Can’t you use skin care products?Still believing skin care products injury to the fetus?The old concept has long been changed

You can’t use the old concept of skin care products, you have to change it for a long time!

In fact, most skin care products can be used, just pay attention to avoid two types of ingredients:

One is VA, and the other is salicylic acid.

The rest is like hydrogen, bigrazone-3, Nepalese golden ester, etc. Domestic skin care products are not allowed to be used. The other two have a policy level.The dose is also low.

Class VA, FDA is said to be large -dose oral VA (including external A acid) before belonging to Class X, which is disabled, such as the commonly used in our skin care products.It has to be stopped for 2 weeks after being tolerated.

So if the expectant mothers use A -alcohol -containing skin care products, do not need to be anxious for this!Just use that skin care product, and I haven’t eaten more VA supplemented by carrots …

As for salicylic acid, the FDA takes a large number of aspirin, sodium salicylate, and sodium salicylate for a long time, and it is fixed into D, which is to avoid it as much as possible. The small dose is set to C. There is no evidence.Acids can cause problems. In addition, the adding limit to the specifications of domestic skin care products is 2%, so you don’t have to worry too much even if you use it.


It is far more important than applying to the mouth than the external application. It is really true to apply 3 or 5ml on the skin.

Below Lai Bo’s Amway of my skin care products during pregnancy, pregnant mothers still have to do well in daily skin care!Otherwise, the age of three years old, be careful not to cry!

Nenfu water milk

Nenfu’s water milk is safe, effective, professional, and this sensitive muscle is really a must!

The texture of water milk is very refreshing. The essence water will not be water -like like ordinary toner, and it will be a bit sticky. It can be said that the toner and essence are combined into one. It is very refreshing on the face.The added hyaluronic acid sodium, citrus grass and various plant extracts can make the skin moisturize well.

Lotion is not very greasy for oil skin. I can balance water and oil very well. I put it on my palm and cover it on my face. After a long time, I feel that the pores on the face have become smaller.A lot of tender!

Porn buds and water

The moisturizing effect must not be said!After using it for about a week, I really looked at the skin on my face and slowly became moist every day.Because the immoral bud water milk has a natural moisturizing patent Patch2O ™*technology, the hydrating small molecules are highly hyperaconability and can quickly replenish the lack of water during pregnancy. What dry and peeling does not exist!

The skin feel is also very good, and the corner shark alkane component close to the human sebum film is destined to be refreshing on the face.I like to use a small amount of essence water many times, and then take a layer of thin emulsion. In fact, it will not feel sticky at all.Pentavitin lock water magnets, which can quickly form a water protection film on the face to prevent skin moisture from being lost.

This solid and safe and moisturizing system, pregnant women use a real sense of security!

Winona Essence

Winona’s brand is definitely the light of domestic products in my heart, and it is also the light of sensitive muscles. Many dermatologists will also use Venona’s products for skin patients.

Especially for this moisturizer repair essence, it is recommended that Minpi must try it. No matter the rotten face, it can be saved!

It is extracted from purslane and green pear fruits, which can relieve sensitivity, but also repair the skin barrier. You can drop your face with one tube.It’s almost changing skin care.

Although the texture is the essence, it has a strong liquidity. A touch of water, sensitive skin oil, acne skin, dry skin and other whole skin are applicable. It is completely absorbed after shooting two times.Staying up late will not be crazy.


There is also a sign of "jointly developed with the hospital" behind Yuze’s products. I saw it back on skin care products. I did n’t blow or black.

There is also PBS bionic technology. The use of vegetable oils to supplement skin lipids and truly repair the skin barrier. It is naturally better and better to use the skin condition for a long time.

The cream is mousse, which is generally ductile. If you mind ductility or fear of stuffy acne, you can download your palms to rub and emulsify, and then use the face.

However, I think a lot of people have a bad taste. This is different from person to person.

Baique Antelope Mask

The recommendation of my girlfriend has not stepped on the mine after using its facial cleanser and water, and I feel that I like it. The super refreshing mask is mainly to go to Huang Liang, and stay up late.Every time I stay up late, I will apply a piece of first aid, and the skin is translucent and dull after finishing the next day.

It is really no exaggeration to apply a tender face once.The membrane cloth is also soft, and it is particularly comfortable to apply on the face. The full -fledged essence can make the skin drink water with a large mouthful of water. Usually apply 15 minutes to the mask paper.The ingredients are mild and non -irritating, and the sensitive muscles can be used.

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