Congratulations!The three goddesses in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong are about to come on the basin for many months, and Yu Xiang Ning’s giant belly becomes the focus

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A few days ago, TVB’s front vision, Hua Dan Hu Xing’er gave birth to the third son of the third child, Li Yihong, and this is also Hu Xinger’s third son.

With the birth of the younger son, it also caused a lot of heated discussions on the Internet.There are even many netizens who laughed at her missing women, but these are sweet ridicule, and it is quite happy to upgrade to be a mother three times.

Recently, female stars who are also pregnant in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong are not small.Among them, there are three goddess -level characters, which are within this month, which can be said to be quite fate.The three goddesses who are about to be facing the bilter, do not know what kind of mood will it be recently?

Yu Xiangning, a 27 -year -old film and television goddess, was suddenly revealed by the media in October last year.Although Yu Xiangning did not make any response at the first time, she officially registered for marriage in November and announced her pregnancy in December.Some time ago, it was announced that the baby in the belly was a baby girl. This time card point and rhythm seemed to be quite progressive.

Since publicly admitting pregnancy, Yu Xiangning stopped all the jobs in his hand, concentrating on breeding and looking forward to the arrival of new life.

It is understood that now Yu Xiangning has been pregnant for more than 8 months, and she is about to be on the social media.And her giant belly has also become the focus of netizens’ attention.

As a representative of TVB’s "Sweet Goddess", Cen Lixiang has been silently faded away in recent years and upgraded to a hot mom.

At the beginning of February this year, Cen Lixiang suddenly became pregnant with a second child through social media newspapers. At that time, her pregnant belly was quite obvious.Calculate Cen Lixiang for nearly 9 months of pregnancy, and the due date is at the end of this month.

In the impression of Xiaobian, Cen Lixiang has entered the industry for many years, and her emotional scandal is almost zero, and her image has always been very sunny and healthy.

And most of her time on TVB, she played some good girls and rich characters, which has a certain relationship with her sweet appearance.Although her acting skills are not mature, her sweet looks have made up for her many shortcomings, so her audience has always been quite good.

It may be a bit strange to mention the name of Guan Wanshan.But if he mentioned his husband, the well -known host of TVB, Patrick Sir Lin Lai believes that everyone should know more.

Guan Wanshan has been the edge of TVB for many years, but it is undeniable that her appearance and temperament are still quite prominent. It is also a very low -key "temperament goddess".

Now that Guan Wanshan has been pregnant for 9 months, the due date has been in recent days.It is understood that the baby in Guan Wanshan’s belly is a boy. At present, her husband Lin Yilai has stopped the job in her hand and takes care of her wife who is about to be on her home.

And Lin Lai is also very excited about the arrival of new life. He frequently updates his wife’s pregnant belly photos in social media, and also admits that he is looking forward to helping his wife cut the umbilical cord with his own hands to witness the birth of the child.

I want to say that some of the three goddesses are about to be upgraded to be mothers for the first time, and some are upgraded to be mothers again, but for them, there is only one common wish at present, that is, I hope the baby can be healthy.

They all said that they were just a mother. When I saw the three goddesses holding a big belly, Xiaobian had to sigh that the pregnant woman is indeed the most beautiful, and the motherly love is quite great.In the end, Xiaobian also blessed the three goddesses who were about to be facing the best, and at the same time looked forward to their good news.

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