Colds have to be prevented during pregnancy. These five methods can relieve cold symptoms without affecting fetal development.

Xiao Jie has been pregnant for more than 3 months, but has always been invaded by a cold recently.My mother -in -law said that she could not take medicine when she was pregnant. It was three poisonous medicines. She would definitely have a bad impact on the fetus. Xiao Jie hesitated whether she should take medicine to treat the disease.Xiao Jie knows that the illness during pregnancy is likely to affect the development of the fetus, but if it is not cured, it may become more and more serious. In the end, it will still affect the child.I thought it was a small cold, and she would be fine after a while, but after a long time, Xiao Jie not only did not recover, but the condition worsened. Xiao Jie and her family worried that it was not a way to drag like this, so she went to the hospital for treatment.The results of the inspection were disappointed with the whole family. What I didn’t want to see was still happening. Because it was not treated correctly as soon as possible, the fetal esophagus had been infected by the virus and began to malformation.After returning home, Xiao Jie was in a state of mental depression for a long time, and in the end, the child failed to keep it.There are many things like Xiaojie. Some families will choose to abandon this child in order to prevent children from suffering in the future.

Recently, the temperature is relatively large and it has been raining frequently. It is the high incidence of a cold. Pregnant women must pay attention to the body. The healthier your body, the healthier your baby can be healthier.Although a cold is a common disease, it will still have a certain impact on the development of the fetus. If you heal it for a day or two, it is okay to say that it will not have much impact on the fetus. It is easy to develop in the fetus.Or cause malformations.In fact, when you have a cold during pregnancy, you are not only a way to take medicine. There are other methods that can effectively alleviate the cold and will not affect the development of the fetus.

1. Drink brown sugar ginger tea

Ginger is actually a magical plant. It has certain medicinal value and has a unique effect on driving cold.If pregnant women are not very cold, they can drink plenty of drinking, which can not only alleviate the cold, but also warm the palace, promote blood circulation, and nourish the stomach, which is very helpful for female physiological regulation.

2. Drink Banlangen

Banlangen is a well -known for treating colds.Banlangen is not toxic in Chinese medicine, and it is relatively safe to drink.However, it is recommended to drink appropriately, don’t drink it as water.You can also drink one or two times on weekdays to play a role in prevention.

3. Rinse your mouth with thick salt water

When you have a cold, you may accompany the symptoms of inflammation of the throat. Rinse your mouth and throat with thick saline, and relieve itching and pain of the throat.If the inflammation is more serious, you can rinse once every 10 minutes until the pain is clearly relieved.

4. Drink chicken soup

Chicken soup also has a good effect on relieving colds. It can clean up the bacteria of the throat to achieve the purpose of treating colds.In addition, the nutritional value of chicken soup is also very high. It can nourish the body and enhance immunity, which is also good for baby development.

5, suck vapor

The boiling hot water poured it into the cup, the cup mouth was close to the front of the nose, and slowly breathed to let the heat enter the nasal cavity. This can alleviate the symptoms of the nasal congestion.If you do this often, catch a cold and get better.

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