Chocolate is very helpful for physical health, but do you really know how to eat chocolate?

Hello everyone, I am the big fish of the Chen family, a blogger who likes to study health, constellations, and loves travel.

Of course, recently I have also been obsessed with research technology.

But now I am not talking about technology, but chocolate.

When it comes to chocolate, many people will think of silky and rich chocolate fragrance.

Yes, I also like chocolate, and I also prefer to eat black chocolate without sugar.

However, there are many chocolate brands. In order to avoid everyone thinking that I am bringing goods, I do n’t talk about chocolate brands here, but only chocolate.

Here I would like to ask everyone, when you pass by the cake shop, will it be attracted by the strong creamy aroma in the cake shop, do you occasionally smell the chocolate cake baked in the cake shop and stop for a while and hurry up for a while.The pace?

Regardless of whether everyone is like this, every time the big fish goes through the cake shop, I can’t help but slow down. My taste buds will be stimulated by my brain. I can’t help sending instructions to me and let me go to the cake shop to buy a piece of cake.

It’s just that every time I hold back, I walked into the supermarket and bought a piece of chocolate.

Because I know very well, although the cake tastes silky soft cotton, it is also rich in fat.

It is not a special time and special matter. I generally do n’t eat cakes. Even the unique sweet aroma of the cake will make my brain secrete dopamine, and I will be very happy after eating it.

So when you want to eat cake, you may wish to hold back and turn your head to buy a chocolate with less sugar content to solve it.

Then let me talk about what are the benefits of chocolate for the human body.

The first point: When you eat too sweets, especially cakes with a lot of sugar and fat, our brain will reduce the production of a compound, and this compound is called adenosine.

Adinels can promote sleep, and excessive sugar and fat will secrete polyamine and hinder the production of adenosine, causing your insomnia, or sleep unstable.

And eating too much sweets can cause people with sugar dependence, affecting brain thinking.

Second point: Eating chocolate can also improve the brain’s nerve tissue, help you clean your mind, and let you do something more focused.

This is why the gambler played by Zhou Runfa loves chocolate so much.

Third point: Eating chocolate can promote emotional joy. For example, when you feel melancholy and anxious, eating some chocolate will make your mood better and increase your emotions.

And when women’s menstrual periods, they often do not feel bad with their mood. At this time, eating some chocolate can also help stabilize their emotions.

The fourth point: Chocolate can also affect insulin. Frequent consumption of sugar -free or sugar chocolate can promote insulin production and improve insulin resistance.

Fifth point: Chocolate every 30 grams is rich in 64 mg of magnesium, and magnesium can help the body generate energy and improve the synthesis of enzymes. Enzymes are one of the important elements that promote the decomposition of fat.

Sixth point: Many studies have found that chocolate can slow down cough, help blood vessel recovery bombs, and can also promote body ketone.

Of course, chocolate is a good food and a food that helps the body.

However, eating chocolate also needs to pay attention. Do not eat high sugar chocolate. Otherwise, high sugar chocolate can only make you feel happy at most, but you ca n’t help your body at all. Instead, you will cause chocolate to become fat in your body.

The other is that chocolate contains caffeine, so it is best not to eat chocolate at night. You must pay attention.In particular, friends with sleep problems, although they say that chocolate contains cocyline that helps sleep.

So many people have to ask, what kind of chocolate is the best?

My answer is the black chocolate.

Eat the dark chocolate with sugar -free or less sugar. Of course, I personally like to eat dark chocolate, mainly because this kind of chocolate is not rich in sugar.

And dark chocolate is rich in highly concentrated plant nutrients. Although the taste of these chocolates will be a bit bitter, the rich plant nutrients are very good to the human body.

In fact, some people will be very strange. They have smelled the aroma of coffee, and the fragrance of cocoa powder has also been smelled. It seems that it is different from the fragrance of chocolate. So where does the unique fragrance of chocolate come from?

The answer to the big fish is highly concentrated plant nutrients and microorganisms in chocolate.

Because chocolate is fermented by microorganisms, in fact, many delicious foods are fermented from microorganisms, such as bread, wine, beer and so on.

We continue to go back to what kind of chocolate to eat.

In addition to we want to eat sugar -free or less sugar chocolate or sugar -free black chocolate, we should also pay attention not to eat chocolate containing honey.

Although many high -end chocolate will add honey to replace sugar, many sweet chocolates that taste are not sugar, but sweeteners.

In addition, do not eat chocolate containing soluble starch and cassava fiber, and then chocolate containing malt also avoid eating.

The above is the benefit of eating chocolate. Of course, eating chocolate also needs to eat it right. Otherwise, as I mentioned just now, in the end, chocolate becomes the sugar and fat you eat in your mouth.

So today’s benefits of eating chocolate have been finished, and I hope you can support big fish.

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