Comment on "The man and the girlfriend of the girlfriend broke up on the eve of the wedding": Don’t "do" life into a business


In the advice of Kazuka to young people, what is the significance of marriage?

"It is not to stir up each other, but to encourage each other in life. When life is tired, comfort each other encourage each other; when you encounter something, you can have a discussing person; you can have someone who eats together at work.I was wronged outside, and there was a warm hug at home. If my life is too long, I always have a person who knows each other. "

If you think of it, if you can understand the two people, it must be the happiest couple in the world.

But what is it?Many young people are at the age of marriage and go to Zhang Luo’s wedding, but do not know what the meaning of marriage is?Their feelings are also extremely fragile. The two do not know how to understand each other, because some small things consume the feelings between the two.

Recently, there was a hot news on the Internet: the man and his girlfriend broke up with his girlfriend in May on the eve of the wedding.

In Chongqing, a couple who had been in love for a year and a half was originally intended to have a wedding on June 11, but two days before the wedding, the man suddenly announced that he would cancel the wedding and break up with his girlfriend.The two of them have not had time to receive a certificate. Now they plan to simply not receive the certificate directly, and the marriage is not ended. The two broke up.

In addition, the woman has been pregnant for 5 months. The wedding news has already notified the relatives and friends of both parties. The woman has a big belly.

Why is this step?I am already getting married, and there are children. Why do you break up?

The reason why the man changed was because the woman asked for the 880,000 gifts and hardware of the hardware.In fact, there are not many gifts for Eighty -eight, but the man’s father has a malignant cancer. He earns money to support his family alone, and he has to bear his father’s high medical expenses.The man promised to give only 50,000 gifts, but the woman did not agree.Moreover, the other party also requested that after the wedding in Chongqing, he had to hold another game in Anhui. The man’s parents had to go to the woman’s house before marriage. Because the man’s father was ill, his mother had to take care of his father.Two requirements.

Afterwards, the woman also apologized to the man, thinking that the pressure he gave him was too great, but the man resolutely did not get married.

The man said: "There are too many problems between us, it is not a sorry that it can be resolved without a word, causing the situation today to not be wrong.Rather, then we will raise him together. "

When the woman asked for help, she cried and said, "I can’t go back now (the maid’s family is in Anhui), because my mother’s family has engaged in engagement wine. All relatives know our wedding news. Now the man cancels the wedding, and I have no place to go."

When I heard the woman saying this, I also sympathized with her, but I hated her parents even more.If this really hurts his daughter’s parents, he has already come to pick up his daughter home instead of his daughter’s belly and dare not return to her mother’s house outside.What about engagement wine, all relatives know how your wedding news is?Is the so -called face more important than the safety of his daughter?His daughter had nowhere to go in a different place, and she still cares about the so -called face.

The woman’s parents are really angry!

The woman, after all, is too weak. She has no opinion on the gift of colorful gifts, and she will be led by her parents with her nose, causing something bad on the eve of the wedding.

Comment on "the man and the girlfriend of the girlfriend on the eve of the wedding break up": Don’t "do" life into a business.


Who is it?

I think the woman’s parents are too much!

The woman’s parents put forward two requirements: one is that there are 880,000 gifts and four major hardware; the other is to hold another game in Anhui after holding a wedding in Chongqing.trip.

In fact, there are no big problems in these two requirements, and it is not too high, but the problem is that the conditions of the man’s family are relatively special.Because the man’s father got malignant cancer, only the man was making money at home. He had spent more than 100,000 to organize the wedding, and he couldn’t get a lot of gifts.Also, his father was seriously ill. His mother had to take care of his father. He couldn’t run around at all. It was impossible to go to the woman’s house.

The woman’s parents may feel that it is a problem of face. She has to marry her daughter. As a result, the man’s parents can’t come, but they are also affectionate.Marriage customs are marriage customs. It also depends on the actual affordability of the other family’s family.Parents of both sides stirred up in their young marriage, causing more and more misunderstandings between the two.

You have to wake up some parents: your face is not important, and the marriage custom is not so important. The happiness of children is the most important.

The woman’s parents must think that her daughter is pregnant and can let the man look down, but the man refuses to bow his head.The man also felt that his girlfriend was pregnant anyway, and wanted his girlfriend to bow his head, but he did not expect them to be unwilling.As a result, when the woman was willing to bow her head, the man said it was too late.

Have you reached the point of noisy?His daughter was lonely outside, and she was even scared to return to her mother’s house. The woman’s parents did not pick up their daughter.In fact, at this time, you can’t say the problem of shame. If your parents really think about the daughter and feel bad about the daughter, when things come to this point, you should find a way to protect his daughter’s interests, support her, and let her beat the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the children, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the child, soothe the children, soothe the child, soothing and soothe.She, instead of letting her face everything alone.

Regarding the wedding, we can listen to our parents’ opinions, but we must have our own opinions.

When your parents proposed the four major gifts of 80,000 and hardware, what are you doing?

Don’t you know the actual situation of your boyfriend’s house?Can’t really get it, or don’t you want to give it?If the situation at home is special, it doesn’t matter if you are tens of thousands of pieces in Cai Li, don’t care about the money of the colorful gift.Real wedding is not to stir up each other, for those tens of thousands of colorful gifts, is it?Besides, the man’s father had a malignant cancer and didn’t want to give it.

Don’t let your parents be your master. You can clearly divide your parents’ ideas is right or wrong. You can’t listen to your parents everything.

Besides, the man’s father can’t go to your house. Why don’t you help him speak?

If you ca n’t go, you ca n’t go. The father ’s father has a serious illness and is unable to go.

These things are small things, that is, a small problem that both sides must be considerate, but it is a big deal without consideration.

The woman also overestimated her position with the child in the man’s heart, and felt that she could mention the request for the land when she was pregnant. As everyone knows, this would only dispel the feelings of the two of you.

The first two days before the wedding said that they would not marry, and then they lost the girl alone, but they were actually too much.

Anyway, two people have loved one game, and people are pregnant with your child. You can’t be so ruthless.

It’s better to discuss it. If two people still have feelings, the marriage can still end; if the two have no feelings, their hearts will be hurt, and they will not get married.


In this incident, the most innocent and poor child is the unprepared child. It was "done" by unknown parents.Here I want to wake up girls. Do n’t get pregnant first. Do n’t get pregnant. Once you are pregnant, many things are different from what you think.You think you can use your child to hold others. In fact, people may not care about this child. In the end, it is you who suffer.

If the two of them have no children, they do n’t want to get married if they want to get married, and they will break up, and it ’s okay; but with a child, it’ s really troublesome.

I personally think that it is pretty good for them to form a marriage. Both of them are immature, and the parents of the woman care about face. This is a trouble after marriage.Besides, because these trivial matters can not learn each other because of these small things, will you still think about each other in the marriage?

Two people just want to stroke each other. When life feels tired, they cannot comfort and encourage each other. They cannot discuss when they encounter things. Why do such marriage knots come?Look at the man’s father’s serious illness, and then the problem of bringing the baby, all kinds of money needed money. Can your marriage be tested?

Whether it is divided, the two are not suitable for marriage.

It’s a pity that this is nothing. The only thing that makes people feel unacceptable is that things have arrived in this case. Girls are afraid that they dare not return to their mother’s house. At this time, should the most supported by themselves be the parents?The girl is also pitiful, and no good parents, she is not mature in marriage.

Finally, warn some girls not to be pregnant first, let alone "do" life into a business.

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