Dalian man bonded 200,000, took care of the vegetative girlfriend, and his girlfriend woke up but called the police to catch him. Why?

"I owe 200,000 giant debts to take care of you, but you told me."

In 2014, a man in Dalian, Liaoning took care of the plants’ girlfriend owed 200,000 debts. He stayed with his girlfriend day and night and carefully took care of it. This move moved many people.

However, when his girlfriend woke up from the state of the plant man, he called his boyfriend to catch his boyfriend as soon as possible.

Is this a revenge?

After investigation by the police, the inside story was so amazing …

In 2014, Lin Yingying had nothing to open the social software on the mobile phone. At that time, the function of "shaking" was very hot. Lin Yingying "shaken" to her boyfriend Liu Fenghe through this function.

Because the distance displayed on the mobile phone is relatively close, the two feels very fate, so you talk about me a word. Both are people from the Wafang shop in Dalian City, and they are very fond of talking.

During the chat, they found the same hobbies, shared daily life on their mobile phones every day, and gradually became some feelings for each other, so they agreed to meet.

The two were very shy as soon as they met. Liu Fenghe took out a gift prepared for Lin Yingying in advance. The two on the dining table talked and broke a somewhat embarrassing situation.

Liu Fenghe said a little embarrassed: "You are much better than the photos", Lin Yingying also thinks that Liu Fenghe is better than the photo.

More importantly, Liu Feng and the performance were very gentle and delicate. Soon they determined the relationship and fell in love.

At this time, Lin Yingying was also a college student. After falling in love with Liu Fenghe, she was in Liu Fenghe’s "gentle village" every day. He thought about him in his head and had no intention of learning at all.

Liu Fenghe told Lin Yingying: "It is better not to get on, we moved over, we live together, how good we will be together every day."

Liu Fenghe’s words seemed to talk about Lin Yingying’s heart, and she told her parents that she wanted to drop out of school with her boyfriend.

Parents resolutely disagree because her daughter has not graduated, and the main thing is that Liu Fenghe has no job, and even herself is a difficult problem.

But Lin Yingying, who was fainted by love, couldn’t hear the advice of her parents at all. She gave up her college life and resolutely chose to live with Liu Fenghe out.

When I moved together, she could see Liu Fenghe’s face every morning, leaning on him to coquettish.

After the two people bought food together, Lin Yingying felt that this kind of life was very happy. She suddenly felt that she was a housewife like this. It was also very good to wash and cook at home.

But after the freshness and passion, the rest is the noise on the small days.

The money on the two was almost spent. Liu Fenghe hadn’t found a job yet. Lin Yingying found a job first and sold it in a men’s clothing store in the mall.

But Liu Fenghe did not like Lin Yingying’s job. Liu Fenghe was a very possessive person. When he saw Lin Yingying with other men with a smile, he was angry.

He stared at her every day, and Liu Fenghe conflicted with the guests several times. He asked Lin Yingying to quit his job three times.

Lin Yingying was also unhappy by Liu Feng and this attitude. She shouted directly: "I resigned what we eat, and you can’t go out to work."

As soon as the words fell, Liu Fenghe reached out and gave her a slap. Lin Yingying was beaten. Before she slowed down, Liu Fenghe went to tell the owner of the clothing store, Lin Yingying, and resigned.

For this reason, Lin Yingying and Liu Fenghe made a noise for several days, and Liu Fenghe began to whisper and sought in harmony: "I am all for you, those men stared at you, I was particularly uncomfortable, I just love you too much love you","

After listening to Liu Fenghe’s words, Lin Yingying’s emotions eased a lot.

Liu Fenghe told Lin Yingying that the two were going to work together, so this is the best choice.

However, many units generally do not want to have a relationship between men and women, because one of them resigned, and the other would resign. It was very unstable. The two found many places and did not find the right place.

In the end, Lin Yingying and Liu Fenghe entered a cake shop as apprentices. Although the monthly salary was very small, the two decided to open a cake shop together.

After studying for a while, the two were ready to open a store, but the rent of the stores in good areas is too expensive, not by the two people.

Seeing that Liu Fenghe’s mother could work well, he rented the store to him. The name of the two of them was love.

Although Lin Yingying’s parents did not agree with the two people, they saw that they had a craft to support themselves and opened a cake shop, and they didn’t say much.

The cake shop operated by the two is good, because they are both young people. They have their own marketing model. The days are just like this, and the business of the two people is getting better and better, and their feelings are getting better and better. ButBut an accident happened.

On September 29, 2014, a 120 ambulance stopped at the entrance of the cake shop of Liu Feng and Lin Yingying. Liu Fenghe shouted in his mouth: "Doctor, you save her, she fell to the back."

I saw that Lin Yingying was lying in a pool of blood and passed out. She was sent to the Wafangdian Central Hospital for rescue by the ambulance.

After the doctor’s examination, it was found that Lin Yingying was severe brain injury, and there would be life -threatening at any time.

The doctor asked Liu Feng and how she was injured. Liu Fenghe said anxiously: "I just dragged the ground at the time, and she was too slippery. She accidentally fell." The doctor immediately performed surgery for Lin Yingying.

After an operation, Lin Yingying did not wake up, but instead appeared several pieces of hematoma in her brain.

Due to the danger of life at any time, the doctor performed a second operation. This time, Liu Fenghe notified Lin Yingying’s parents.

When his parents came to the door of the operating room, they wanted to question Liu Fenghe, but they could see that he cried with headache outside the operating room, so he didn’t blame him.

After the surgery was completed, the parents immediately went to ask the doctor. The doctor said that Lin Yingying had no injuries, the injury was on the head, the left forehead scalp, and the scalp hematopoietic on the right pillow.

However, after the second operation, Lin Yingying was out of danger, but it was still in a state of deep coma.

After a long period of time, Lin Yingying had done a lot of inspections, but there was still no signs of wakeup. The doctor told Liu Feng and the parents of Lin Yingying: "She is likely to live in this state in the future, that is, the vegetatives we often mention","

As soon as the words fell, Lin Yingying’s parents instantly collapsed and looked at the original lively daughter, but now they have become like this. They can’t accept it. Liu Fenghe is crying and begging the doctor to save Lin Yingying.

Before the news of Lin Yingying’s becoming a vegetative, a huge problem appeared in front of him. The hospital had owed high medical expenses in the hospital.

Lin Yingying’s parents’ homes are not good. They took all the bottom of the house. In the face of subsequent high medical expenses, these money was "nine cows and one hair".

Liu Fenghe told Er Lao: "Uncle, aunt, you can rest assured, even if you are out of family, I will continue to treat Yingying." He heard Liu Fenghe’s words, Lin Yingying’s parents were more comfortable.

Previously, the two had never been optimistic about Liu Fenghe, but he did not expect that he was quite affectionate.

Later, Liu Fenghe borrowed money to see Lin Yingying everywhere, and Liu Fenghe’s parents also made money. Although they had made up the money, Liu Fenghe could not take care of people for 24 hours, which became a big problem.

At that time, Lin Yingying’s mother was pregnant and could not take care of it in the hospital.Therefore, after Lin Yingying turned into the intensive care unit, Liu Feng and his mother had been taken care of with his mother.

Regardless of the black and day and night care for more than a month, Lin Yingying’s situation in the intensive care unit has also improved, and the danger period has passed.

During this period, Liu Fenghe wipes Lin Yingying’s face, rubbing his hands, nasal feeding tubes to feed and massage every day. With the careful care of Liu Fenghe, Lin Yingying’s body has appeared in some conditional reflex stimulation. This is a sign of improvement.

After turning into the general ward, Lin Yingying woke up, but she still couldn’t take care of herself. Liu Fenghe carefully took care of Lin Yingying every day and turned her to massage her legs.

Knowing that Lin Yingying liked to be clean, Liu Fenghe packed very neatly around her bed, and placed flowers in front of her bed.

The patient in a ward seeing Liu Fenghe can take care of Lin Yingying like this, and he was very envious. This pair also became the target of medical staff in the department after dinner: "If you want to marry, you must marry a man like Lin Yingying’s family.","

Every morning, the medical staff will issue a consumer record. Looking at the expensive treatment costs, Liu Fenghe feels weak for a while.

He has sold all the machines and equipment in the cake, and the house is rented out, but so far Lin Yingying’s medical expenses are still not enough.

All relatives and friends around him were afraid of, and everyone hid Liu Fenghe. Now Liu Fenghe eats in the hospital, not to mention expensive medical expenses.

For a few months, Liu Fenghe, who was sorrowful and worried about money, was more than a dozen years old.

Later, Liu Fenghe thought of an idea, that was, using the circle of friends to raise money.He sent his stories of his and his girlfriend in the circle of friends, hoping that someone could donate a little money after seeing it.

As soon as the circle of friends, many people reposted many people. Many people were moved by their love stories, and they all presented their love.

At that time, the Internet was developing rapidly, and the news was passed on to ten.After seeing a business, Ms. Wang was very emotional to the love story of the two. She immediately decided to go to the hospital to visit Lin Yingying.

After arriving at the hospital, she watched Lin Yingying in front of her and Liu Fenghe, who had taken care of him, shed tears.

As a result, Ms. Wang took 6,000 yuan and also called on friends around her to donate money.

After this time, Ms. Wang often came to visit the two. Sometimes she came with many daily necessities, and sometimes she took many fruits and foods. In short, she would not be empty every time.

The two people’s affairs are constantly fermented on the Internet, and reporters in Dalian have also reported: "Never give up on her cure for her" and "200,000 debt to take care of the vegetative girlfriend".

These articles are rapidly spread through the Internet, and people are moved by the love story of Liu Feng and Lin Yingying.

Many kind people in the society have donated a lot of daily necessities and love for love, which reduces Liu Fenghe’s pressure a lot. But is the inside story really so touching?

Ms. Wang will visit Lin Yingying every other time. Every time she leaves, Lin Yingying will cry at Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang originally thought that Lin Yingying was moved, or she wanted to make herself stay more for a while.

But every time he came, Lin Yingying cried with his eyebrows, and seemed to have something to say.

Ms. Wang went to carefully ask Lin Yingying’s attending doctor. The doctor said: "Her boyfriend said that she was just dragging the ground, too slippery, and accidentally fell to the ground."

Can I fall so hard?Ms. Wang felt a little strange.

Ms. Wang found Lin Yingying’s good friend and asked about her relationship with Liu Fenghe.

Lin Yingying’s friend told Ms. Wang: "I remember that Yingying told me before that her boyfriend had hit her before, but he took care of Yingying in the hospital, and felt that he was not like this."

Later, Ms. Wang visited Lin Yingying again. While Liu Feng and the gap between Liu Feng and left the ward, Ms. Wang lying in Lin Yingying’s ear and whispered: "Is it your boyfriend hit you? If so, you blinked.If not, you blinked twice. "

After listening to this, Lin Yingying’s face flashed a touch of horror, and she blinked twice.But after aiming at the person behind her, her eyes moved suddenly again.

Ms. Wang was a bit unable to understand what Lin Yingying wanted to express, but she obviously felt that she was afraid.

She didn’t wait to ask again. She suddenly felt that her hair was erected behind her, and when she turned around, she found that Liu Fenghe was standing behind her, staring at Lin Yingying straight.

In January 2015, after Lin Yingying lived for more than three months, the medical expenses spent nearly 180,000. Liu Fenghe couldn’t pay any money, so he was discharged with Lin Yingying.

Liu Fenghe rented a small house outside. In this small rental house, Liu Fenghe was very warm and still carefully cared for Lin Yingying every day.

On one occasion, Lin Yingying’s mother came to the rental house to visit her daughter, but as soon as she arrived at the door, she heard Liu Feng and scolded.

This is a strong contrast with Liu Fenghe, who is docile on weekdays. He kept shouting dirty words in his mouth, and there was a sound of fighting.

Lin Yingying’s mother chose the alarm after hearing these. When the police came, Liu Fenghe said, "There are nothing to do, just a little couple quarreled."

The police left after mediation, watching the daughter lying on the bed was already thin, and she wanted to take her daughter home to take care of it.

Lin Yingying’s father said that her daughter’s medical insurance reimbursement procedures have not yet been completed. The two thought that they went to go through the medical insurance procedures before receiving her daughter home.

However, this time Lin Yingying’s parents went to go through the medical insurance formalities, but they were suspicious of their daughter’s injury.

The staff said: "Your daughter’s injury is not like a fall, so we can’t apply for reimbursement for you. Otherwise, you have evidence to prove that she is a fall."

The second old man found Liu Fenghe, hoping that he could write a certificate that proved that Lin Yingying was injured, but Liu Fenghe refused to write. The second old man decided to go home to discuss.

In March 2015, Lin Yingying’s mother came to visit her daughter. She asked, "Did Liu Feng and you hit you?"

Although Lin Yingying was unclear, she still said a "hit" word, and then her mother took Lin Yingying back to her home to take care of it.

She told Liu Feng and the hard work during this time. She first took her daughter home for a few days and asked Liu Feng to take a good rest. In fact, her mother was afraid of Liu Feng and the abuse of her daughter.

In April 2105, she was able to speak under her mother’s care, and she finally spoke all the facts.

She cried and said, "I didn’t fall by myself. At that time, I put several boxes of bread to the roast, and Liu Fenghe hit my head fiercely with a rolling pin."

Similar to such a thing, this is just the tip of the iceberg.Before he received a call from Liu Fenghe in time, he fought against Lin Yingying.

Because he was afraid of being seen by Lin Yingying’s face, Liu Fenghe asked her to stay outside for a few days, and even threatened Lin Yingying: "If you dare to say it, I will start with your family." For this reason, Lin Yingying has always been able to bear it.hair.

After Lin Yingying’s parents called the police, when the police went to Liu Fenghe, they discovered that his residence had long been empty.

After the police’s full hunting, Liu Fenghe was discovered on the construction site in a county in Ningxia a year later.

After Liu Fenghe was arrested, he finally said something. In the end, Liu Fenghe was sentenced to three years in prison and compensated the medical expenses and mental loss of 250,000.

Lin Yingying also lost her lifelong disability, and she needed to take care of her in her life. She was originally a girl who was a wonderful age, but because she met the scumbag that she had ruined her life.

There are only one and countless times for domestic violence. Anyone who rashs to you is good to you. It is purposeful. Please also ask girls to protect themselves and not be blinded by "gentle hometown".

Do you think Lin Yingying is worthy of sympathy?Let’s discuss the comment area together ~

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