Chinese scientists have successfully asked the male mouse to get pregnant and make a cub rubbing their hands. At this moment, it is finally coming.

Recently, a research results of Chinese scientists show that by the pregnant mouse model built on the male mouse, the male mouse successfully gave birth to a cub through a cesarean section, and eventually 10 cubs developed into adulthood.This scientific research achievement broke the laws of nature.It is the first time in the world!

Research results published on Biorxiv, pre -printed on life science (screenshot)

In people’s inherent thoughts, the breds of future generations have always been the biological functions of female creatures.Throughout nature, the descendants of males are an extremely rare phenomenon. At present, the species of the descendants of male pregnancy and childbirth are only sea dragons (including fish, including sea hippocampus, windfront fish and sea dragon).

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Researchers said they were inspired by the pregnancy of the male hippocampus and wanted to see if the embryo could survive in the "male uterus".In the experiment, the researchers used four steps to build a pregnant mouse model on the male mouse.

Pregnant mouse model experiment built on the male mouse (Source: Biorxiv, the pre -printing of life science)

1. First of all, a male rat was connected to a male rats with a female rats to produce a "conjoined mouse" and exchanged blood to the male mouse for a female micro -environment.

2. Eight weeks later, uterine transplantation was performed on the male mouse.

3. After recovery, transplant the embryo into the mouse’s transplant uterus and the original uterus of the female rat.

4. After 21.5 days of development, researchers have a caesarean section on the male mouse.

The paper states that in the end, 10 cubs successfully delivered from the mouse through a cesarean section and developed to adulthood.Territic examinations show that the descendants of the descendants who have successfully delivered from the male in the body through caesarean section have no obvious abnormalities in the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, brain, testicles, epidermis, ovarian or uterus.

Although the study finally summarized, the success rate of the experiment was very low, only 3.68%.But netizens have boiled.After all, we seem to see the hope of dad’s pregnancy production!Many netizens said that in the future, don’t talk about children and daughters in the future.Such a venue is also "expected in the future."

So, in the future, men’s performance can’t give birth to children?With 2.32 million fans, a big Weibo V, Dr. Chen of@Obstetrics and Gynecology said: Scientists do this experiment just to prove that men can get pregnant.With this conclusion, we can boldly study the method of getting men to get pregnant, and do not have to worry about the wrong research direction.

Some netizens cheered: In the future, my wife and I have one life, fair, and I can actively respond to the three -child policy!Of course, many netizens have questioned the ethical issues, as if the classic sketch "Planning" of Uncle Benshan said: "After the chicken hatched, call it dad, it’s not the case, it’s a mother, it seems that it is not appropriately appropriate","

Maybe in the future, dads will not have to go on the machine to experience the pain of having children, and directly practice!

Anyway, this experimental result gives many people a possibility and hope: you can "imagine" males for female pregnancy and production. Although it is unlikely to be realized in the short term, do you still have to have dreams!In the future, the science and ethics society may give birth to dads to give better choices and answers.

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