Demonstrate: The mysterious veil of the progesterone value in the early pregnancy, 95%of the expectant mothers do not know

The most scared thing for pregnant mothers is abortion, so many mothers will be very careful during pregnancy. Among them, the most concerned about mothers is progesterone.

Many mothers of progesterone already know very well, because progesterone can maintain embryo development within 56 days of pregnancy. In other words, as long as the probability of progesterone abortion is very low.Because of this, many doctors and pregnant mothers are particularly sensitive to progesterone.Once the progesterone is low, the pregnant mothers will demand the doctor to protect the fetus, but can there be a equal number between the low progesterone and the abortion?

Obviously not.

Because of the progesterone value, it is not stable. It continues to float up and down during pregnancy, and even volatility is great.Therefore, at this time, if the pregnant mother removes blood to detect the progesterone value, it cannot simply use the progesterone value to speculate whether they will have a miscarriage.

It should be noted that there are many reasons for miscarriage, not all abortion will be related to the lower progesterone value.Once a professional researcher surveyed this phenomenon, the results showed that among pregnant women with abortion in the early days, only 85%of the progesterone value was low, while the progesterone value was normal. Finally, it also occurred.Pregnant women with abortion accounted for 15%.This data shows that the level of progesterone value is not proportional to the relationship between abortion and is not absolute.Because there are 15%of pregnant women, even if the progesterone value is normal, there is still a precursor to abortion.Therefore, pregnant women do not need to value and worry too much about progesterone values.

Many pregnant women will be determined when detecting progesterone values, but this determination is not based on the evidence of testing and predicting abortion during pregnancy.Because there are some pregnant mothers, although the progesterone is low, HCG is very normal.There are also some pregnant mothers with low progesterone, just caused by changes in hormone levels or excessive hormone levels, and a small number of progesterone is caused by errors due to detection.Therefore, when the pregnant mother finds that her progesterone is low, do not panic. You should immediately review or obey the doctor’s advice, mainly based on the test results of HCG.In addition, pregnant women do not need to worry too much about the development of the embryo, nor do they need to be forced to protect the fetus.

Pregnant women should believe in the technology and experience of doctors. In terms of progesterone, they must learn to dialectically look at it. Do not unilaterally feel that low progesterone will have a miscarriage.If the progesterone is low, but the doctor does not need to protect the fetus, pregnant women should choose to believe in the doctor, because this shows that this is a good thing.If the embryo is normal, the pregnant woman must be asked to keep the fetus, which will not only waste money, but also exacerbate the family’s concerns.At this time, if the doctor does not give birth to pregnant women for the judgment of technical and experience, it will be difficult to explain in case of problems in the future, and it will even cause disputes.

In summary, low progesterone and abortion are absolutely not available for equal. Therefore, pregnant women do not need too much worry and nervousness.During the process of pregnancy and check -up, you only need to obey the doctor’s suggestion. Pay more attention to your life. If you have any situations, you can ask the doctor in time to make your baby go smoothly and be born peacefully.

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