Dental doctors remind: These four types of people should not extract teeth, the risk is too high, and the pain can only bear it first!

Although tooth extraction belongs to a small surgery, it is not to be completed when it is unplugged. If it is not handled properly, it may cause some harm to the body. Not all people are suitable for tooth extraction. Patients with hypertension, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, menstruationDuring the period and during pregnancy, you cannot get teeth.

1. People with hemorrhagic diseases

Common hemorrhagic diseases in life mainly include hemophilia and platelet reduction purpura. Such crowds have obstacles of coagulation process.It is prone to infection for patients with leukemia. The small wounds caused by tooth extraction may be a infection stove, which causes systemic infection and becomes more difficult to control.Therefore, such patients must be conservative when suffering from dental disease, and must not be blindly extracted.

2. Women during pregnancy

In early pregnancy and late pregnancy, you cannot extraction, otherwise it will cause premature or miscarriage. You can get tooth extraction in the middle of pregnancy, and there is no adverse reaction to the body.Anesthesia does not add adrenaline in the anesthesia.However, for people who are habitual and miscarriage, they cannot extract their teeth during pregnancy.

3. Crusade of cardiovascular disease

People with severe cardiovascular disease and people with high blood pressure up to 180/100mm Hg above can not be extracted.For patients with heart disease, as long as there is no panic, tooth extraction can be extracted, but the anesthesia used during tooth extraction should not be added with adrenaline, otherwise the heart tachycardia will occur, which will induce heart failure.To fully use anesthesia, so as to reduce poor stimuli, so as not to cause damage and bleeding. Prior to tooth extraction should be given appropriate anti -infective prevention measures, because patients with heart disease patients have poor resistance and are prone to infection.

4. Women of menstruation

During menstruation, tooth extraction cannot be extracted, because alveolar may occur for replacement bleeding, especially not to put some ambush or obstructing teeth, which will not only cause infection, but also cause severe bleeding.Total tooth extraction, because the wound healing speed is fast at this stage, bacterial infections are not easy to occur.

Kind tips

Not everyone is suitable for tooth extraction. Before and after the tooth extraction, you must strictly follow the instructions of the doctor to see if there is any actual and contraindication. After the tooth extraction, take care to avoid infection.If you have to get your teeth, you must consult the doctor in advance, and you must not choose a small clinic blindly.

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