Cats at home are pregnant. Should they supplement nutrition during pregnancy?

Many cat friends are very concerned about how to take care of their own cat mother after pregnancy, worrying that they will not take good care of and affect the development of the kitten, so they will give the female cat a lot of nutrients (vitamins, calcium, etc.).It is a wrong way, because it will increase during the female cat’s pregnancy. At this time, we should control its food even more. We must not let it eat too much. You can give them an egg yolk or itbeef.

If the female cat eats in about 30 days of pregnancy, the kitten will grow too fast. If the kitten is too large, the female cat will easily cause pregnancy, and if the kitten develops in the head of the cat’s mother’s bellyIf the skull is too large, if the female cat pelvic bone is too large, it will easily cause dystocia during the production process.

In fact, we only need to keep the female cat’s normal diet. After it has a kitten, we can add various nutrients to it.

In addition, about 40 days of pregnancy of female cats, we must pay attention to the activity space that cannot give the female cat too big, such as letting it jump up and down, so that it will be easy to encounter the kitten in the stomach, leading to premature birth.EssenceAt the same time, we should pay attention to the problems of the mother cat’s stomach and skin during pregnancy. Do not freeze until the mother cat has a cold. There is basically no major problem.

(Points focus, hygiene issues‼ ️‼ ️ 🙂 Female cats are generally about 62-65 days. You must prepare a production box for female cats a week in advance, so that the female cat can have a time to adapt in advance.Make it by itself, because some production boxes bought on the market are fine at one time. If it is not one -time, such as wood and tent types, the female cat will breed some bacteria in some gaps after giving birth, and if it isThis time, the kitten was unfortunately infected. Next time the female cat was born in this box, it would be very unsafe. The carton was different. You can throw it away and the price is cheap.

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