Did you draw wisdom teeth before pregnancy?Don’t ignore expectant mothers, so as not to suffer in the future

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Two wisdom teeth in my jaw have been accompanied by me for more than a year.When I was a kid, I often heard that long -wisdom teeth represent the symbol of wisdom.However, I feel that this is clearly "the teeth of mental retardation", which belongs to the incomplete evolution of human beings. Not only does it not have any physiological effects and functions, it also often causes inflammation and swelling.

When I went to the hospital to get teeth last week, I saw a expectant mother with a stiff belly sitting in a chair in the corridor and lined up for a clinic.I chatted with her and learned from the chat that the expectant mother was 6 months pregnant. Today, I came to the dental department to consult a doctor if he could draw wisdom.

"The wisdom teeth before pregnancy have sprung up, but there is no pain, so I ignored it. But in the past month, every night, I can’t hold myself every night. I can’t sleep at all.Take anti -inflammatory drugs, come to consult the dentist to see if there is any good way. "After listening to this expectant mother, I lamented that it was another mother who had neglected the mouth before pregnancy.

Many women who are preparing to be pregnant will perform physical examinations before pregnancy, but most of them check blood, liver and kidney function, and some necessary gynecological examinations. They often ignore oral examinations and leave hidden dangers for pregnancy.Three months and three months of pregnancy cannot be extracted, which can easily cause abortion and premature birth.

During pregnancy, the body’s resistance decreases, and it is easy to cause gum inflammation, and some gingival tumors will grow.Coupled with the significant changes in hormones in women during pregnancy, it is easy to cause local congestion, which will aggravate toothy, pain and bleeding.

The influence of X -films on the fetus has always been academic at home and abroad, so during pregnancy, doctors generally do not take X tablets for pregnant women.People who have pulled out the wisdom teeth know that before the tooth extraction, the doctor will ask for an X film to understand the growth of the wisdom teeth and judge whether it is to block the teeth.If pregnant women cannot shoot X films, doctors can only rely on experience to operate. If special circumstances occur during the tooth extraction process, because it is a pregnant woman, it is difficult for doctors to deal with it.

Therefore, if you are preparing to Huaibao, you must go to the hospital to do a comprehensive oral examination to avoid some foreseeable hidden dangers as much as possible.

If you have wisdom teeth during pregnancy, doctors will tend to treat conservative treatment and make emergency treatment such as medication.In order to avoid inflammation during pregnancy, expectant mothers must pay attention to oral hygiene, because the growth of wisdom teeth is backwards, you can buy a small brush -headed fur toothbrush to avoid inflammation from the residual of food on the wisdom teeth.

Are you troubled by wisdom teeth after pregnancy?


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