collapse!The wife I met from the dating software found syphilis after pregnancy, but the husband himself is very healthy

The 20 -year -old Xiaohai (pseudonym) in Longgang District, Shenzhen met with 19 -year -old Xiaowen (pseudonym) on dating software. After meeting, the two quickly fell in love and married a lightning one month later.

After getting married, his wife Xiaowen quickly conceived his child. However, at the pregnancy test in September, his wife found syphilis. At this time, the fetus was 5 months old.

This result made Xiaohai feel "like the sky collapsed", and the family was in crisis.

Picture source: Shenzhen Health Commission

At first, Xiaowen’s father thought that syphilis was infected with Xiaohai to his wife, but the results of Xiao Hai’s examination afterwards were surprising: Xiao Hai had no syphilis, and Xiaowen’s two test results showed that she was a patient with syphilis.According to the results, doctors believe that Xiaowen was infected with syphilis before getting married.

In the face of the interview, Xiaohai expressed his anger: "Her father said she was dyed in clothes and asked who his clothes, he said that it was her second sister or mother. Their family has been perfunctory me."

The crisis is shrouded in the whole family, and the fetus is still a difficult choice …

Symelonic, the ancient folk called it "flower willow disease". Because it was a sexually transmitted disease, the chances of infection when the ancient people went to the Qinglou would be very high, so there would be such a name.

From the perspective of the onset, syphilis is also known as "bayberry sores" or "bayberry sores", because the skin ulcers in their onset are similar to bayberry.However, most people just listen to syphilis. As for "the patient’s last skin ulceration and death", almost no real seeing it.

In fact, 2 thirds of syphilis patients in the clinic will not have skin diseases. In other words, from the appearance, they are no different from healthy people.

Syphilis without skin diseases is called "hidden syphilis". As a smallwen is a typical hidden syphilis, in a hidden state, patients also have risk of spreading.Because there is no external lesion, people are invisible, so the channels and risks of spreading will be wider.

People always feel that suffering from syphilis must have a lot to do with the chaotic private life, but the actual situation is that the spread of syphilis is not just reliance.

Syphilis is a typical disease that has been exposed and blood transmission. There are four main ways and methods of spreading.

1. Sexual communication: There is a chance to infect syphilis in the process of life in the life of the husband and wife, and as long as both parties have skin damage, kissing will be contagious;

2. Blood communication: The concept of this type of communication is even more extensive. As long as your blood is exposed to the infected blood, then it will be spread, such as blood transfusion, shaver, and syringes;

3. Indirect dissemination: your skin is damaged, and when you touch the pathogen of syphilis, you will be infected;

4. Mother and baby spread: Like AIDS, if the mother is carrying the virus, it will be transmitted to the fetus through pregnancy.

For Xiaowen’s situation, the probability of transmitted to the fetus through maternal and infant transmission is still very high.Clinically, pregnant women infected with syphilis without treatment, and 50%to 80%of the chances of miscarriage, dead tires, premature birth, and infant anechetic syphilis.However, standardized treatment can help control the situation and make the fetus from infected.By using penicillin treatment, most innate syphilis can be prevented.

At present, Xiaowen is undergoing anti -syphilis treatment. It is necessary to intervene before 28 weeks of pregnancy. The probability of more than 90%will not affect the fetus.

The case of Xiaohai and Xiaowen sounded the alarm for young people. Whether they were married, a marriage check before marriage was very beneficial for the next life of the two parties and the next generation.Wedding checks not only check syphilis, but also check whether the body has other hidden diseases, but also free of charge in Guangdong Province.

In the case of preventing syphilis, in addition to the marriage check, we must clean up in the usual life, and do not have high -risk sex.Although there are many ways to spread syphilis, more than 95%are spread through sex.

In addition, do not share daily necessities with strangers, and do not stick to drugs, because shared syringes may not only infect syphilis, but also infected other blood transmission diseases.

In short, establishing a good awareness of disease prevention and establishing a healthy attitude of life can build a line of defense against the disease.

“The truth of the female disease “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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