Can’t you sit with an elevator?The woman was forced to climb the stairs at 8 months of pregnancy, property: You are not qualified

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In June 22, in a community in Nanjing, when a pregnant woman came home from get off work, she found that there was no way to use the elevator. She had to climb the stairs to go home. I can’t help it anymore.

The owner replied: You did n’t pay for the exclusive elevator. Why do you sit?

What happened to the owner into such an attitude?Should the elevator be shared with all owners?

One afternoon, Ms. Qian, a pregnant woman who was eight months pregnant, went home from get off work as usual, stopped the car to the underground garage, and was planning to take the underground elevator on the eight buildings upstairs, but found that the elevator button on the first floor could not be normal. Press.

When she was puzzled, she found that the elevator was locked by people. If she couldn’t press light, she needed to swipe the door to unlock the door, so she had to hold her pregnant belly up and climbed up the stairs.

From the underground garage to the first floor, it is equivalent to the height of the third floor. There are about 50 steps to reach the first floor. An adult is a bit difficult, which is definitely not easy for a pregnant woman.

Because she was pregnant for eight months, Ms. Qian stopped and stopped during the stairs. After taking it for a long time, Ms. Qian believes that this is only a special case today. MayIt should be fine.

However, Ms. Qian did not expect that the elevator was still locked the next day. Why did the elevator that could be used every day suddenly went to the access control lock?

Ms. Qian was pregnant and could not afford such a toss, so she quickly found the property and wanted to ask what was going on. As a result, as soon as the property was called, they claimed that the elevator was used only for eight buildings in the community.Users in the rest of the buildings do not have the right to use, and they can only take the stairs.

Ms. Qian was very puzzled when she heard it. Why did everyone who could not use it before, why did the elevator that everyone could use suddenly turned into an exclusive elevator for the owner of the eight buildings?

"Can everyone use it before? Why can’t it be used for now?" Ms. Qian asked, originally thought it was because the elevator had a failure to lock it, but the property explained the explanation of the property.: "As long as it is not the owner of the eight buildings, you will not be able to use the elevator in the future."

The only elevator from the underground parking lot upstairs is the only one. In addition, the stairs are now. Now this elevator has become a dedicated elevator.

I asked the owners of the Eight Buildings to learn that it turned out that because the long -term multiplayer used the elevator, the owners of the Eight Buildings had dissatisfaction, so they reported to the property that the situation was that the elevator could only let the eight buildings oweLong -term use, not everyone can use it.

Therefore, the property locks the elevator, only for the owners of the entrance card of eight buildings.

"Why? Isn’t this a public elevator? Why is it locked when you lock?" Ms. Qian was very angry. "Only this elevator comes from the basement in this community. People in the community use this elevator.We also paid the property fee, why can’t we use it suddenly? "

Ms. Qian is angry and puzzled. There are so many supporting facilities in this community, and there are multiple underground parking lots. HoweverWoolen cloth?

The property was still very officially answered: "Because many owners in the eight buildings have great opinions on the public use of the elevator, we found us to let the elevator go to the door.I have access control. "

All the property expenses in the community are paid by the property expenses in the community, and as an underground parking garage in the community reaches the elevator on the ground, all the owners in the community should have the right to use.What about the special elevator?

Regarding such a statement, except for the owners of the eight buildings, everyone else is not satisfied, and the property is given a statement.

According to the property management personnel, the only elevator to the first floor of the first floor is provided by the owners of the eight buildings every year. Other residents have been using this elevator every year, but they did not pay for this elevator.Any cost.

Use it together when you use it. When you pay the money, there are only eight buildings from the owners of the building. This kind of thing is unwilling to be in his heart, so the owners of the eight buildings are very unbalanced, so I found the property to lock the elevator. OnlyFor the owners of eight buildings.

One of the owners of the eight buildings said angrily: "The cost of repairing the elevator is only the owners of our eight buildings, and the public maintenance funds are used once or once, and it costs nearly 38,000 last year!"

Ms. Qian also expressed her deep understanding, but Ms. Qian said: "After all, I have eight months of pregnancy and I will be born immediately. It is more special. Why can’t I take care of me?"

Such a requirement was rejected by the owners of the eight buildings. "Special circumstances are not only Ms. Ms., those who have been in the years, disabled people, they are also special circumstances. For example, there are six owners who are pregnant. She is pregnant. She is pregnant.Regarding this decision, there is no disabled person and the elderly in the community. Everyone finds a reason to say that we have special circumstances, so what does it mean to install this access control? "

In the process of coordination, there are also reporters from the participation of reporters. The reporter found a strange phenomenon. In addition to eight, four, seven, and fourteen buildings, there are also garage.Other unit owners can use it normally. As a property in the same community, why have different management methods?

The reporter found the property and asked why there was such a thing. In response, the person in charge of the property was vague, saying that there were management regulations and refused to answer the reporter’s question.

At this time, Ms. Qian was not calm, and said: "Although the elevator was built below the eight buildings, the property never stated that this elevator was an exclusive elevator of eight buildings, and it has always been used by everyone!"

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, other buildings are combined with elevators together. There is no saying that access card cards are set up. The property fees that everyone pays together is the same.

In order to meet the requirements of some owners, they agreed to lock the elevator directly to the access control. The opinions of other owners did not even ask. This was harmful to their rights and interests. Ms. Qian must give a statement.Here: "We don’t know who this elevator belongs to, but we need to pay the business fee and elevator repair fee every year."

In this case, Ms. Qian found a lawyer to consult in order to protect her rights and interests.

The lawyer said after knowing the whole incident, and said, "The behavior of the property locked the elevator on the property really harmed the rights and interests of other owners, but the owners other than eight buildings should also bear the daily maintenance and maintenance costs of the elevator.The use and maintenance are negotiated. "

The common underground parking garage is a common part. As long as the relevant costs of the stalls are available, the property locks the elevator without permission to the rights and interests of other owners.It is already illegal. Ms. Qian wants to continue using the elevator, and she needs to spread the maintenance costs required for the daily life with other owners.

Although the lawyer’s proposal was proposed, the property did not immediately withdraw the management of the elevator access control, saying that it would be necessary to make a decision after reporting to the company.

There are many private properties like Ms. Qian Community. There is a property in the Star Rain Washington Community in Nanjing. Without communicating with the owner, she has forcibly dragged Ms. Li’s car from the parking spaces that Ms. Li has purchased.Out, locked in the aisle.

The property was forcibly dragged away and locked in the name of "stop" and "illegal stop". Ms. Li expressed very angry. The second -hand house she bought in this community was used to live for her parents.Quan, when he returned home to the garage, found that his car was inexplicably moved and was posted with illegal parking words.

Ms. Li said that her father went to lecture in other places and asked the property to return to Nanjing to move the car on March 1, but the property suddenly moved the car and locked it on the afternoon of February 27. Ms. Li also took out all the payment receipts.I have never owed the property fee, and the parking space has also spent 20 years of use.

I did not know if it was damaged to the vehicle. Ms. Li filmed the scene and reported to the police. After that, she and her family called the 12315 and property complaint calls, but it was unsuccessful.

Why doesn’t this property notify the owner in advance and move the car privately?The reporter came to this property to ask about the situation. The reporter saw that in addition to the parking space in the underground garage, a lot of cars also stopped in the aisle. According to Ms. Li, there were many vehicles in the owner.There is a problem of parking space tensions.

When the reporter asked the property, some people kept asking the problem of parking spaces. Some were because they had not been shaken to the parking space for many years. Ms. Li also stopped seven or eight years of temporary parking spaces.Buy parking space.

"But now the car is forcibly dragged out. My demand is very simple. I need to apologize for the property compensation and send my car to the maintenance chassis to be damaged. The subsequent compensation issues will be resolved."

In response to Ms. Li’s demands, the community property management department stated that in order to alleviate the difficulty of parking in the community, the staff of the staff was arranged for on -site office.Communicate with Ms. Li.

Ms. Li said that there are already people who have come to solve problems on the property. The property does not meet the rules and regulations. It will deal with the negotiation problem in person in the face of it.

There are even the property to stop the electricity of the owner Mr. Xu in order to urge the electricity bill.However, it does not provide specific meter reading readings and the duration.

After many negotiations did not have results, the property company forced power out of power and locked Mr. Xu’s shops, and also banned Mr. Xu from pulling away the equipment and corresponding property in the store, which led to great losses of Mr. Xu.Make Du Mou to court.

However, Du Mou believes that the rental contract has not been reached and the lease contract cannot be lifted. After hearing, the court said that the electricity fee was directly handed over to the property company.The measurement of power outages and door -locking measures beyond the scope of legal scope, the lease contract between Mr. Xu and Du Mou cannot continue to be fulfilled.

So the launch of the shop lease contract, Du also compensated Mr. Xu’s economic losses.

Although the eight owners’ way of doing things are not close, they are really protecting their rights and interests. They are used together when they are used in life.If you want, if Ms. Qian wants to enjoy the right, she must take the initiative to bear the corresponding obligations.

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