Diet is very important after pregnancy, and you need to eat less food if you are nagging, otherwise it is not good for the fetus.

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A pregnant mother has been working abroad after pregnancy. She did not return to China. By the time of pregnancy, she finally returned to China and especially wanted to eat barbecue.So the family took her to the best barbecue restaurant in the local area. As a result, all kinds of barbecue was delicious. The boss told her that pregnant women could not eat it. She couldn’t figure it out. It seemed that she could only smell the fragrance.

Why can’t you eat barbecue after pregnancy? Actually, the reason is still sufficient.Although there is no food that you can’t eat, it is better to eat less barbecue, otherwise it is not good for the fetus.

1. The smell is unpleasant

During pregnancy, the sense of smell will become extremely sensitive, and it will be more sensitive than the dog’s nose. The pregnant mother smells some irritating odors and will feel nauseous to vomit, such as the smell of oil fume, barbecue, cigarette flavor, etc.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I was catching up with the spring and summer interaction in the early pregnancy. There were a lot of barbecue stalls on the road. Every time I took a walk, I had to pass through the barbecue stall.The nose walked over, I really couldn’t smell that smell.After pregnancy, I feel that the smell of barbecue is as terrible as poisonous gas. This is probably caused by the fetus that starts the self -protection mechanism. Telling the mother’s smell will affect his development.

2. Excessive seasonings and ingredients cannot guarantee safety

Barbecue is very fragrant because of various seasonings, even some bad tastes are covered.These seasonings may be some "three -none" additives. During the marinated process, during the barbecue process, and after the barbecue, more than 10 additives will be added. According to the GB2760 standard, non -toxic experiments should be performed, but there are few barbecue points.Do.

Also, some ingredients are not the real ingredients marked. For example, mutton may not necessarily be lamb. Some reports have been reported that fox meat acts as mutton, and mutton sperm has changed into lamb.The purchase and preservation of ingredients cannot ensure safe hygiene conditions, and whether the ingredients are fresh.For pregnant women, the body is more sensitive and cannot guarantee that safe foods may cause harm to the body.

3. Barbecue food is not necessarily cooked

Barbecue is different from cooking. It cannot guarantee that the ingredients are cooked. If the parasites or bacteria are not completely killed, it will cause infection of pregnant women, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and even cause infection.Once a friend had eaten barbecue, diarrhea was not stopped, and the next day the hanging bottle improved.Fortunately, she was not pregnant at the time. If she was pregnant, she would not dare to hang the bottle easily.We all know that pregnant women cannot use medicine casually, otherwise they may endanger fetal health.

A women’s insurance house in Hubei once conducted an investigation and analysis of pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma worms. They found that they like to eat barbecue is one of the factors that cause bowworm infections. Once pregnant women are infected with Toxoplasma, the pathogen will be infected with the fetus through the placenta, which will affect the normal fetus.Development is easy to cause bad pregnancy endings such as premature birth, abortion and even death, deformity.

4. Barbecue contains carcinogenic substances

During the grilling process, the phenylpenon and other substances caused by charcoal can directly pollute food.The ingredients used for barbecue need to be marinated in advance. If it is not stored properly and the storage time is too long, nitrosamines may be produced. The amine produced by protein decomposition can occur.In good health.

5, bamboo sticks may be repeatedly used

my country’s "Food Sanitation Law" stipulates that bamboo sticks used for skewers cannot be reused and iron -signed need to be used strictly after disinfection, but in order to reduce costs, there are not many that can be done. Diners cause physical health problems.

1. Homemade at home

You can make the method of grilling at home. You can buy some fresh ingredients yourself. The quality is controllable. It adds some safe seasonings to increase the aroma of barbecue.

In fact, you can make simply make with an electric oven. For example, grilled mutton, marinate the lamb with raw soy sauce, salt, and onion, skeve it with a bamboo stick, put it in the tray, apply plant oil, sprinkle with cumin powder, put it on the cumin, put it on it, put itIn the oven, it can be baked in 200 degrees and 10 minutes, which is very convenient.

2. Eat more antioxidant foods

When eating barbecue, it is often easy to cause indigestion or fire, leading to physical discomfort, so eat more foods rich in dietary fiber when eating barbecue to help digestion and get angry.You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

These foods have a strong antioxidant effect and are good for physical health.Dietary fiber in food can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, and prevent food from stagnation.Vitamin C in vegetables and fruits can reduce the generation of nitrosamine.Scientific and reasonable mix can make barbecue healthier.

Some pregnant mothers may say that I have eaten a lot of barbecue, and my body is fine at all.The primitive people have been eating charcoal -burnt things, don’t be alarmist.But does the life expectancy of primitive people have a long life?What are the disease detection methods in the past?There is no sophisticated.

Everyone’s physique is different, the types of barbecue are different, and the food is different. The reaction after eating barbecue will naturally be different.Some people smell the smell of barbecue and feel delicious, while others are afraid to avoid it.However, the important point is that whether you want to eat or not, you still have never eaten it. You must realize that the potential harm of barbecue may exist.

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