Chengdu crayfish are listed in large numbers of the 8 crayfish museums that are delicious and not stepping on the thunder are worth collecting

Cover news reporter Wang Qing

The associates are all idle, and Xiao Manchuqing Mai Qi.In the early summer, the temperature also gradually rose, and it was time to go public when the crayfish were listed.The cover reporter visited the Qingshiqiao seafood market a few days ago and found that the current market price of the crayfish is around 11 to 23 yuan, which is about half of the first time it was launched.Some merchants said that crayfish will become cheaper and cheaper.

It is understood that the crayfish is generally officially launched in April, and the largest amount in May and June.During this period, most of the crayfish came from Hubei, and there were more local shrimp at other times.This year, because of the leap month, and the weather warmed up late, the crayfish was launching later than in previous years.But in many restaurants, crayfish have long become the main dishes, occupying the menu "C position".After all, Chengdu, who loves to eat and eat, crayfish can be described as a must -eat food in summer.

Crayfish made by friends at home

In 2022, Ding Dong’s buying data shows that Chengdu people can eat 2 million crayfish a day.Now the crayfish are listed in large quantities, the price has fallen, and the meat quality is also more fat, and it will inevitably turn a new round of "shrimp boom".There are many places to eat crayfish in Chengdu. For many years, they have stable quality and good reputation. There are also street shops that focus on surrounding communities and low -key operations.8 treasure shops for lobster, I went to eat this weekend.

Popular lobster hall that must be eaten every year

Fame is created by taste and quality

Xiaohongpao Lobster Museum

The red robe is on Xinguang Road. It has a small courtyard dam. The white wall is equipped with tropical plants and decoration. It feels like Southeast Asia.


There is a lot of room for meals, and there are dining areas in the indoor and outdoor.Whether it is a hall or a private room, the overall is relatively spacious and the dining environment is more comfortable.

The secret juice iced the crayfish

In addition to the good environment, the little red robe is famous for the quality of crayfish.The crayfish is full and fresh, the shrimp and yellow shrimp oil are rich, and the shrimp tail is firm and elastic.The secret juice of the signature iced is placed on the upper and lower floors. The shrimp skin is rosy, and the clean shrimp cheeks can be seen.It can eat the faint tattoo, which is more sweet to set off the crayfish.

Signature crayfish

The signature crayfish is not just Sichuan fragrance.During cooking, the store will shatter the spices to cook the soup, and the taste of the shrimp shell will be better integrated into the fat and tender shrimp.The salty fragrance is just right, the spicyness is just right, and the tail of the shrimp is particularly strong!

Address: No. 1, Xinguang Road, Tongzilin

Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00 17: 00-24: 00

Uncle Dai Lobster Pavilion

How many Curvi Shops are in the summer of the UNCLE Dai.One night after the summer, the air in the garden dam was full of malt the flavor of shrimp and beer.

Garlic crayfish

Garlic crayfish is a must -have for shrimp courtyard dams.The shrimp is very large, comparable to the palm of the hand; the color is red and bright, and the naked eye is fresh.The "Shrimp Mountain" is full of garlic stir -fry, and it has no stimulation of raw garlic, and it tastes more mellow and rich.Sweigh the shrimp in the garlic sauce and wrap it in a circle, and eat more.

Needy oil stingy crayfish

The cinema stewed crayfish hot oil explodes, and each shrimp is turned on the line.It looks heavier but the spicy degree is just right. The potatoes that make side dishes underneath are simply a must.

Address: No. 6 attached No. 2, No. 6, No. 6, East Road, Tongzi Lin

Business hours: 16: 30-03:00 the next day

Hao Shrimp Biography Lobster Museum

Hao shrimp biography is a high -quality crayfish from the national market. The shrimp chosen is basically large. There is also a characteristic that the shrimp head is small, the shrimp shell is thin, and it will open.

Signboard Book Curry

The signs of Hao Shrimp, the signs of the signs, the crayfish is the most classic.After the shrimp is treated, the head is removed, and then fry it. After making it, soak it in the marinade of salty and spicy.The flavor of the condiments is soaked into the shrimp meat through the shrimp shell, peeled off the shrimp tail, and put it in the marinade twice.


In addition to the delicious and delicious braised lobster, the pickled pepper lobster is also a large signboard of the shrimp.On the basis of spicy spicy, the hot and sour pickles are refreshing. It tastes less oil and gas, which is more appetizing, and is very popular with girls.


The other side dishes in the store are also excellent, and the spicy series of side dishes are also rice.Every time you must order the brain flowers, it is solid and soft, and you can eat the glutinous texture.

Address: 2nd floor of Tulip Garden Plaza, No. 36 Dongjie Street

Business hours: 11: 00-02:00 the next day

Bawang Shrimp · Spicy Corluses

Overlord shrimp is a batch of shops in Chengdu as a crayfish. It has been very popular for so many years. It is inseparable from its taste and lobster.Nowadays, there are many branches, and they have even opened to other cities.

Bawang shrimp spicy crayfish

The amount of this shrimp is enough, and each shrimp is about 7-9 money. If there are few people, you can order a taste with two small dishes to support it.The taste is not much. The most popular for so many years is the three flavors of spicy, garlic and steaming.Personally like spicy crayfish, hot mouth is not spicy, the more hot and hotter.

Overlord Lobster Tower

The Overlord Lobster Tower is very suitable for dinner. There are four layers in total. You can eat four flavors: steamed, braised, garlic and spicy.In addition to crayfish, the taste of hot and crispy and fresh pepper bullfrogs is also very good.

Address: No. 16 Yulin Middle Road

Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00 16: 30-23: 00

Low -key but amazing street shop

The main thing to eat shrimp is cheap and pork

Shrimp Dolls, Shrimp Crab Museum

This street shop is located in the old community of Dongguang. The store is the gray color adjustment of the industrial style. When the weather is good, you can take a table to eat outside at night.

Spicy pouting shrimp

The name of spicy pouting shrimp is in place, the ingredients are spicy and heavy, and the shrimp is kept in the same time. When eating, you really need to pout your mouth and suck the material on your mouth.The taste is full of spicy, a bit like the seasoning of dry mixing hands.Be sure to add a noodle after eating!

Mei drunk juice crayfish

Mei drunk juice crayfish is a innovative dish, which tastes hot and sour.The seasoning of onions, lemon, coriander and Xiaomi spicy adds a trace of Thai style, which is more refreshing.The weight is not large, and it is just right to eat with a large lobster.

Address: No. 9-10, Building 2, No. 275, Section 1, Jinhua Road

Business hours: 16: 30-the next day 02:30

Encounter Xianghui Restaurant

This restaurant is near the North Gate lotus pond. Except for crayfish, grilled fish, Chinese fast food, Sichuan cuisine, etc. are available.The environment is average, and there are not very prominent in many restaurants in the surrounding areas.

Crayfish focuses on a cost -effective.The 99 yuan double meal contains 3 pounds of spicy brine crayfish, and the fried field snails are really exciting.

Spicy brine crayfish

The lobster is really surprising after the desk was on the table.The shrimp is not big, but the small shell is thin and stripped, and it is effortless to eat.The quality is also good, the shrimp cheeks are clean, the shrimp is firm and chewy, and it can be eaten fresh.

Stir -fried field snail

The field snails are also very clean, spicy and delicious.Big crayfish plus these side dishes, two people can eat it.The price -performance ratio is really high!

Address: Building 3, Blu -ray Central Tiandi, Five Blocks of Shixi Road

Business hours: 10: 00-the next day 02:00

Ace crayfish

Old shops that have been opened in Chengdu for many years, selling lamb soup in winter in winter.The business is better every day, and it is easy to have no place when it goes late.

Ace oil sauce shrimp

The crayfish is relatively large, and the shrimp is also very fresh.The signature ace oil shredded shrimp is more and more spicy, and you can eat the spicy flavor of stir -fry.It is recommended to add a noodle to the end, the noodles are filled with soup, which is particularly flavorful.

Ace garlic shrimp

Garlic crayfish and signature steamed shrimp are also worth trying.The garlic sauce of garlic shrimp is just right.The signature steamed shrimp can be eaten with obvious sweetness. With two flavors of dipping discs, a mouthful of shrimp can’t stop at all.

Address: No. 101-107 Oak Forest

Business hours: 16: 00-04:00 the next day

Huanfu · Red Shrimp Museum

Several friends are recommended by friends around.The environment is ordinary, you can sit in the store or set up on the street.The overall cleanliness is suitable for a few friends after get off work to eat supper and drink beer together.

Steamed shrimp

Steamed prawns and oil -sauce prawns are necessary. The shrimp is relatively large, and both people are small.The spicy shrimp ball removed the shrimp head and saved the troubles of peeling shrimp.

In addition to crayfish, barbecue and other dishes are also very brilliant.The cold noodles are sweet, and the red oil taste is more fragrant.I can also eat stinky catfish, which really smells stinky and eats fragrant.

Address: No. 21, Building 1, No. 219 Wuhou Avenue No. 1 D1

Business hours: 16: 30-01:00 the next day

The above is the eight good places to eat crayfish compiled this time.Now that the crayfish is listed in large quantities, it is the time when the crayfish is the most fatty and tender and the best taste, it is not fast!

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