Can’t the endometrium thin be pregnant?

[Can the endometrium thin be pregnant?.

Patients often ask, "Doctor, my endometrium is too thin, can I not be pregnant, what should I do?"

Because the endometrium is affected by female and progesterone, the endometrium is different in periodic changes, and the endometrium is different in different menstrual periods. We can divide it into three issues:

1. Proliferation period: 5-14 days of menstrual cycle.In contrast to the follicle period in the ovarian cycle.Under the action of estrogen, the endometrium surface epithelium, blood vessels, and interval are proliferative.The thickness of this period is 3-5mm thick.

2. Secretary period: 15-28 days of menstrual cycle.Corresponding to the luteal phase in the ovarian cycle.The endometrium thickening, gland and blood vessels increased, and the interstitial was enlarged and loose.The thickness of this period is 8-12mm.

3. Menstrual period: Day 1-4: Functional tissue loses hormone level support, variability, necrosis, bleeding, and bleeding occur.The base layer is not affected by ovarian hormones.

[So complicated, our endometrium is thick, what do you think?.

In general, if you want to judge whether the thickness of the endometrium is normal, you need to combine the time to judge.If your menstruation is just clean, check that the B -ultrasound is thin. For whether you can conceive, the key is to see the thickness of the endometrium after ovulation. When the thickness of the endometrium after ovulation is <7 mm, the pregnancy rate decreases significantly, and as it is withIncreased endometrial thickness, its clinical pregnancy rate has increased significantly.However, the thick endometrium cannot guarantee the bed because the thickness cannot be energy.

[What causes the endometrium to be caused?.

1. Congenital factor: some women’s endometrium is congenital and thin;

2. Uterine cavity operation: Women who have a history of production have a history of uterine cavity operation, which can easily cause uterine cavity adhesion or endometrial loss;

3. Uterine endometrial tuberculosis: After tuberculosis infection, the tuberculosis easily infringes the reproductive organs, causing endometrial tuberculosis, destroying the endometrium, and leading to gradually becoming thinner.

[How to treat endometrium thin?]

First of all, the cause of the endometrium is too thin.

1. If it is caused by hormone levels, the patient’s exogenous hormone can be given to the endometrial hyperplasia of the patient’s uterine.

2. If the endometrium is too thin due to the invasion of the tuberculosis, it needs to be treated with anti -tuberculosis; the endometrial tuberculosis is severe, which can cause irreversible destruction of the endometrium.

3. Due to multiple and repeated uterine cavity operations, such as multiple repeated abortion caused mechanical damage to the endometrium, this damage may also be permanent.For this situation, you can use a large dose of hormone to slowly grow the endometrium, and at the same time, you can give aspirin and other endometrial blood supply; there are also physical therapy, such as pelvic physiotherapy, increase the blood supply of the uterus (Location: Maternal and Infant Health Center on the sixth floor of the Department of Hospital).If the effect is not good, you can use drugs such as Riibai to increase the thickness of the endometrium after ovulation.

4. Of course, if the endometrium is thin at the same time, the uterine cavity adhesion can be combined at the same time, and the laparoscopic adhesion can be treated. At this time, it is better to choose a physical method to separate the adhesion.Put the balloon bracket with estrogen supplement after surgery, the surgical effect is good, and the compound adhesion rate is low.(You can make an appointment for hysteroscopic surgery in our outpatient clinic, or you can directly find Director Cai Zhuhua to make an appointment. After the surgery time is selected within one week after menstruation)

5. Pay attention to eating more plant estrogen foods such as black beans, soybeans, soy milk and other bean foods. You can also eat foods containing animal estrogen like royal jelly and snow clams.These foods contain a certain natural hormone, which can relieve the disease through dietary therapy. It is necessary to conduct regular review and timely adjustment of drugs.

Of course, the drug adjustment is to find a doctor, you can’t take the drug at will.

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