Can’t you attend a wedding during pregnancy?Do you make these mysterious customs …

Many regions have a statement that pregnant women cannot attend the wedding, saying that the joy of the newcomer and the fetal god collision, which is not good for both sides.In fact, this is just a superstition, not allowing pregnant women to attend the wedding more to take care of the safety of pregnant women themselves.

Why is there a saying that pregnant women cannot attend the wedding?

From the perspective of superstition:

Of course, pregnancy cannot be attended by the wedding, especially if you face face to face with the groom and the bride, face the newcomer with your belly.The reason is that the wedding god and the fetus gods on the wedding newcomer are hit.And those brides who hold a wedding with their children are different. They are both fetuses and joy gods, and they will not collide with each other.

It is said that if the bride saw a pregnant woman, the marriage life after marriage is not smooth, and it is not easy to conceive the baby.And if pregnant women face their belly, children are also prone to premature birth.Therefore, in the concept of many elderly people, it is very taboo for pregnant women to participate in the wedding of their sons and daughters.In order to avoid disputes, it is recommended that pregnant women do not go to the wedding.

From a scientific perspective:

1. There are many people at the wedding.

Marriage is a big event, everyone likes to be lively.But there are too many things to pay attention to in pregnant women at the wedding scene.

2. Although the dishes are rich, it is not necessarily suitable for pregnant women

There are many things that pregnant women avoid food, and the food provided at the wedding banquet can not be changed at will.Water can avoid, but is there any ingredients that pregnant women cannot accept each dish?And whether the current wedding dishes can ensure the cleanliness of hygiene, no one can really supervise it, so the diet for pregnant women to participate in the wedding is also a big problem.

3. Pregnant women are easy to become the focus of topics

Pregnant women are easy to become the focus of the topic because of their appearance.Not to mention guessing men and guessing women, sometimes leading to some topics, such as how to soothe the husband during pregnancy, whether the husband will derail because of this, it is easy to make the newcomer who should have become the focus and be snatched by pregnant women.Therefore, in order to avoid many people, pregnant mothers still don’t have to go to the wedding.

4. Urgent situations caught off guard by this

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is a period of unstable unstable. A little carelessness may lead to abortion, and premature production is prone to occurred in the third trimester. If the wedding scene environment is noisy and pregnant women have an emergency, pregnant women and newcomers will be caught off guard.

What other strange taboos are there during pregnancy?

1. There are pregnant women in the family. They cannot disassemble the room where the pregnant woman lives or moves, and she cannot move.

According to the elderly in the hometown, the rooms of the pregnant woman live, move the bed, and add new large items will collide with the "fetal god", which is not conducive to the fetal protection, and it may affect the fetal development.In fact, the "fetal god" mentioned here is the fetal gas taught by Chinese medicine. In the early years, everyone did not understand what fetal gas was, and they regarded the fetal gas as a god, and used it as a deed dedicated to the fetus.In fact, this statement is to be afraid that pregnant women will move their fetal gas.

2. Pregnant women taboo with scissors and needle lines.

Because wearing clothes or cutting things with scissors may hurt the fetal god. Once the fetal god is injured, the baby born may lack flaws such as ears, fingers or blindness.In fact, it is not to let the pregnant mother’s moving gas vaguely. In the era of traditional male farming and female weaving, women need to afford a large workload. In order to allow pregnant women to rest more, don’t do too much work. ThereforeAdvise pregnant women not to do sewing cuts on weekdays, and evolve into folk taboos.

3. Pregnant women cannot take photos. Take photos is to take people’s souls and scare the baby in the belly.

In fact, the original intention of not being able to take photos when pregnancy is to say that when the camera is taken, it will be equipped with flash sources such as flash, magnesium light, etc. It is thought that these things are radiatingIt is quite small, which will cause the baby’s deformity in the belly, and it will not take the baby’s soul.

4. Pregnant women cannot go to the grave, otherwise it is easy to attach ghosts

In fact, the initial intention of pregnant women who cannot go to the grave sweeping is that the rugged mountain road is easy to fall, and the fetus in the belly is not a nonsense.Pregnant women can go to the grave to sweep the grave during the Qingming season, but try to avoid it as much as possible. If it is necessary, you must pay attention to whether the road conditions are safe. When pregnant women walk, be careful. People should also pay attention to assistance at any time.

I said a few words

When pregnant women go to the wedding, someone must accompany the left and right to avoid accidents; pregnant women should stay away from more places where people gather more, such as when the bride gets off or hits the flowers, it will be a little farther away from the gift cannon.Not good; once an emergency occurs, seek medical treatment immediately!

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