Congratulations!Chinese and foreign net red "buns and dumplings" official announced the baby’s good news. The woman was accused of Deng Ziqi like Deng Ziqi

On August 6th, the official announcement of the "buns and dumplings" of Zhongwu net red couples officially gave birth to the baby for more than eight months.

After the news was announced, many netizens expressed their blessings, but this blessing was a little puzzled and surprised.

It is understood that in March of this year, the "bun and dumplings" official announced the news of pregnancy. It was only 5 months to calculate the time. Why is it so fast?In fact, when the two officials announced their pregnancy, the bun had three months of pregnancy, so the whole pregnancy time was about eight months.

On the eve of the pelvis, Baozi had already done a strategy, and used online shopping to prepare a large number of things used by maternal women. A large table courier was placed on the table, which seemed very spectacular.

According to dumplings, in the early morning, the dumplings began to move and accompanied by pain, so the dumplings quickly took a bath. During the process, the dumplings found that the contractions were getting more and more frequent, so the bun drove it to the hospital for delivery.

The test results showed that the bun’s hip position was not right, and worried that the baby’s feet came out first, so he signed an emergency surgery.

It is not difficult to find from the bun’s mother’s ring. She is 27 years old this year. Because she is a first tire and is relatively tense, the whole process is not very smooth. FortunatelyBirth baby.

It is understood that Baozi is called "Carterlina Pushina". He is a girl from Ukraine. She also has a sister in her family. Because she has longed for China since she was a child, my sister has also learned Chinese for more than two years.It should be similar to my sister.

Netizens who are familiar with the online celebrity couple know that the daily fun of the two is very funny. The title of dumplings is full of love for Carterlina. A sentence "Little Foreigner" has become the focus of the entire video.

The dumplings are called "Ding Shaofan", a guy from Yuncheng, Shanxi.The acquaintance and love between the two are very simple, and they are full of luck and drama.

It is reported that Baozi is an acrobat actor. The two met at Nanjing Airport. At that time, Ding Shaofan saw that Carterlina could not find a box with a box, and Chinese was not very good, so they stepped forward to help.

Due to Ding Shaofan’s initiative, the two added WeChat. In the following half of the following, the two have been in contact with this way and have affection.After Baozi returned to Ukraine, he informed his mother about his love with the Chinese guy. In order to make this relationship blossom, Ding Shaofan made a special trip to Ukraine. Because the thought was very open, and the whole family had an excellent impression of China,So he agreed to this family affairs.

The two held a wedding in Ukraine in 19 years, and then came to China to host a Chinese wedding. In the following time, the two continued to work in the creation of short videos. Because of the daily fun and the buns, the side of the buns looked like Deng Ziqi, so they obtained it.After great achievements, fans have exceeded 14 million.

In order to make his wife better integrate into the Chinese life, Ding Shaofan also specially made a huge sum of money to open a dance hall in Shanxi. During pregnancy, he did not give up the professor dance.

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