Cats during pregnancy need to focus on care, novice shovel officers, please pay attention to these things

If the shoveling officer finds that the female cat at home is pregnant, then congratulations first, and the kittens will suck soon, and they will cherish the cat when they are young, because they can soon become a flying king!Congratulations to congratulations, the female cat who is pregnant still needs to be taken care of, so it is good for cats and fetuses.If the shovel officer has no experience, when you see the cat’s abdomen significantly swell, it is best to take it to the pet hospital for an examination.Check the following benefits in advance:

This is quite important. Generally, the cat mother with more than three babies is easier to produce, because if there are many babies, nutrition will not be so concentrated to a certain one, and their people are usually not too large.If you only have a baby, the shoveling officer should pay special attention, because the only child is relatively large, and all nutrients will provide it during pregnancy. It is likely to cause the mother cat’s difficulty.For example, find a pet hospital and experienced pet doctors who can deal with emergencies for 24 hours, or take it directly to the hospital when they are in a labor, and give it to the doctor for treatment.

If the owner is not sure when the cat is pregnant with the baby, a check -up to understand the due date, so you can prepare for it according to this time.I know such a person, when he is pregnant with the cats at home, and when it is produced, he does not know. In his words, it is: "I wake up in the morning and find that there are five kittens at home!"The confused shoveling officer is also rare now!Fortunately, his cat has a strong ability to take care of himself, and the production is particularly smooth. He has not encountered difficulties and dangers, but everyone cannot imitate it!

Cats need to take care of shovel officers during pregnancy. The following precautions need to understand:

Some shoveling officials are distressed by cats. When they see pregnancy, they will make up for it, but excessive supplement nutrition will cause the fetus to be too large and difficult to give birth.

My cats who had giving birth to a baby did not love food in the early days of pregnancy, so I chose to drink them to drink kittens milk powder and feed them with wet food and frozen dried from high -quality protein.I replaced their main grains in the second trimester, because the kitten food is rich in nutrition and easy to digest. In addition to being suitable for weaning kittens, it is also suitable for maternal cats during pregnancy or lactation.

Do not take vaccines, deworming, and bathing during pregnancy; if you are not a professional doctor, do n’t always touch his belly if you have anything to do, do not artificially cause damage to the fetus and female cat, even if it is inadvertent; if it is a multi -cat family,In addition, the masters of the family often start group fighting. It is best to separate the pregnant cat from other cats. You can arrange the delivery room to the pregnant cat and fetus in other rooms, and take an isolation measure to prevent other cats from walking around GANK.

In addition, the catalog of cats cannot be perfectly predicted, so the shovel officer must observe the status of the cat in a few days before and after the due date, so as not to notice that the cat’s shit officer is not noticed when the cat has a precursor.If you find that cats have increased the number of farts and planed nests with claws everywhere, there are mucus or blood exudation in the body, indicating that it is about to give birth.If the shovel officer prepares the delivery room, at this time, it can be gently transferred to the delivery room and observed closely.Whether it is humans or cats, giving birth to a baby is a process of pain and danger. The shoveling officer is best to accompany it to comfort it all the way. In the event of an emergency, you can find and deal with it in time.

Before my article, there were always people left a message: My cat was particularly powerful, never managed by people, and gave birth to itself.I can only envy your cat and cow, great, and life!Friends who are familiar with my cat know that if I didn’t tear up the fetal membrane and suck out amniotic fluid accumulated in the mouth and respiratory tract, there would be no three treasures now.Moreover, although I tear up the fetal membrane to suck out amniotic fluid and make artificial breath to Niu Xiaobao. At that time, I rescued my fate, but in the end I lost it!

Therefore, it is very risky for a cat to have a baby. There is no accident. However, there is always an accident. The shoveling officer must try his best to do the best.The situation is not that you feel that the truth is right, and the truth is the truth!

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