Chinese Medicine Story

According to legend, at the foot of Dashan, a woman named Xiu Niang was kind -hearted.Shortly after her marriage, she was pregnant.One day, Xiu Niang spin -cotton at home, and suddenly a injured Huang Jiu ran over, and she "giggled" her head "giggling", which was very pitiful.Seeing that a hunter was chasing in the distance, Xiu Niang was very sympathetic to this yellow sugar hiding the yellow sugar under her own stool and covering it with her own dress.After a while, the hunter chased to the door and asked: "Dasao, do you see a injured yellow sugar?" Xiu Niang was not panicked, and replied: "I have seen it, and I have fled to the east." The hunter would thenChasing east.Seeing the hunter go far, Xiu Niang said to Huang Jian, "Reton quickly to the west!" Huang Jiu kneeling kneeling, hoeing, and then escaping west.Soon, Xiu Niang was in the basin, unfortunately it was difficult to give birth, and the mother -in -law was helpless, and the birth of the medicine was invalid. The family was anxious to turn around, crying straight.At this moment, the sound of "giggling" came from the door.Xiu Niang opened her eyes and saw her own Huang Ji.I saw Huang Jie holding a vanilla with his mouth, and slowly walked to Xiu Niang’s bed, raised his head to "giggles" to the savvy maiden, his eyes with tears, seeing very kind.Xiu Niang knew that she was interested, so she called her husband to pick up vanilla from Huang Jian’s mouth, and Huang Jie nodded away.Xiu Niang took the soup of the grass and fried, the pain stopped, and her body was relaxed. After a long time, the baby fell to the ground and the family was happy.Xiu Niang knew the use of grass. She planted a lot when they were at home, and they took them when they gave birth to a child, and they were named "Motherwort"

For the ground part of the lip -shaped plant motherwort Leonurus Heterophyllus Sweet.Most parts of my country are produced, wild or cultivated.In the summer, the stems and leaves are lush, the flowers are not blooming or they are mixed when they are not blooming.Use or cream.

[Medicinality] Xin, bitter, slightly cold.Return to heart, liver, bladder meridian.

[Efficacy] Activating blood circulation and regulating menstruation, sprinkling of water, clearing heat and detoxifying.


1.Blood stagnation, dysmenorrhea, poor menstruation, postpartum lochia, stagnation abdominal pain.This product is suffering from the sip of Xin San, the master enters the blood points, the blood circulation is regulated, the stasis is removed, and the menstruation is used for obstetrics and gynecology.Treatment of blood stagnation, dysmenorrhea, and irregular menstruation, you can use boiled ointment alone, such as motherwort flowing, motherwort paste ("Shanghai Drug Standard. Album" 1980);Pharmaceuticals, such as Yimu Pills ("Ji Ji Liang Fang"); after governance, there are endless exposure, stagnation and abdominal pain, or difficulty in giving birth or fetal death.Gui, Chuanxiong, frankincense and other medicinal medicines, such as soup soup ("Fu Qing Master Female Department").

2.Edema, unfavorable urination.This product can not only benefit the swelling of the water, but also promotes blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is especially suitable for the edema of mutual resistance of water stasis.It can be used alone and can also be used equivalent to White Mao Gen and Zelan.For blood fever and blood stasis, hematuria can be used with the front of the car, Shi Wei, and Mitong.

3.Blind damage, sores, swelling and poison, skin addiction.This product can promote blood circulation and disperse stasis to relieve pain, but also clear heat and detoxify to reduce swelling.It is used to damage the pain and pain, and can be used with Chuanxiong and Angelica; cure sores, swelling and poison, skin addiction rash, can be washed or applied alone.

[Usage and Dosage] 10-30g, decoction; or boil the paste, enter the pill.Apply a appropriate amount or soup.

[Usage attention] Avoid using stasis and stagnation and yin deficiency and blood.

[Abstract of ancient books]

1."Materia Medica Pickling": "The main edema is swollen, and it is both vicious."

2."Compendium of Materia Medica": "Activating blood, breaking blood, regulating menstruation, and detoxifying. Treatment of tires is difficult to produce, tire clothes are not low, blood dizziness, blood style, blood pain, leakage in collapse, hematuria, diarrhea, diarrhea, hemorrhoid disease, fluttering, flutteringInternal damage blood stasis, stools are not unprecedented. "

3."Materia Medica": "Motherwort, slippery and profitable, and good adjustment of women’s fetuses, so there is a name of the mother -in -law.The solids are not suitable, and they must not be used in the name of the mother.

【Modern Research】

1.Chemical ingredients: Contains mahogly mahogany, water soda, pupils, linolenic acid, β-linolenic acid, oleic acid, laurein acid, benzoic acid, outlidin, and Yanholic acid.

2.Pharmacological effects: decoction, ethanol, and the containing mahide alkali have an excited effect on the uterus of multiple animals; it has a certain anti -bed and early pregnancy effect on mice.The reduction of the dosage of the pawcass has slowed the tension of the gut and the amplitude is expanded; the amplitude of large doses becomes smaller, and the frequency increases.Motherwort has the effects of strong heart, increasing coronary flow and myocardial nutrient blood flow, can slow the heart rate, combat experimental myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia, and reduce the range of cardiac infarction.Rough -lift can expand blood vessels and have a short -term antihypertensive effect.It has a inhibitory effect on platelet agglomeration, thrombosis, and the aggregation of red blood cells.Motherwort can improve renal function and have a clear diuretic effect.

3.Clinical research: 3g of motherwort, purslane, decoction, 1 dose daily, take 9 doses, treat 100 gynecological hemorrhagic diseases.The result was 83%, and the total effective rate was 96%(Chinese medicine magazine, 1990, (7): 47).Using large doses of motherwort (90-120g, double fresh products, child reduction), 80 patients with acute nephritis edema, all cured (Chinese medicine magazine, 1966, (4): 26).Eight motherwort injections (4g of raw medicine), add 5%glucose 500ml intravenous injection, once a day, and treat 100 cases of coronary heart disease ischemia.Results The total effective rate of clinical symptoms was 84%; the total effective rate of ECG was 61%(Chinese medicine magazine, 1985, 26 (3): 29).In addition, motherwort is used to treat hyperthyroidism.

4.Adverse reactions: Some poisoning reactions will occur clinically.Maternal Portine has an excitement and anesthesia in the central nervous system, which can cause excitement of the respiratory center; it has the effect of reducing toxic -like, so that the muscles will no longer shrink and relax.Blood pressure decreases.Generally, the symptoms of poisoning appear 4-6 hours after taking the medicine, and the amount of poisoning is 90-150g.The main manifestations are sudden weakness, sour pain, and paralysis of the lower limbs; severe cases are accompanied by sweat, decreased blood pressure, or even collapse.Breathing is faster, enhanced, and even respiratory paralysis.In addition, back pain, hematuria, and pregnant women can cause abortion.

The main cause of poisoning is super -dose for medication and misuse of pregnant women.Therefore, controlling dosage and pregnant women with caution are the key to preventing motherwort poisoning.Motherwort can cause vomiting, gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment when poisoning.You can also use some traditional Chinese medicines such as red beans, mung beans, licorice, etc. to detoxify

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