Corgi is "licking" is dirty?Don’t think wrong, in fact, there are these 7 great benefits

Corgi is a dog who likes licking people, but many shovel officers will dislike their saliva and feel dirty and frequently reject it.Is Corgi’s dirty people?Don’t think wrong, in fact, it has the following 7 benefits. After reading it, you will not be able to push it away!

① Can enhance your immunity.

Studies have shown that the bacterial microorganisms in dogs are beneficial to the human body, which has a certain promotion of the human immunity system to provide immune effects.So Corgi licks you, don’t dislike it, this is for you!

② can reduce children’s allergies.

Families with children can not only accompany their children, but also give their children a happy childhood, but also reduce the child’s allergies.Some parents think that Corgi usually likes to lick the child is very dirty. In fact, some studies have shown that there are children who have been with dogs with dogs than 20%lower than those who do not get along with dogs. As long as we usually guarantee Corgi’s hygieneJust have good hygiene with children.

③ Make your emotions stable.

Corgi has a certain ability to perceive human emotions. When it feels that your mood is not good, it will lick you. This process allows you to feel its understanding of its understanding and gradually stabilize your emotions.

④ Explain that Corgi has regarded you as the master.

Corgi can get some information from human smell. It often licks you will remember your smell, and soon treats you as the master.Go to you with a small tail.So if you just raised Xiao Corki like to lick you, don’t dislike it, licking more can speed up the process of recognizing the Lord.

⑤ It is conducive to enhance people’s pet feelings.

When Corgi licks the owner, it will secrete hormones to make it feel happy and happy. In the process, it will deepen his feelings for you. You always feel that Corgi licks you very dirty. In fact, it is full of stinky saliva.Your love, shit officer, don’t dislike it anymore!

⑥ Corki’s mood calm down.

Corgi likes licking his mouth, licking his nose, or licking the owner when he feels nervous and afraid, so that he can relax it.If the shoveling officer is tense in Corgi’s emotions, he can touch its head more. Do not refuse its licking. If possible, you can also give it a little snack to divert its attention.

⑦ can make you know that Corgi is hungry.

Corgi usually licks the owner when it needs help. For example, it is hungry, and it can’t tell you in words, so you can only lick you to let you know, just like licking the dog mother to ask for food.

The shoveling officer should not rush to dislike it. You must understand what Corgi wants to express and give it to feed it in time.When feeding Corgi, it is best to choose some nutritious and digestible foods, especially the staple food of dog food, so that Corgi is full and full.

Conclusion: When will your family Corgi lick you?

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