CNN recommended the most popular pepper dishes in the world, see how spicy you can eat?

Whether you are a spicy food enthusiast or adventurer who likes to explore food culture of various countries, spicy food can definitely stimulate your taste buds and bring you an unforgettable flavor journey.All countries in the world have their own unique spicy food, each of which exudes exciting aroma and challenging the spicyness of taste buds.From the spicy hot pot in Asia to the Mexican chili sauce in the Americas, from the spicy grilled chicken in Africa to the curry dishes in India, we will take you to a mouth -watering spicy adventure.

Spicy food is an important part of the food culture of various countries. They not only provide the locals with a unique flavor experience, but also attract many brave diners to try.As the main seasoning of spicy flavor, pepper gives the food unique spicy and hot.Different countries and regions have their own unique skills and secrets in the production and seasoning of spicy food, making each spicy food show unique flavor and personality.

Take you through the world and explore spicy food in different countries.From Asia to Europe, from the Americas to Africa, we will taste the pepper dishes that make your taste buds jump and understand their status and significance in local culture.Whether you like to challenge the extreme spicyness or appreciate the unique flavor of peppers, this spicy trip will bring you an unprecedented food experience.

Are you ready to welcome the spicy taste?Let’s start this gourmet trip to taste the spicy food of countries around the world, and feel the charm of peppers and the diversity of food.Let your taste buds dance in the spicy food world!

Egusi Soup is a spicy food in Nigeria, known for its strong taste and unique pepper flavor.It is a traditional dish in southern Nigeria and is widely regarded as one of the representatives of local food.

The main components of Egusi Soup are Egusi and peppers, so their names are named.Egugis is a seed of gourd family from West Africa, with the flavor of nuts.These seeds will be grinded into powder and are used with stew, giving the soup unique richness and milk flavor.

Cooking Egusi Soup is usually based on meat (such as chicken, beef, or fish), adding onions, garlic, chili and other spices.Chili is a key component to give soup spicy taste, which can control the spicy degree according to the preference of personal taste.Some regions also add other ingredients such as vegetables, dried fish or seafood to add the richness and taste of soup.

The characteristics of Egusi Soup are rich and spicy, and at the same time have the aroma of nuts and delicious meat.It is usually eaten with the traditional food of Nigeria -pork feet, mushrooms or barbecue cakes.Whether in family gatherings or restaurants, Egusi Soup is one of the popular dishes, reflecting Nigeria’s rich and diverse food culture.

For those who like spicy food, it is definitely an exciting experience to taste Nigerian Egusi Soup. It allows your taste buds to enjoy in the flavor of rich peppers and nuts.

China’s Sichuan hot pot is one of the world’s famous spicy food.It originated in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, and is famous for its spicy taste.

Sichuan hot pot is characterized by the use of rich pepper and peppercorns as the main seasoning.When preparing the bottom of the hot pot, a large amount of pepper and pepper are hot to release it to release the spicy taste and mochi.The bottom of the hot pot is usually added with various spices, garlic, ginger and other seasonings to add complex flavor.

When cooking ingredients in Sichuan hot pot, cooking is usually used.The ingredients include all kinds of meat (such as beef, mutton, pork), seafood, tofu, vegetables, etc., which can be selected according to personal preference.After cooking the ingredients in a hot pot, you can dip various dipping sauce, such as peanut butter, garlic, soy sauce, etc. to make it more delicious.

Sichuan hot pot is loved by the vast number of diners with its spicy and spicy taste.The special combination of its pepper and peppercorns brings a unique feeling of spicy, and it can also stimulate appetite.This cuisine is not only a diet experience, but also a social and interactive activity. People can sit next to the hot pot and enjoy the joyful time while taste the food.

Sichuan hot pot has become part of Chinese culture and has also won many fans worldwide.If you like spicy food, trying authentic Sichuan hotpot will definitely bring you an unforgettable food experience.

SOM TAM is a very spicy food in Thailand and is also known as the Thai -style blue wooden gourd salad.It is one of Thailand’s most famous traditional dishes, and is loved by people with its spicy, sour and fresh taste.

The main component of SOM TAM is green papaya, which is cut into fine -shaped, mixed with pepper, garlic, small tomatoes, beans and peanuts.Then add fish dew, lemon juice, sugar and shrimp sauce, and mix out unique hot and sour sauce.Generally, according to the preferences of personal taste, you can choose to add different types of pepper, from moderate spicy to extremely spicy flavors.

The spicyness of SOM TAM is one of its most striking features.Due to the large amount of peppers, this dish can bring people a strong spicy experience.The spicy pepper is combined with the refreshing green papaya, and the sweet and sour sauce makes each bite full of layered flavor.

SOM TAM is a very popular street snack, and it will taste whether it is Thai and tourists.As an appetizer or side dish, it is often enjoyed with other Thai food.If you like spicy food and hot and sour flavor, SOM TAM is definitely a Thai food experience that cannot be missed.

Piri-Piri Chicken is a very popular spicy food in Mozambique and Angola.It is known for its special pepper sauce to season the roasted chicken, spicy and delicious.

Piri-Piri (also known as African Bird’s Eye Chili) is a small pepper of African specialty, which has spicy characteristics.This pepper is a key seasoning of Piri-Piri Chicken, which gives the dishes a strong spicy flavor and unique flavor.

The method of making Piri-Piri Chicken is very simple.Chicken will be marinated with special chili sauce to fully absorb the aroma and spicy flavor of pepper.Subsequently, the chicken will be roasted on the charcoal until the appearance is golden and crispy, and the inside is tender and juicy.During the roasting process, the chili sauce on the surface of the chicken will form a layer of slightly burnt skin, adding a unique flavor of the dishes.

Piri-Piri Chicken is often eaten with side dishes such as fragrant rice, salad or roasted vegetables.This food is not only popular because of its spicy taste, but also because of its unique flavor and hot grilling methods.

Whether in Mozambique or Angola, Piri-Piri Chicken is one of the proud food of the local people.If you like spicy food, try this delicious food with African flavor and let your taste buds enjoy a unique spicy trip.

Mao’s braised pork is a famous local dish in Hunan. Chairman Mao loves to eat this dish. The Shaoshan people in Hunan called it the Mao family braised pork.Today, this signature dish will be seen in the Hunan Restaurant in the streets and alleys: Mao’s braised pork, the original well -known braised pork is particularly heavy under the mysterious background of the chairman’s dish. I have heard of it."We, I believe it will not let go of this delicious dish.

Mao’s braised pork is uniquely distinguished from other places because of the ingredients and modulation.Mao’s braised pork is bright and full, the entrance is soft and glutinous, mellow and delicious, long and long, fat but not greasy, making people miss.

I do n’t know much about this dish. It is spicy and spicy, but since it is a Xiang cuisine, it feels spicy.Do friends from Hunan continue to be popular?[cute]

Jamaijia’s Jerk chicken and pork are one of the world’s famous spicy food.Jerk’s cooking method comes from tribes such as Arawak and Sierra Leone in Jamai, and are a unique seasoning and cooking technology.

Jerk meat (usually chicken or pork) is first coated with special chili sauce. This sauce usually contains chili, garlic, onion, ginger, soy sauce, honey and spices.Then the meat will be slowly grilled on charcoal or firewood to ensure that the meat becomes tender and juicy, and gives the meat unique smoky spicy taste.

Jerk chicken and pork blended with rich spices and spicy flavors of spices and chili during the cooking process, forming a unique and explosive food.It usually has a strong smoky flavor and the complexity of spices. At the same time, the hotness of pepper also gives food a exciting stimulus.

In Jamaica, Jerk meat is often paired with side dishes, such as lentil rice, fried banana, roasted corn cakes, etc.This kind of food is not only very popular in Jamaica, but also internationally praised and loved internationally.Many restaurants and street stalls provide Jerk meat, allowing you to taste this spicy and delicious unique flavor.

Ayam Betutu is a spicy food in Indonesia, especially in Bali (Bali).It is a dish with chicken as the main ingredient and is famous for its strong pepper seasonings.

The production process of Ayam Betutu is quite unique.First of all, apply the whole chicken to the seasoning of a variety of spices and pepper, and then wrap chicken with banana leaves or banana bark.Next, bake it with a stove or underground furnace for several hours, so that the seasoning and pepper are fully penetrated into the chicken, giving it a strong spicy taste and aroma.

Ayam Betutu’s pepper seasoning uses traditional Indonesian seasoning mixtures, including pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, green onions, fragrant leaves, lemon grass and other spices.The combination of these spices and peppers gives Ayam Betutu’s unique spicy and rich taste.

This dish is usually enjoyed with rice with some traditional side dishes.The hot taste of Ayam Betutu is set off with the lightness of rice, producing a wonderful taste experience.Despite the high degree of spicyness, Ayam Betutu is definitely a mouth -watering food for spicy food enthusiasts.

If you are traveling in Indonesia, especially to Bali, try Ayam Betutu to experience the unique spicy and delicious taste brought by this classic Indonesian food.

Buffalo Chicken Wings is a very popular spicy food in the United States, known for its spicy and juicy taste.It originated from BUFFALO, New York, and was named.

Buffalo Chicken Wings usually fried with chicken wings until golden and crispy, and then coated with unique chili sauce.This kind of chili sauce is made of chili soy sauce, pepper powder, butter and other spices.Chicken wings can choose different spicy degrees according to personal taste, from medium spicy to extremely spicy, even super spicy.

Buffalo Chicken Wings is characterized by crispy and tenderness, rich and spicy.It is usually eaten with Blue Cheese Dressing or Celery Sticks. This combination can balance the spicy taste and add additional taste.This cuisine is often loved by Americans as an appetizer or main dish at a bar, restaurant and party.

Buffalo Chicken Wings has become part of the American food culture and has been widely recognized globally.Whether you like spicy food or want to experience American classic cuisine, trying authentic Buffalo Chicken Wings is definitely a worthy food adventure.

Mexico is a country with chili -characteristic food, and Shrimp Aguachiles is a spicy food in Mexico.It is a dish with fresh shrimp as the main ingredients and is soaked in rich pepper juice.

The production process of Shrimp Aguachiles is relatively simple, usually made of fresh shrimp and pepper.First of all, fresh shrimp will be marinated in lemon juice for a period of time to make it tender.Subsequently, pepper, garlic, onion and coriander will be mixed together to make chili juice.This chili juice usually uses chili produced in Mexico, such as Chile de árbol or Serrano Chili to add spicy flavor.

Soak the marinated shrimp in the chili juice to fully absorb the taste of the pepper.The sour taste and spicy taste in the pepper juice blend with the sweetness of fresh shrimp, forming a mouth -watering deliciousness.Dishes are usually decorated with raw onion, lime and coriander to add fresh taste and refreshing flavor.

Shrimp Aguachiles is a pearl in Mexican seafood food, which is highly respected for its delicious, spicy and fresh flavor.It is a great choice for gourmet enthusiasts that are suitable for new flavors.Whether in Mexico or elsewhere, taste this food can bring you a unique spicy food experience.

Thai food is famous for its rich spicy taste. One of the very representative spicy dishes is Thailand’s Pad Ka Prao (or Pad Kra Pao).This dish is a very popular dish in the daily diet of the Thais, and is considered one of the representatives of Thai street snacks.

PAD KA PRAO is usually made of meat (such as pork, chicken or beef), pepper, garlic, onion and coriander.During the stir -fry process, chop the peppers and garlic, then fry with the meat, and finally add onions and coriander to season.Chili is the key component of this dish, giving it a unique spicy and aroma.

The spicyness of PAD KA PRAO varies from personal taste, and can usually adjust the amount of pepper according to personal preference.In addition to the spicy taste of pepper, this dish has a strong aroma and salty taste.It is often eaten with rice rice. The light taste of the rice can neutralize the spicyness of the pepper and make the taste more balanced.

Pad Ka Prao is a fast and simple home, which is very suitable for spicy food enthusiasts.Whether in Thai restaurants, night markets, or street stalls, you can find this delicious dish.If you like the unique flavor of spicy food and Thai food, Pad Ka Prao is definitely a choice that is not to be missed.

Beef Rendang is a very popular spicy food in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Beef Rendang is a traditional Indonesian and Malaysian slow -stewed beef dishes, known for its rich spices and spicy flavors.This dish is usually made of beef pieces, coconut milk and a series of spices.These include pepper, green onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, lilac, cardamom and other seasonings.

The process of making Beef Rendang requires patience and time. Beef will slowly stew under the action of coconut milk and spices until the meat becomes very tender.This dish is characterized by spicy and rich flavors. The spice mixture gives the beef rich flavor and complex layered sense.The hotness of peppers is combined with the aroma of other spices, forming a unique and mouth -watering flavor.

Beef Rendang is usually used as the main dish, and it is enjoyed with rice or ginger rice with white rice or aroma.It is a traditional dish in many celebrations and special occasions, and one of the pride of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Whether you are spicy food lovers or people who like to explore different cultural foods, taste a bowl of authentic Beef Rendang is definitely a pleasant experience.It represents the rich cooking traditions of these two countries and the unique pursuit of spicy taste.

Dakdoritang is a spicy food in South Korea and belongs to Korean stew.It uses chili sauce, pepper powder and chili chili as the main seasoning, with a strong spicy and unique flavor.

The main component of Dakdoritang is chicken, usually stewed with chicken legs or chicken pieces.The ingredients include potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers and vegetables, such as chili shreds, mushrooms and onions.All ingredients are stirred in the flavoring sauce of pepper sauce and pepper powder, and then stewed slowly to make all the taste and aroma fully fusion.

This dish has a strong spicy flavor, but also has the balance of sweetness, salty, and flavor.The chili sauce gives the dishes with unique red appearance and hot taste, while the tender taste of chicken and vegetables adds rich flavor to the entire dish.

Dakdoritang is a common dish in Korean family cuisine, and it is also a popular choice for Korean restaurants and barbecue restaurants.For those who love spicy food, this dish provides a satisfactory taste experience. The stimulus of spicy taste and the richness of ingredients are difficult to resist.Whether it is in the cold winter or when I dinner with friends, taste a bowl of hot Dakdoritang is definitely a pleasant gourmet experience.

Phaal Curry is a very spicy food that originated in Bangladesh and is now very popular in Birmingham, England.This dish is known for its hot taste and is one of the curry dishes with extremely spicyness.

The main features of Phaal Curry are the rich use of pepper.It uses a variety of pepper powder, chili sauce and chili oil to make spicy sauce.In addition, rich spices and seasonings are added to the dishes, such as ginger, garlic, onion, cumin and coconut milk to add complex flavors.

Phaal Curry is very spicy and is often described as a challenging spicy taste.For those who like spicy food, trying Phaal Curry may be an exciting experience.However, its spicyness also means that not everyone can bear it and needs to choose carefully.

Birmingham is a multicultural city in Britain, with rich South Asian food choices, including Phaal Curry.Many restaurants and curry shops provide this dish, which attracts the attention of spicy food enthusiasts.If you dare to try a new spicy experience, Phaal Curry is a choice that allows you to fully challenge taste buds.Remember to match rice or bread to slow down the impact of spicyness and enjoy this hot dish.

Italy is known for its world -renowned food, and one of the more spicy foods is Penne All’Arrabbiata.This traditional Italian pasta is famous for its spicy and rich tomato sauce.

The main components of Penne all’arrabbiata include garlic, pepper, tomato and olive oil.Usually, garlic and peppers are fried in olive oil to release their aroma and the spicyness of peppers.Subsequently, add tomato sauce and boil, so that the sauce is fully mixed with pasta.Pasta is usually selected with Penne noodles with a tube -shaped tube, so that the sauce can be better adsorbed.

Penne all’arrabbiata’s spicyness can be adjusted according to personal preference.Some versions may add chili tablets or pepper powder to increase the intensity of spicy flavor.This dish is often sprinkled with fresh Bama cheese, adding additional flavor.

Penne All’Aarrabbiata is a simple and delicious Italian cuisine. Its pepper and tomato combination forms a spicy and sweet and sour balance.Whether in Italy or internationally, this dish is loved.If you like spicy foods and love Italian food, try Penne All’Aarrabbiata and let your taste buds immerse in the hot and rich sauce of tomato.

Chicken Chettinad is a famous spicy food from Tamil Nadu, southern India.It is known for its strong spice and spicy taste.

Chicken Chettinad is a curry dish cooking with chicken, using a rich spice mixture.Its main feature is the influence of Tamilnad Bonbon’s traditional cooking style, including the use of a large amount of pepper and various spices.Chili, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, curry leaves, buttermitter, and other unique spices are grinded and cooked with chicken to create a strong taste.

Chicken Chettinad’s spicy level is different due to chefs and personal tastes, but they are usually very spicy.The hot taste of this dish combines the rich taste of spices, creating a delicious and delicious experience.It is usually enjoyed with rice, roasted cakes (Roti) or Papa (DOSA) to balance the spicy taste and enhance the taste.

Chicken Chettinad is one of the most individual and uniqueness in Indian cuisine.It shows the rich spice culture of the Tamil Nadang area, bringing a unique and exciting taste experience to diners.If you like spicy food, try Chicken Chettinad, which will make you intoxicated in rich spices and exciting flavors.

Doro Wat is one of Ethiopia’s most representative traditional food and one of the most spicy dishes in the country.It is a spicy stew with chicken as its main ingredient, often enjoying on celebration and special occasions.

Doro Wat usually uses Berbere as a seasoning, which is a dark red seasoning sauce mixed from chili powder, ginger, garlic, onion and spice.The chicken will be stewed with this pepper sauce to make it fully absorb the flavor and spicyness of the pepper.

In addition, Doro Wat often adds seasonings such as onions, minced garlic, minced garlic, ginger, coriander, cinnamon and bean paste to add the rich levels and taste of the dishes.During the cooking process, the chicken will become soft and juicy in the slow stew, and mix with the spicy taste of the chili sauce.

Doro Wat is usually eaten with the traditional Ethiopian cake (Injera).Injera is a sour, soft and elastic fermented cake. It combines the spicy taste and rich juice of Doro Wat to form a unique flavor experience.

As part of Ethiopian culture, Doro Wat is a common food in local family gatherings, festivals and celebrations.It reflects the spicy and rich spice combination of Ethiopian food, bringing a unique diet experience to diners.

China is a country famous for spicy food, and one of the most representative spicy dishes is Mapo Tofu.It originated from the traditional dishes in Sichuan Province, and it is loved by the country and globally with its spicy and rich tofu taste.

The characteristics of Mapo tofu are the spicy flavor of pepper and peppercorns.It consists of tofu pieces, pork, chili bean sauce, pepper powder and various seasonings.When frying, stir -fry the pork with chili bean paste and pepper powder, and then add tofu pieces to cook to make it fully absorb the taste of pepper and pepper.Finally, sprinkle with green onion as a decoration, and you can add some soy sauce or other seasonings according to personal taste.

Mapo tofu is famous for its spicy taste and delicious tofu texture.Chili and peppercorns bring spicy irritation to the dishes, and the soft taste of tofu is in sharp contrast to it, creating a unique taste experience.This dish is often eaten with rice. The lightness of rice can balance the spicy taste, making the entire dish more delicious.

Whether in China or Chinese restaurants around the world, Mapo Tofu is a popular food.Its unique taste and rich seasoning make it one of the classic dishes that many people love.Whether you are a spicy food lover or to explore Chinese food culture, trying an authentic Mapo tofu is definitely a good choice for food adventure.

Texas Chili is a famous spicy food in the United States, especially in Texas.This dish is known for its strong pepper flavor and deep taste.

The main components of Texus peppers are beef, peppers, onions, garlic and various spices.Chili is the core seasoning of the dish. It is commonly used including pepper powder, chili sauce and fresh pepper.The dishes are characterized by the rich taste of peppers, which makes Texas peppers a challenging spicy food.

There are many variants in Texas peppers, including the combination of red pepper and green pepper, and also added with beans or other ingredients.Traditional Texas peppers are usually hot, and the spicy taste is long -lasting, with a slightly sweet aroma.

Texas chili is usually eaten with rice, corn bread or grilled bread.People also like to sprinkle onion, cheese or yogurt on chili as decoration and seasoning.

Vindaloo is one of the most famous spicy foods in India and originated from the cooking tradition of Portugal.This dish is mainly made of pork, chicken or lamb, and is made with rich spices and pepper.

The key seasonings of Vindaloo include chili powder, garlic, ginger, garlic, onion and spice mixture (such as cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves).These spices and seasonings are cooked together to make the dishes full of deep spicy taste and strong aroma.Generally, vinegar or lemon juice is also added to give the dishes hot and sour taste.

Vindaloo is widely considered a very spicy dish, but the spicyness can be adjusted according to personal taste.It has rich flavors and layers. The hotness of peppers and the richness of spices are combined, forming a unique flavor.This dish is usually eaten with rice or Indian barbecue (Naan), which can be enjoyed with other Indian dishes.

Vindaloo is one of the classics in Indian cuisine. It is not only loved by the Indian people, but also welcomed globally.If you like to challenge the spicy taste, Vindaloo is definitely a choice that is not to be missed, so that your taste buds experience India’s unique spicy flavor.

Mafé is a spicy food in Senegal and one of the traditional dishes in West Africa.It is loved with its rich chili flavor and the rich taste of peanut butter.

The main ingredients of horses include meat (usually beef, mutton or chicken), peanut butter, pepper, onion, garlic and spices.This dish is usually cooked in a slow stew to ensure the tenderness of the meat and the full penetration of the seasoning.Peanut butter is one of the key components of horses, and it gives the dishes a strong taste and silky taste.Pepper adds spicy and hot flavor to horses.

Malaysia is usually eaten with rice, bananas or other staple foods.Its pepper flavor and rich peanut butter taste make it a unique and delicious dish.In addition, horses are often paired with other vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and eggplants to add flavor and nutrition.

As one of Senegal’s traditional cuisine, Mataba showed Senegal’s rich and diverse ingredients and unique cooking skills.It is not only the daily diet of the local people, but also has the interest and love of African cuisine internationally.If you are interested in spicy food and West African food, horses will be an exciting choice, allowing you to experience the unique spicy flavor of Senegal.

In the spicy foods of countries around the world, we can find the infinite possibilities of the charm and spicy taste of peppers.Each country has its unique spicy dishes, showing the diversity of various peppers and seasonings.

These spicy foods are not only satisfied with the enjoyment of taste buds, but also a reflection of culture and tradition.Pepper plays an important role in the diet of many countries. They bring people a unique taste experience, and also reflect the flavor preferences and cooking skills of the local people.

By exploring the spicy food of countries around the world, we can find people’s love for spicy taste and creativity of food.Whether it is challenging our taste buds or enjoying the hot taste of peppers, these spicy foods can make us feel the magic of food and the connection of culture.

Whether you are a spicy food enthusiast or a person who likes to try new flavors, the spicy food of countries around the world will bring you endless surprises and satisfaction.From the sparks of spicy to the tip of the tongue, they will take you on a unforgettable food journey.

Let’s use the power of pepper to taste spicy food around the world, explore the taste inheritance behind different cultures, and enjoy this wonderful pepper trip!

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