Cat for all -round guidelines during pregnancy!The cat is pregnant, what should I do?

In the sharing of the first few articles, we discussed the nutritional needs of growth, growth and older cats.

In this issue, we will introduce the nutritional needs and feeding guidelines of pregnant cats. I hope that shovel officers can benefit from it.

The content may be slightly tedious, but it deserves our heart to study seriously and take it seriously. "Scientific and pet" must not be just a slogan!(If you can’t stand it, it is also recommended to go to the last maintenance TIPS!)

Regarding whether it should be a cat’s sterilization, there have always been divergent opinions.

Considering the balance between long -term health risks and sterilization, we also advocate that cat sterilization, because sterilization can help cats:

Avoid some disease risks such as uterine pus and breast tumors

发 Prevent cats from being lost due to estrus accidents

Reduce cat’s aggressiveness, cats will be more relative

咪 The number of stray cats controls

But at the same time, we must also admit that whether it is a cat’s sterilization is also the free choice of shovel officers.

Pregnancy and lactation are the time when cat energy consumption is the greatest. If you have a plan to make a cat sterilize again, please prepare early.

The most ideal state is the careful maintenance of the breeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding and ionization.

Before the breeding, the shoveling officer should take cats to the hospital for a full set of physical examinations, including the examination of infectious diseases and parasites, and do a good job of immunity and deworming.

Before breeding, male and female cats should be in excellent state, with sufficient activity and proper body shape.

Cats with too thin may not be able to bear the consumption of pregnancy and breastfeeding, while the cats that are too obese are facing the risk of too big infants and difficulty in giving birth.

In order to ensure sufficient physical fitness of the female cat, it is necessary to replace it with high -quality, high digestive grain at least 2 weeks before breeding.Early food changes can avoid changing food during pregnancy and reducing stress during pregnancy.

Changing food can follow the 7th method of changing food

The demand for energy density, protein and fat is higher than weekdays. Protein is best greater than 32%, and the fat content reaches at least 20%.

The unsaturated fatty acids provided in food should also pay attention to. The ideal proportion is Omega-6: Omega-3 range is 5: 1 ~ 10: 1.

DHA is a type of Omega-3. Because it is difficult for cats to synthesize DHA itself, DHA is critical to the nervousness and vision development of newborns.Essence

The other is antioxidant.The female cat during pregnancy will face more oxidation stress, and should ensure that there are sufficient antioxidants in the grain (appropriate amount of vitamin E, vitamin C, β-carotene, lutein, etc. will have good antioxidant effects)Essence

At the same time, new grains should also meet the needs of female cat pregnancy and lactation.

During pregnancy, food is required to provide sufficient essential fatty acids, especially peanutoramine (AA), which will be related to the number of childbirth.

Telonic acid is also another important nutritional element, which affects the pregnancy rate of female cats and the birth weight of the child.

The lactation period requires sufficient energy. Therefore, when changing new grains, you should consider comprehensive considerations. Select a high digestive and high nutritional grain, such as the food for the growth period of the cat or a large amount of cats.

The weight of pregnant female cats has risen linearly from the second week of pregnancy. The weight of the entire pregnancy increases by about 12%to 38%. The weight increased during delivery immediately decreased by 40%, and the remaining 60%consumed during breastfeeding.

The amount of eating has also increased. From the second week of pregnancy to delivery, the amount of food for female cats increases by about 25%to 50%. It is recommended to feed freely.

Due to the needs of breastfeeding, female cats need energy and water during this period.Ensuring sufficient food energy can ensure that the female cat has enough milk and prevent the weight of the female cat from falling sharply.

The energy demand for breastfeeding female cats is 2 to 3 times the maintenance period, which depends specifically on the number of childbirth.

The shoveling officer should ensure that the breastfeeding female cat still eats high digestive and high nutritional grain.If the energy density is too low, and at this time, the demand for female cats is huge, and the female cat eats a lot of food, which exceeds the capacity of the stomach itself, leading to vomiting and indigestion.

At 3 to 4 weeks of breastfeeding, the interest of the female cat care for the child care is reduced, the amount of breastfeeding decreases, and the amount of feeding of the female cat itself has gradually decreased, and the restoration of the maintenance period is below 1.5 times.

Female cat pregnancy and breastfeeding change change

The young nurses of 3 to 4 weeks began to try dry food, completely breastfeeding at 7 to 8 weeks.The burden of female cats decreased, and the amount of food slowly returned to breeding.

The weight of female cats decreased during breastfeeding, but should not be lower than the initial weight of 10%.If you lose too much weight, the female cat still needs to continue to eat high -energy and high -quality food supplements after the kitten is breastfeeding. At least 3 weeks, it is not conducive to the female cat.

周 At least 2 weeks before the breeding, it will be replaced with high -quality, high digestible food to avoid stress changes to food during pregnancy.

水 To ensure clean drinking water and freedom.

2 The second week of pregnancy began to increase the amount of feeding. The feeding amount before childbirth was 1.25 ~ 1.5 times that of the maintenance period.After 4 weeks of breastfeeding, the feeding of female cats was slowly reduced.

的 The weight increase during pregnancy should not be greater than 15%to 25%before childbirth, and 5%to 10%after childbirth.

证 Breastfeeding during lactation must ensure that food calories are sufficient to avoid too much weight loss.

母 母 ❻, the amount of female cats slowly returned to breeding.The weight of the female cat should not be lower than the initial weight of 10%. If the weight is lost, the female cat still needs to continue to eat high -energy and high -quality grain supplements after the kittens leave the milk for at least 3 weeks.

Finally, it will be provided to everyone with AAFCO’s breeding period to become the nutrition standard table of cat main food.

Based on the grain of 4000kcal me/kg as the standard, it is calculated based on dry substances

-TO Be Continued-

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My cat was not good for the kidneys some time ago, because he did not like to drink water.After insisting on the intravenous injection for a while, I have always insisted on eating prescriptions.Now go to the clinic every two months, the creatinine value is controlled in the normal level.As long as I find a way to let him drink plenty of water and always eat prescription food, he can still live healthy and longevity, right?Intersection

—— nalanshuang

A: You do well now. Strictly follow the doctor’s advice, take medicine, drink water, eat prescription food, and review regularly.

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