Chicken, mutton, and beef are hair products. Can tumor friends eat?

Teacher, can lamb be eaten?

I heard that chicken is a hair product, I would like to ask if the chicken can eat it?

I like to eat beef very much before getting sick. I didn’t hold back a few pieces yesterday. I heard that the beef is also a hair product. Will I transfer it?

In the background of Haixin, netizens ask similar questions every day. Today we specially invite Haixin Nutritionist Jin Xiu to talk about this problem.

What is "hair"

There is a common term "Hair" in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and practice. It is a medicinal experience formed based on the four qi and five flavors of drugs. It is also the reason why many patients are "taboo".

Because of different people, different diseases, and different traditional Chinese medicines, their "hair products" are different, so there are many foods in the case of hair products.

Summary of the "Hair" found that most nutrients (especially high -protein) foods are often within the list.

These food protein content is relatively high, which may be more likely to cause some allergies, causing some digestive tract symptoms, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, reflux, etc., and may also interact with the Chinese medicine that is eating.

Can these "hair products" really eat?

Modern medicine and nutrition emphasize food energy and nutrients.Most patients patients need more nutrition after illness, but due to various reasons (concerns about the disease itself, the role of drugs, the pressure of the family, etc.), the appetite is not good.As a result, patients with tumor patients have malnutrition, further treatment of side effects, poor physical tolerance, and even affecting treatment.

The lack of protein nutrition is very common. The actual protein quality of the body is far from the real eating of patients.To improve this situation, it is necessary to supplement sufficient protein -containing food, especially high -quality protein.And the hair that everyone often thinks is a column that we need, so everyone must not be blind!

If you do not have an allergies to a certain food, you can eat it.For example, do n’t eat beef if you have beef. You can eat it at ease, as well as chicken and lamb.

Can you eat chicken cow and mutton?

I suggest you here:

If it is a Chinese medicine department, during the medicine, the doctor’s order should be avoided.

If the doctor did not say that it was not avoided, but he was allergic to chicken, beef, and lamb before, then you should also avoid your mouth, don’t eat it.

If there is no taboo or allergies, chicken, beef, and lamb can be eaten.

Chicken is white meat. The peeled chicken fat content is relatively low. It is a source of good high -quality protein and a part of "white meat".You can eat 1, two to 1 daily.

Picture source: "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines"

Fresh beef and lamb color are red, also known as "red meat".Red meat is not only the source of high -quality protein, but also contains heme iron. It is a necessary food for improving anemia and raising hemoglobin or red blood cells.You can eat about 1 or two a day, and you can eat more appropriately for patients with anemia.

But note that processing red meat is limited.Pickled, smoked, grilled red meat, such as smoked duck, smoked meat, smoked goose, duck duck, bacon, geese, square legs, lunch meat, canned meat.

Having said so much, you must have learned it, right?

But there will be a family member of the patient: Teacher, I know, but the family is unwilling to eat chicken, beef or lamb.

Don’t be afraid, there is another conversion formula:

Poultry meat: chicken, duck meat, goose, pigeon meat.

Animal meat: pork, beef, lamb.

The nutrition of foods of the same category can be replaced by each other. Do not eat chicken and duck meat, and do not eat beef to eat pork.

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