critical!The 43 -year -old woman is rare in the nine weeks of pregnancy and the uterine rupture; action!Multi -disciplinary joint life -saving life

Peninsula all -media reporter Qi Juan intern Shi Yan

Recently, a 43 -year -old pregnant woman’s abdominal pain was severe pain. In severe cases, it had already painful to syncope, and was urgently sent to the Emergency Department of the West Coast Court of Qingda Academy for treatment by the family.In the end, pregnant women were diagnosed with rare uterus rupture, bleeding in the body, and life was in danger. Emergency actions in the Affiliated Hospital of Qingda, obstetrics, gynecology, emergency, and anesthesia emergency consultations, and eventually rescued the life of pregnant women.

It is understood that this pregnant woman is Ms. Liu from Yantai. She was prompted in the palace pregnancy when she was pregnant after pregnancy.On June 12, she had abdominal pain in the unit and was close to fainting.When he was sent to the Affiliated Hospital of Qingda, his complexion was pale, the pulse was fast, and the irritability was irritable. Dr. Geng Shoumeng Meng immediately put the patient’s emergency rescue room. ECG monitoring the patient’s heart rate 116 times/min, blood pressure 60/30mmhg, he immediately was Liu.Women quickly established venous pathways, anti -shock, urgently checked blood routine, blood condensation routine, etc., and immediately phone to notify the production department.

The obstetrics Yusha and Gao Qun quickly rushed to the emergency rescue room. The investigation found that Ms. Liu’s abdomen was slightly swollen, abdominal muscles were tight, abdominal tenderness, and reflection pain were obvious. However, Ms. Liu and her family could not provide accurate history.EssenceDr. Yu Sha immediately reported the director of the department. After receiving the phone, Director Li Chao quickly analyzed the treatment and treatment of the condition, and immediately rushed to the emergency organization with Deputy Director Zhang Ning. Dr. Wang Xiangyu, the gynecological department, also arrived at the emergency treatment to help the treatment.The obstetrics reported the district medical office and total duty classes, opened the green channel, and started the rescue plan for dangerous pregnant women.While the inspection department quickly conducted emergency tests, while blood transfusion department quickly combined blood to prepare blood.

Speaking late, then soon.Emergency CT reminds Ms. Liu’s abdominal cavity a large amount of liquid density, obstetrics, gynecology, emergency, and anesthesia emergency consultations. Combined with Ms. Liu had previous ectopic pregnancy and uterine fibroids, uterine adenoma, laparoscopy history, and the history of gynecological laparoscopic surgery of the gynecology and horn pregnancy historyExperts highly suspect that Ms. Liu is rupture of the uterus, and the cracked pregnancy rupture of pregnant women has caused severe bleeding in the abdominal cavity. The experts decided to immediately detect the section.

In the evening, the patient was first transported to the operating room. ECG monitoring showed a heart rate of 120 times/minute, and the blood pressure was 60/30mmHg. The patient was in a state of blood loss shock.And arterial puncture and other rescue measures, multi -channel transmission and infusion anti -shock treatment is performed.After the anesthesia was successful, the obstetrics and gynecological surgery team immediately started surgery, cut the skin and subcutaneous fat, quickly entered the abdominal cavity, and saw a large amount of blood and blood clots in the abdominal cavity.The full layer is ruptured, the diameter of the rupture is 5 cm.Quickly clamp the blood, clean up the uterine cavity, and quickly perform the uterine rupture and repairs.At the same time, the blood transfusion department has successively sent red blood cells, plasma, cold precipitation and other blood products to the operating room.Anesthesiologists continue to give fast blood transfusion and corrective treatment, and make up to the maximum efforts to maintain the patient’s respiratory cycle stability.Various tests have been returned one after another: reminding hemorrhagic shocks, scattered intravascular coagulation.

After more than two hours of fighting, the operation ended smoothly.A total of more than 2,000 milliliters of blood accumulation in the abdominal cavity were cleaned up, and 6 units of red blood cells were infused. The patient broke away from the danger of life and transferred to the intensive care unit to continue to resist shock, prevent infection, correct the internal blood vessel coagulation and the function support treatment of the organ.The patient’s life signs were stable, and they were successfully returned to the obstetric ward 24 hours after the operation, and finally recovered smoothly.

According to the obstetric experts of the Qingda Academy, the uterine rupture during pregnancy is extremely rare. The patient history of this patient is complicated and hidden, the onset of the disease suddenly, the uterine rupture is severe, the bleeding is rapid, and the patient’s shock or even death can be caused in a short time.During the entire rescue process, the Medical Office of the West Coast Academy attaches great importance to, coordinated command, and actively coordinated. Obstetrics, emergency department, gynecology, anesthesiology, operating room, ICU, blood transfusion department, radiation, inspection department and other departments responded rapidly at critical times.Fighting side by side, close cooperation, accurate treatment, and once again saved the patient’s life, reflecting the rapid response and higher multi -disciplinary collaboration capabilities and treatment levels of Qingda Affiliated Hospital in the treatment of dangerous pregnant women.

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