Continue to work after pregnancy or resign?The main difference is these 3 points

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Xiaoxiao is a person with a relatively heavy career. After marriage, she did not intend to have children, thinking about waiting for her career to take a height and then consider it.But last month she found that she was pregnant unexpectedly, which made her sad.When the child is here, it must not be killed, so is it continuing to work or resigned?She has been tangled.For many pregnant women, there will be entanglement in this regard after pregnancy.In fact, whether to go to work or resign after pregnancy. The main difference is these 3 points. Pregnant women can decide according to their own situation.

1. Working during pregnancy will be very regular

In fact, we usually feel this way, that is, life during work will be very regular, but weekends are more casual on weekends.The same is true after pregnancy. If you insist on work during pregnancy, the pregnant woman is a life of two o’clock, and the meal time and rest time are more regular.Pregnant women can have good living habits, which is also good for the development of the fetus.If the whole pregnancy is raised at home, the life of most pregnant women has no regular life. I have time to eat, and sleep late every day.For a long time, it is not conducive to fetal development.

2. Go to work during pregnancy will be more confident

The current society’s requirements for women are relatively high, including her husband also has high expectations for his wife.If you still go to work during pregnancy, the pregnant woman will have their own economic income. If you need to buy it during pregnancy, the pregnant woman can buy it directly, which will be very confident and confident.On the contrary, if the pregnant woman stays at home, she needs to ask her husband to spend money. Some husbands may be more disgusted, which can easily cause some contradictions.Moreover, after pregnancy, I have not been disconnected from the society, and the thoughts, concepts and other aspects will keep pace with the times. Those pregnant women who are at home all day will lack in this regard.

3. The mental state of working during pregnancy will be very good

Persist in work during pregnancy, pregnant women will contact many people every day, and they can find someone to talk if they have anything, so that they can be relieved.Listening to more experienced people, it will greatly help the mentality of pregnant women.Those pregnant women who stay at home all day may have any thoughts, and even a speaker can’t find it.This will suppress yourself in the long run, it is easy to think about it, have a strong temper, and even suffer from prenatal depression.

Tao Ma said: After saying so much, it seems that they are talking about the benefits of going to work after pregnancy. In fact, this is just one aspect, but it does exist objectively.Of course, pregnant women have a lot of benefits that are not comparable to pregnant women at home.Specifically, whether they have to go to work or resign. The pregnant woman thinks about it and communicates with her family.Do you go to work or go home to raise your fetus after pregnancy?

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