Daily Chinese medicine

【Name】 Jujube

【Pinyin Name】 dà zǎo

[Alias] Dry Jujube, Jiao, Liangzao ("Better Record"), red dates ("Introduction to Medicine").

[Source] The mature fruits of the mouse and plants jujube.The autumn fruit is harvested when mature.Pick the impurities and dry it.Or bake until the skin is soft and dry again.Or boil it with water first, so that the flesh is soft but the skin is not shrunk, and it is dried.

[Form] Jujube ("Book of Songs"), also known as: thorns jujube.Falconium shrubs or small trees can reach 10 meters high.The branches are smooth and hairless, with a pair of acupuncture, straight or hooking, the young branches are weak and clustered, and they look like feather compound leaves.It becomes "Zhi" fiber.Single leaves are alternate; ovate to ovate -lanceolate, few ovate, 2 to 6 cm long, apex short and blunt, the base is crooked, the edges are finely serrated, and the 3 main veins are from the base.

The flowers are small, forming a short umbrella inflorescence, clustered in the leaf axillary, yellow -green; crooked 5, the upper part is petals, the lower part is connected to a cylindrical, green; petals 5; stamens 5, pairs of petals; room 2 room, flower pillar, flower pillarsHighlighting in the center of the flower plate, the apex 2 cracks, the nuclear fruit ovate to the long, 1.5 to 5 cm long, dark red when cooked, sweet and sweet flesh, and sharp end at both ends of the nuclear.Flower period from 4 to May.From July to September.

[Distribution] Most of them are cultivated.Distributed all over the country.Most areas of the country are produced and are produced in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places.

[Character] The fruit is slightly ovate or oval, about 2 to 3.5 cm long, and a diameter of about 1.5 to 2.5 cm.The surface is dark red, with luster, irregular wrinkles, a deep concave nest at one end, a short and thin fruit handle, and a small sudden point at the other end.Fruit skin is thin, and the skin is soft and soft, such as sponge -like, yellow -brown.Fruit nucleus -shaped, hard, sharp ends, dark red on the surface.The qi is weak and the taste is sweet.Color red, thick meat, plump, small nuclear, sweet taste.

[Sexual flavor] Gan, warm.

① "Book of Books": "Sweet, flat. ‘

② "Thousands of Gold · Food Zhi": "Ganxin, hot, non -toxic."

③ Meng Yan: "Wen."

[Gui Jing] Enter the spleen and stomach.

① "Outline": "spleen meridian blood points."

② "Materia Medica Sutra": "Entering Taiyin, Yangming Jing."


Replenish the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and Jinjin, regulate camp guards, and solve drugs.Treatment of stomach deficiency, lack of spleen weakness, lack of qi and blood fluids, rushing to camp, heart palpitations.

Fruit (jujube): Nourish Zhong Yiqi, nourish blood and soothe the gods.The woman is dirty.

Bark: anti -inflammatory, hemostasis, stop diarrhea.For bronchitis, enteritis, dysentery, dysentery, omissions; external use of trauma bleeding.

Gen: qi, promoting blood circulation, and regulating menstruation.Used for irregular menstruation, red collapse, leucorrhea.

① "Book of Scriptures": "The qi of the heart of the heart, nourishing the spleen, helping the twelve sutras. Ping the stomach qi, pass the nine tips, make up for the qi and less qi, and the liquid, the body is not enough, the limbs are heavy, and the medicine."

② "Ben Cao Jing Ji Note": "Shawu poison."

③ "Don’t Record": "Nourish Zhongyi Qi, Strong, remove annoyance, heal the heart, and the intestines."

④ "Medicine Pay": "Killing Fuzi, Tianxiong poison."

⑤ Meng Yan: "The main nourishment of the fluid, washing the heart and the evil qi, and the poison of the medicine, the nine tricks, the nourishment of the qi, cooking the stomach and the stomach, the fat in the fertilizer, the children suffer from autumn diarrhea, and eat with jujube,"

⑥ "Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Rest the heart and lungs, stop coughing. Supplement the five internal organs, cure deficiency and strain, remove gastrointestinal qi."

⑦ "Pearl Pork": "Win the stomach."

⑧ Li Yan: "Winn the lack of spleen, sweet yin blood, and yin and yang, campaign guard, live fluid."

:"Drugs": "Nourishing blood and nourishing the liver."

:"Materia Medica again": "Nourish Zhongyi Qi, nourish the kidneys and warm the stomach, and cure yin deficiency."

鉴 "Chinese Medicine Planting Book": "Treatment of allergic purple spots, anemia, and hypertension." Jujube (5 photos)

:"New Cao New Editor": "Tong Jiuqiao, and Baizi, nourishing the lungs and stomach, nourishing qi, moisturizing the heart and lungs, helping the sutra, and supplementing the five internal organs.Taste. It is the taste of reconciliation.

[Note] Anyone who has wet sputum, stagnation, dental diseases, and insect diseases are not appropriate.

① "Introduction to Medicine": "Here is 痞, and those who vomit are avoided.

② "Materia Medica": "Pediatrics are not suitable for eating, and those with phlegm fever should not eat."

③ "Materia Medica Huiyan": "Those who have stomach pain and qi are closed, and abdominal pain and all the worms are sick."

④ "Smooth Extraction of the Smooth": "Eat more and suffer from swelling and thirst, the least beneficial to others. For children, postpartum and warmth, summer and damp diseases, jaundice, swelling and taboos."

[Affiliated] ① Treatment of spleen and stomach is wet and cold, diet decreases, long -term diarrhea, endlessness: Atractylodes four or two, dried ginger two or two.There are two or two in the chicken, half a catty of dates.The four flavors of medicine are used, and the atractylodes and chicken internal gold are all used. Each taste is thin and baked, and then the dry ginger is rolled.When you are hollow, be chewed and chew.("Medicine’s Faithful Chinese Records" Yibi Poispiped Cake)

② Treatment of nausea and vomiting: one jujube (removed), a class (removing head wing) into the inner feeding heat, removing, hollowing it, under the white soup.("Outline")

③ Qi Qi: Ten Da South Jujube, steamed soft to the nuclear, the partner ginseng one money, the cloth bag, steamed in the Tibetan rice cooker, and mounded as a pill.("Xingyuan Record" Zao Shen Pills)

④ Treatment of strokes and panic, heavy limbs: seven jujube (removed nuclear), green beam corn two -in.Shang Erwei uses three and a half liters of water. First cook jujube to take one and a half liters, go to the porridge, and throw rice to cook porridge.("Shengji General Record" tonic jujube porridge)

⑤ Governing the woman’s dirty, sadness, and crying, counting out: Ten jujube, three or two of licorice, one liter of wheat.On the three flavors, use six liters of water, boil three liters, and warm three clothes.("Golden Main Light" Ganmai Jujube Decoction)

⑥ Treatment of cough: One hundred and twenty almonds (peeled tip, boil), one hundred stains (boiled to dry), and forty dried dates (removed).Shang Sanweai Tai is like mud, pills are like apricot nucleus, and the pharynx is exhausted.Seven or eight degrees day, do everything.(Yu Yue "Must -Valid")

芫 Treatment of suspension: (boiled), Gan Sui, and ethics.Make a sieve in the three flavors, use the water for one liter and five -in -line, first cook ten dates, take Baba, remove the residue, nan the medicine, the strong man takes a money dagger, the people will take a half -money dagger, usually warm it, those who do not lower the right,, It’s half a money tomorrow.After it was fast, he porridge to support himself.("Golden Main Light" Shizao Decoction)

⑧ Two -time and troublesome sleep: Twenty jujube, green onion and seven stems.On the two flavors, use three liters of water, cook a liter, and go to serve.("Thousands of Fang")

并 Treatment of pulmonary vomiting and vomiting blood and delusion: red dates (and nuclear -burnt), all equal divisions (煅).For fines, each serving two dollars, the rice soup is adjusted.("Three Forms" two ash scattered)

⑩ ⑩ ⑩ ⑩: One black plum, two jujube, seven almonds.Make a pound, and give me wine and vinegar with vinegar.("Above the sea")

少 Treatment of non -platelets to reduce purple scar: red dates, eat three times a day, 10 each time, until all purple scars fell back.Generally, about one to two pounds of red dates per person.("Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine" (Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine "(

⑿ ⑿ ⑿ 枣: jujube (remove nuclear, bag, burn), coptard.The same end, cloth affected area.("Above the sea")

瘥 Treatment of sores for a long time: three liters of jujube cream, three waters of water, boil one and a half, and wash.("Thousands of Fang"

:Govern the wind along the rotten eyes: twenty big black dates (removed), alum -ended five points, and jujube meat pounds, wet paper bags, two inside of the fire, take out, go to paper, two bowls of water, jujube jujube, put the jujube jujube, put the jujube jujubeCream decoction, remove residue, wash your eyes.("Materia Medica" ophthalmology side)

Many people’s understanding of jujube is limited to eating value. For example, some beautiful girls eat a few jujube every day. This can make the skin more tender, and it can also replenish blood for the body.Men like to use making tea with tea, which can also be beneficial to physical health.In fact, jujube can also be said to be a Chinese medicine.

Eating Sanjube a day, no need to find Lang Zhong.A jujube in front of the door was until old.If you want good skin, add red dates in the porridge.

The grain plus jujube is better than Ganoderma.Eating Sanjube a day, it is not old for life.I would rather have no meat for three days, and no jujube a day.

Jujube has a lot of replenishment in the body, so the folk spreads the saying that "eating jujube a day, not old for a lifetime".Traditional Chinese medicine believes that jujube is sweet and warm, which can nourish Zhong Yiqi and nourish blood.Women who are weak after illness, anemia patients and cold hands and feet in winter can condition their bodies through jujube.However, jujube belongs to the same source of medicine and food, and has its own unique medicinal properties. If you do not distinguish between blue and red soaps and do not distinguish your physique, you will always use jujube to supplement. Sometimes, not only do you not have the effect of health care, you will even help.Especially in the following 4 categories, it is best to eat less or not to eat jujube:

⑴ Those who are dampness of phlegm.Such people often show thick tongue coating, sweet mouth or greasy mouth, loss of appetite, and usually feel full of stomach. In severe cases, symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eyelids and facial edema are accompanied by symptoms.The nourishing nature of jujube is easy to wet, making it difficult to remove phlegm wetness in the body, and then aggravate the above discomfort.People with this constitution are more suitable for eating spleen and damp foods such as barley, red beans, yam, loofah and other spleen.

Those who fell in love with the fire.This kind of human body is hot, and often appears on fire symptoms such as constipation, bad breath, throat gum swelling and pain, etc., while jujube tastes sweet and warm, which is preferred by warm supplements.

(3) Patients in the early stages of a cold.In the early stages of a cold, the wind and coldness of the human body were flourishing. If you consume jujube at this time, its sticky nature often leads to the retention of evil qi, resulting in the consequences of "staying behind closed doors", making it difficult for the disease in the body to remove the disease in the body.It is not conducive to recovery.

者 Patients with diabetes.The sugar content of jujube will increase blood sugar in diabetic patients and worsen the condition.Therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat more jujube.

In addition to the above four kinds of people, everyone can still eat jujube with confidence.And the shelf life of jujube is relatively long, you can buy more at a time, and then put it in a relatively dry place at home, so that jujube is not easy to break.If you can, there is a stove at home, you can bake some jujube, and then soak in water. The taste is very good.

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