Causes and response methods of frequent urination of pregnant women

What to do with frequent urination of pregnant women?First of all, expectant mothers need to know what are the causes of frequent urination during pregnancy, so that they will not blindly cope with frequent urination.Below, we will come to answer the causes of frequent urination during pregnancy for expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time. Let’s learn two tricks together.

The cause of frequent urination of pregnant women

This is because after pregnancy, women’s uterus grew up and extended upwards, causing compression of the bladder, so pregnant women feel frequent urination.Generally, at about 12 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus enters the abdominal cavity, which will alleviate the compression of the bladder. The symptoms of frequent urination may be reduced, but it may continue.In addition, the increase in blood in the body after pregnancy also increases the amount of urine, which leads to frequent urination of pregnant women.

How can pregnant women deal with frequent urination?

What should I do if pregnant women urine frequently

Always do anal shrinkage: This can train the tension of the pelvic floor muscles to help control urination.You can also do pelvic relaxation exercises, which helps prevent stress urinary incontinence.That is, the limbs were kneeling and crawling, straightened on the back, shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen.And bow to the back, relax after a few seconds.But do it.

A moderate amount of water supplement: expectant mothers should alleviate frequent urination during pregnancy, and can start with changes in daily life and drinking water.In other words, you usually need to replenish water in an appropriate amount, but do not drink too much or drink water; if you go out, if you have urine, you must go to the toilet and try not to urinate as much as possible to avoid causing bladder inflammation or bacterial infections.

Seek medical treatment in time: If there is pain during urination, or if you can’t stand the urgency, it is likely to be because the bladder is inflamed or infected with bacteria. At this time, you must quickly seek medical treatment.If the treatment is not timely and incomplete, it can often make the condition worse or cause delay, which will affect the health of the mother and the fetus.

What to do with frequent urination of pregnant women?If pregnant women are frequent, they should go to the hospital for formal examination in time if they are serious.

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