severity of the disease is from mild rash, arthritis to severe kidney and central nervous system, and can even endanger life.Therefore, the drugs treated with lupus are mainly hormones that reduce excessive immune response and "immunosuppressive drugs".

So can patients with lupus be pregnant?We need to consider the impact of lupus disease itself and drugs on maternal women.

On the one hand, lupus female: male disease proportion is 7-9: 1, and women are mainly women in childbearing age. Because the onset itself is related to estrogen hormone, the possibility of recurrence and aggravation during pregnancy is very high.The ending of bad pregnancy, such as preluded occurrence, premature birth, low weight, in the palace, and lupus erythematosus than normal people.Therefore, patients with lupus must communicate with doctors before pregnancy, and then try to get pregnant after 6 months of stability, and they need to re -review regularly during pregnancy.

On the other hand, when the specialist of the specialist evaluates the stable condition of lupin, when preparing to be pregnant, the doctor will evaluate the safety of medication during pregnancy. The discontinued part of the drug that may not be good for fetal growth and development, mainly includes:

● Is the phenol ester -should be discontinued at least 6 months before trying.

● Circusamide -should be suspended at least 3 months before trying.

● Tyanotate -should be discontinued at least 1 month before pregnancy (preferably 3 months).

● Lothamine -discontinued and eluted with gallbladder, waiting for half a year to prepare for pregnancy.If you do not use a drug eluing agent, you can get pregnant after 2 years of discontinuation.

It must be pointed out that lupus is a chronic disease, and the recurrence of pregnancy and the risk of aggravation are existence. Therefore, the "pregnancy and pregnancy" is the fact that some patients should be scientifically recognized.A considerable part of the drugs are proven to not increase the risk of adverse fetal prognosis during pregnancy. They need to follow the doctor’s advice during the pregnancy period, take medicine regularly, and regularly review, thereby reducing the risk of worsening and recurrence of pregnancy in pregnancy."Moral dilemma.These drugs include small doses of hormones, hydroxyl chloride, sulfoline, cyclopensicide, other biological preparations such as Setozumab.

Whether it can be breastfeeding after delivery is also a topic that the mother of lupus is very concerned.Patients with lupus can be breastfeed, but still need to communicate with doctors.It is generally believed that oral 20mg and above hormones are best to be separated by 4 hours before breastfeeding.Milcitan, cyclopromy, and hekmomis can be used safely.Mothers of oral methotrexate, mothers who are phenolic phenol, pheatomotide, and cyclopensicide are generally not recommended to breastfeed.

Thanks to the improvement of modern medical levels, patients with lupus can also nurture healthy babies have become the norm.Expectant mothers need to make decisions with doctors, review regularly, and regularly use medicine.It is hoped that patients with lupus can enjoy safety and good pregnancy.

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