Cucumber is astringent, is it pesticide residue?Is fruit cucumber a genetically modified?


Many people have a sense of astringency after eating cucumber.Some people worry that it is caused by the pesticides remaining on the cucumber. Is this really the case?


Source of cucumber bitterness

The bitterness of cucumber is not caused by pesticide residues, but some special substances contained in itself:

1 propionic acid

Gylnate is a small molecule organic acid that exists on the cucumber peel and cucumber pulp, which can produce a astringent taste with saliva.

Gandanol di kinds can inhibit sugars into fat in the body and play a role in weight loss.


Tannin is also called tannin, which exists in many plants and fruits.The persimmon will also feel astringent, and the oral mucosa will also have a sense of wrinkles. This is tannin in "troubles."

The cucumber skin contains more tannins, and the dark green the skin, the more tannins contain.

Tanning is often used to add in cosmetics, which can converge, shrink pores, and reduce wrinkles; can also filter ultraviolet rays to damage to the skin, remove active oxygen in the body, and play a whitening role.

3 bitter

Cucumber contains a small amount of bitterness. Generally speaking, the closer to the tail of the cucumber, the more bitter.

Bitin has a unique effect on the inflammation of the digestive tract, which can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, produce a large amount of digestive enzymes, and make people appetite.Betin is not only healthy, but also to prevent and treat influenza.In addition, this substance also has a significant anti -tumor effect.

However, the following three cases will increase the bitterness of bitterness:

① Insufficient moisture, lack of fertilizer ② Insufficient light, bitterness will accumulate ③ Nitrogen fertilizer can increase bitterness concentration

Therefore, if the cucumber is bitter, it should not be eaten.


About cucumber rumors

One straight cucumber sprayed medicine?

Most of the cucumbers grown at home are straight, and most of them are curved, and now the cucumbers on the market are as straight as ruler. Many people suspect that it is hormone or pesticide effects. Is this really the case?

The growth conditions determine the cucumber’s straight.Light, temperature, moisture, and nutrients are sufficient, the plant grows strong, and the probability of straight cucumbers will be greater. On the contrary, cucumbers will appear.

2 Top flowers cucumber to get hormones?

Some people like to buy cucumbers and feel that they must be tender. Some people think that the cucumber has a top flower when it matures, and it must be hormone.Who is right and who is right?

First of all, cucumber flowers may not fall off immediately after completing the pollination. It may be long for a while with cucumbers. The cucumber with flowers may be tender;

In addition, the flower farmers may also use vegetable farmers to use plant growth regulators.

In the process of practical planting, in order to prevent young fruits from falling off, the growers will apply antiprole -chloroxytic acid at the small fruit handle.If this plant hormone accidentally wipes it on the flower, the flowers will be closer to the top of the cucumber, or they will not fall off.

Tip: The amount of these plant hormones is not too large, and it does not affect the human body, so you can eat it with confidence.

3 Is fruit cucumber a genetically modified?

Fruit cucumber has no thorns, and it is better than ordinary cucumbers, so it is very popular, but many people think that it is genetically modified food and cannot eat more.

In fact, a number of Chinese agricultural experts and researchers have confirmed that small cucumbers are not genetically modified foods, but they are new varieties. In addition, small tomatoes and fruit corn are not genetically modified foods, and they can be eaten with confidence.


Precautions for cucumber consumption

1 It should not be excessive

Cucumber should not be eaten when fruits raw, and it should not be too much, 1 piece of daily; there are fewer vitamins in cucumbers, so you should eat some other fruits and vegetables at the same time when eating cucumber.

2 Clean

During the growth, picking, transportation, and sale, cucumber is vulnerable to E. coli, dysentery, and tapeworm eggs.Eating unclean cucumber is easy to infect bacteria, affecting physical health.Therefore, cucumbers bought in the farmers’ market are best soaked after being soaked.

3 Special crowd

Cucumbers are cold, elderly people with weak spleen and stomach, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and cold cough should eat less


1+1> 2 match


The fungus is rich in nutrition and is known as the "荤 木 木". The rich plant glue has a strong absorption force and can play a role in detoxifying the intestines.It can be matched with cucumber, which can balance nutrition, but also achieve weight loss and laxative effects.


Tofu is the highest protein content in plant foods and is easily absorbed by the human body.Tofu not only makes up for the lack of nutrients that cucumbers lack, but also can also play the effect of moisturizing and flat fire, clearing heat and dispersing blood.

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