Different changes in breasts during pregnancy during pregnancy

Different changes in breasts during the early pregnancy

Around the 5th week of pregnancy, pregnant women usually have various symptoms of joy. At this time, the breasts also begin to change, such as the deep nipples and the blood vessels directly below the breast are becoming more and more obvious.

About 3 to 4 months of pregnancy, most people’s breasts have begun to grow. In addition to micro -pain, they occasionally touch the masses. This is why the breast developed and the increase in hormonal secretion.In addition, the breast epidermis will continue to appear from the bottom of the breast, and the color of the nipples will become deeper.

Sweetheart said: "These changes are prepared to secrete milk in the future, so don’t be too nervous. Almost all pregnant women will feel swollen, but some people will not obviously feel pain, but some people will even continue until childbirth.after."

Reminder you can do this

Those with severe breast pain can:

1. Wear slightly loose underwear.

2. Cold the chest with cold towels (without having to use ice).

Mid -pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, the weight of about 5-6 kg has increased.Not only has the stomach protruding obviously, but the chest will become significantly larger. When you look at it, the original bra will not be suitable, and you should start wearing larger underwear for pregnant women.

In addition, milk may begin in the breast at this time, so the nipples secrete a small amount of white milk.

Furthermore, pregnant women can evaluate themselves between 20 and 24 weeks and start preparing for postpartum breastfeeding, such as nipple care and breast massage; however, for the purpose of promoting blood circulation and breast development, the frequency and force of massage can be moderate.

Reminder you can do this

1. Due to the double peaks that continue to expand, choose proper bra (too compressing the nipples will hinder the development of the breast).

2. Those with milk overflow can pad a cotton pad in the bra; and gently clean the nipples with warm water when bathing.

Underwear purchase essential

According to statistics from the owner of the maternal maternal bra, from pregnancy to delivery, most pregnant women’s breasts may be promoted to about 2 to 3 cups, and the size may increase by 15-20 cm, so the bra should be replaced in a timely manner with the change of the chest.As for the focus of purchasing, Dr. Liang Simi usually recommends expectant mothers: "We must fully include breasts, do not squeeze nipples, and effectively support the bras at the bottom of the breast.It is conducive to postpartum breastfeeding and use. "

Massage key tips

In the middle of the breast, it is not advisable to massage excessive massage, but pregnant women must establish the concept of nursing breasts.Especially if there are those with short nipples or depression, you should give a pull -up massage first; as for the breast massage, you can massage or massage for 2 to 3 minutes before bathing or sleeping every day.Dr. Liang Simi reminded the expectant mothers: "Try to be as lighter as possible when massage. If there is pain in the lower abdomen, you should stop immediately."

Late pregnancy

In principle, the breasts have no new changes in the later breasts, but they only follow the mid -term increase, and the swelling feeling is of course more serious.Dr. Liang Simi explained; "During this period, breast development almost reached the peak, and almost gently pressed the nipple to secrete milk."

More than 10 kg is the weight that may increase in the last period of pregnant women, and some of them are slightly slightly contributed to the breasts.The degree of breast development during the entire pregnancy is one of the key to determining the amount of milk secretion; according to statistics, if the breasts before pregnancy are calculated at 200 grams, the peak of pregnancy may be 400 to 800 grams, which grows about two to three times.

Reminder you can do this

1. Be sure to wear a load, breathable and comfortable full -cover bra.

2. Continuous massage care; you can knead the nipples to increase its toughness; after 32 weeks, breast massage can be extended slightly in time according to personal physical response.

3. In order to increase the amount of breastfeeding after childbirth, pay more attention to diet and nutrition.

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