Chu Qiao’s finale is the big end, no surprise, no surprise, unhappy, come together to make up the second edition of the end, let

Chu Qiao Chuanyu Wenzheng fell into the ice lake, and Xing’er jumped off with one of the last words that Yu Wenzheng said to Xing’er.The word expresses Yu Wenzheng’s distress and reluctance. In the face of his beloved person, he would rather die by himself. Even if he knows that it is a trap, you have to determine that Xing’er is really okay. He would rather die by himself as always.In the end, Chu Qiao won the Fengyun Ling in the Binghu, remembering the previous things, and recalling all kinds of things. She understood her heart. What she had always thought about was Yu Wenzheng. She knew that the person she really loved wasWho is cruelly facing the difference, and her heart is stabbed, but she is powerless at this time.

Chu Qiao was rescued by Yan Yan, and he has always been unconscious. In fact, he didn’t want to wake up. He didn’t want to remember Yan Yan, a familiar and unfamiliar person.In the 9th, he desperately broke the ice lake with his head, rescued Yu Wenzheng, and used his life to save his son back.Later, the son -in -law went to Qinghai and became Qinghai King after being instructed.After a long time, Yu Wenzheng finally met with Xing’er. The corner of Xing’er’s eyes glowed with tears. You are still alive. Why don’t you tell me not to come to me, there are 10,000 questions in your heart to ask.I hugged each other but no one spoke. After thousands of hardships, they finally walked together. Three months later, Xing’er gently said to the son -in -law that I was pregnant. The two smiled at each other.After marriage, with a child, he created a country without a slave, living the life he wanted, and walking happily through the road, but Yan Yan was lonely old.

But I want to say that these contents are not a whole plot, so if Chu Qiao Er will have an unexpected plot, will it be like the first story behind the first episode.You can’t guess whether it will be bad, I guess it will be bad, the ending is perfectly present, do you think?

I also made up a perfect picture by myself, imagining the final picture of Lin Gou and Yingbao.After the drama end!

What do you think of Chu Qiaoyi, who watched the bad tail?

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