Common causes of vomiting of dogs, shovel officers must be clear

The problem of dog vomiting is large or small, because severe vomiting and diarrhea can kill puppies.Common causes of dog vomiting, shovel officers must be clear!

Food or tableware is not clean

First of all, the dog eats unclean food or something that should not be eaten, which can easily cause vomiting.When the owner see the dog vomiting, you can first consider these two points, and to see if the dog has been going to a very dirty place recently.

It is recommended that the host regularly clean up the dog’s utensils and foods, and it is optimistic that the dog should not let it run around.

There is something stuck

If the dog’s vomit is like white mucus, it may be its saliva.This situation may be that something is stuck in the dog’s esophagus. They can’t spit out and can’t swallow it. They are uncomfortable, so they vomit.

It is not recommended that the owner often feeds the bones to the dog, because if the bones are not completely chewed, it is easy to get stuck, and it is not easy to digest.

Gastrointestinal disease

There is another situation of dog vomiting. It may be that it suffers from gastrointestinal diseases and uncomfortable stomachs, so vomiting is vomiting.At this time, they generally spit out the gastric juice. If the owner cannot judge the dog’s condition, take the dog to see the doctor.

If the dog spit is vomit that is obviously abnormally abnormal in yellow, green, and red, you need to take it to the hospital immediately, do not delay treatment.

The dog spit out while eating, spit out the food, and eat it back later. This is a hurry at once. It is a physiological vomiting. The problem is not big.

狗 If the dog is determined that the dog is acute gastritis, there is a condition of continuous vomiting, you must go to the hospital for prescribing medicine and not drag.

(3) Dogs vomit stomach fluid and yellow water can be hungry for too long. The owner should feed on time. Do not let it starve. Naturally, you ca n’t feed too much and easy to digest.

Some dogs will also have vomiting and soft stools during the change of food. At this time, you can feed with probiotics and use a 7 -day cross -food change method to give the dog’s stomach a time to adapt to new dog food.

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不 Because the dog has poor digestion, eating too urgent, too greasy, too full, and too mixed can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.Low -salt dog food can develop good eating habits to make the dog healthier.

Dogs with weak gastrointestinals can choose dog foods with beneficiary element ingredients.For the owner who is interested in choosing high -quality dog food, you can click below to find out that it is good for you.

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Conclusion: Is your dog’s stomach good?

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