Chongqing is about 8 days above 40 ° C this year, and it is about to enter the period of the period of sunny, hot, rainy

On July 13, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Reactive Press Conference was held.

The reporter learned from the conference that from July 15th to the early August, Chongqing will enter the stage of sunny and hot rain. It is expected that the high temperature days above 37 ° C will be about 25 days, and the high temperature days above 40 ° C are about 8 days.

Press conference Chongqing client reporter Zhang Zhiwu

About 8 days above 40 ° C

20 to 35 days light to moderate meteorological drought

According to the latest forecast, from July 13th to 14th, Chongqing will usher in a recent new round of heavy precipitation weather.Since then from July 15th to the early August, most regions have entered the stage of sunny and hot rain.This period will be presented: the temperature and climate characteristics of the weather and climate with high temperature, high temperature daily, less precipitation, and heavy weather drought.

Among them, the average city from mid -July to August is 0.8 ° C higher than the same period of the year, and the high temperature daily at 37 ° C is about 25 days, which is more than the same period of the same year.The number of high temperatures above 40 ° C is about 8 days, which is more than the same period of the same year, and the extreme maximum temperature can reach about 42 ° C.

In terms of precipitation, the city is small, with an average precipitation of 200 mm, which is 20 % less than the same period (242.8 mm). Among them, 10 % of the northeast and southeast are 10 % to 30 % less.

In addition, it is expected that from mid -July to the end of August, 20-35 days will occur in most of the city to moderate meteorological drought, which is more than the same period of the same year.The central and western regions are moderate meteorological droughts.

The temperature has been high since this year

Average above 35 ℃ 5.3 days

Since the beginning of this year, the city’s average temperature is 16.5 ° C, which is 0.4 ° C higher than the same period of the same year (16.1 ° C), which is close to the same period last year (16.6 ° C).The precipitation was 561.6 mm, close to the same period of the year (596.1 mm); Rongchang, Dazu, Yongchuan, Tongnan, Tongliang, Jiangjin, Shapingba and other districts were 30 % to 50 %, and the northeast was 2-40 %.

Among them, the number of high temperature days is close to perennial year, and the staged meteorological drought is obvious.Since 35 ° C, high temperatures have an average of 5.3 days above 35 ° C, close to the same period of the year.During the winter, spring and early summer, mild to moderate meteorological drought appears in the central and western regions of the city.At present, Rongchang, Yongchuan, and Dazu weather drought in the western part of the city are still continuing.

In addition, the rainstorm (heavy rain) starts early, and the heavy precipitation process is too much.On March 12th, the city’s first intensive water drop weather process was 25 days earlier than the same period of the same year.On April 18th, the first regional heavy rain weather process appeared in our city. It was 15 days earlier than the same period of the same year. There were 15 heavy precipitation weather processes, which were 4 times more than usual (11 times).

The impact of the high temperature stage is obvious

These three aspects require key prevention

Next, Chongqing will enter the stage of sunny, hot and rainy, which will have a significant impact on production and life.Yang Zhi, deputy director and spokesman of the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau, suggested that the corresponding response and prevention work will be done from the following three aspects.

Reduce the effect of drought.While doing a good job of flood prevention, we must seize the favorable precipitation process, do a good job of water storage and water and water, and ensure the safety of drinking water and industrial and agricultural production water.

Reduce high temperature hazards.For example, the risk of heat stroke during high temperature during high temperature should do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling. In the open -air vehicles, it is prone to explosive tires or spontaneous combustion. Therefore, pay attention to checking the vehicles frequently to reduce long -term driving.There is also a high risk of urban and rural fires, so it is necessary to strengthen the fire prevention of urban, rural, towns, and forests.At the same time, the risk of agricultural production, especially the high temperature and thermal damage of rice, is relatively high. To strengthen the field management of rice fields, please pay more attention to the high -temperature disaster defense guide of relevant departments.

Strengthen safety production during high temperature.During the high temperature period, it is easy to occur in local strong pairing weather, chemical, energy, construction, transportation, tourism, urban management and other key areas.Safety production.

El Nino is coming soon

The precipitation of the central and eastern parts of Chongqing is more than much more than that

Tang Hongyu, chief engineer of the Municipal Climate Center, said that El Nino had a significant impact on my country’s climate. In the summer of Elnino, the temperature in the southern part of my country, northern Central China, central East China, and eastern Northwest China is high. For Chongqing The regional precipitation is too much.

It is understood that the phenomenon of El Nino is a phenomenon that occurs in the equatorial Middle East Pacific Sea temperature. The large -scale tropical sea temperature increases, which will cause changes in global climate.The El Nino incident.

Since June this year, the Equator Middle East Pacific has entered the state of El Niopha. It is expected that the East Pacific Sea temperature will continue to rise in the next three months, and an El Niopy incident will be formed this fall. Chongqing Client (Reporter Liang Haonan)


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