Director of Rehabilitation of Ningbo Pot File

"Character identity"

Director of the Basin Rehabilitation Center of Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital

Member of the Rehabilitation Committee of the Person Files of Zhejiang Province

Member of the Basin Foundation Group of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association of Ningbo Medical Association

Director of Ningbo Rehabilitation Medical Association

Ding Ping

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Production room/under the/peaceful.

The writer Su Tong once mentioned the short poem written by his classmates made him ashamed.Because it describes what kind of places are the delivery room with the most concise and precise expression, and most of them are from the word -pain.

Many people always think: Isn’t it easy for women to have children?Don’t you all come here like this?

How much does the mother need to pay for a child …

The hardships of October and the tenth level pain during childbirth are not ordinary people can imagine.

During the production process, postpartum bleeding, amniotic fluid embolism, heart disease, and signs of eclampsia may occur.

In the documentary "The Gate", Xia Jinju, 33, suffers from dangerous front placenta, bleeding during the production process, the heart stopped twice, and more than 13,000 ml blood was changed, which was equivalent to 4 times the whole body.Xia Jinju still smiled and said: It’s all for the baby.

The second episode of "World World 2", which was just played in 2019, tells the story of a group of dangerous pregnant women. Wu Ying, 25, suffers from severe congenital heart disease with severe pulmonary arteries.Never get pregnant. "After quarreling with her family, suicide and other behaviors, she was forced to conceive.On the day of a caesarean section, the child in the stomach was only 28 weeks. The reason why the child was cut in advance was because the child stayed in the stomach for a day, and the mother had countless risks. Before entering the operating room, Wu Ying cried and said, "I’m scared." Finally,, The child was born smoothly, but Wu Ying left after 14 days of struggle …

The director of the documentary "The Gate" said: "It is said that fertility is a matter of two people, it is a matter of husband and wife. In fact, it is not. It is a woman who really faces everything."

After giving birth to a child, women still have to bear the pain they bring, including -include -include pelvic floor dysfunction, including pelvic floor prolapse, leakage urine, urinary incontinence, constipation, incontinence and sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction.wait.Compared with the dangerous moment of production, the greatness of motherly love is amazing, and these relatively privacy problems can only be silently affected by women.

"During childbirth, when the fetus passes through the birth canal, the maternal pelvic floor ligament and muscles will be excessively extended, especially the first maternal and surgical delivery such as hip led surgery, pliersThe postpartum physical strength is weakened. The pelvic floor tissue is not easy to return to the previous state. The bottom tissue of the basin becomes relaxed, resulting in the loss of tension on the upper section of the urethra and becoming a funnel shape. The urethra is relatively short and wide.As a result of a series of functional disorders of women’s pelvic floor, Ding Ping, director of the Pot File Rehabilitation Center of Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital.During pregnancy, about 90 % of pregnant women have experienced frequent urination, and those who often have leakage often account for 40 %.

With pelvic floor dysfunction, although it does not affect life, the problems caused by life are very embarrassing. The most common is leakage. Once they cough, laugh, sneeze, run, etc.In severe cases, they leak urine when they walk or stand.I think this is a "shame" thing, resulting in rarely they will take the initiative to come to the hospital for treatment.For this reason, we had to wear adult urine or sanitary napkins, which brought great inconvenience to normal life.Therefore, pelvic floor dysfunctional diseases are also called "social cancer."

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Ding Ping is a northerner. In the exchange, you can feel the tenderness and delicateness of the southerners from her.

When he entered the industry at the age of 17, he was also laughed at the "children’s workers" by colleagues. However, even if Ding Ping was young, his professional performance was not inferior to it. It was common to win awards in various professional skills competitions.Before coming to Ningbo, she has been working at a third -level hospital under the Ansteel Group in Liaoning Province.The love of nursing majors, trained her strong professional skills, and also created her reflex arc that was prioritized.

In 2006, I first arrived in Ningbo.

In 2008, Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital moved into a new building. Ding Ping became the head nurse of the neural rehabilitation department with his previous achievements and efforts.At that time, the building was initially built, and the rehabilitation medicine was just started. Ding Ping could only touch the river to cross the river.Since then, the medical department, nursing department, hospital sensing department, medical insurance department, science and education department … By the current outpatient department, Ding Ping, who is related to professional departments, has been stayed, and her achievements are obvious to all.Essence

The 7 -year -old girl burns a large area, causing the impossible urination. On the one hand, the urethral opening is adjacent to the vaginal opening. If you accidentally, you may destroy the girl’s hymen. On the other side, the pain of burns and the unable to urinate makes the girl crying.Several nurses have helplessly tried it, which made everyone more pressure. In the end, Ding Ping successfully helped the girls urinate with her years of care experience and cautious attitude.

In 2008, when the computer was not yet popular, Ding Ping’s efforts of sleeping for a few days and sleeping, the "Top Ten Misunderstandings of hemiplegia rehabilitation" that finally prepared is still hung in the propaganda area of the hospital building.

The improvement of the medical examination items, Ding Ping "introduced new" and preferred the project according to different objects. At that time, her actions were still questioned by other hospital experts.The potential cause of the patient enables them to be treated in time in time.

… …

… …

The power of skills is one aspect of achievement and judgment of a person’s realm, and attitude is another ruler. You can feel it from Ding Ping.

In 2015, Ding Ping took over the outpatient department, including health management (physical examination).

Ningbo, as a coastal city, has developed marine fisheries and attaches great importance to the health management of the seafarers.As the National Maritime Affairs Bureau’s seafarers ‘physical examination point unit, Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital has configured professional equipment for seafarers’ medical examinations.The seafarers are drifting on the sea for several months. They can’t do without bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and staying up late. There are more or less problems with their bodies.However, due to the low cultural level of some seafarers, the attitude towards the medical examination is that I give you the money, you just give me the certificate, and the serious lack of health management awareness."Every time the medical examination, we will tell him the current health problems. The consequences that may be triggered in the future, how to quit bad daily behaviors, improve our health status, etc."With a drop of effort, they finally reversed their concepts of not paying attention to their health."When they are willing to take the initiative to feedback their physical condition, you will have a sense of accomplishment." Ding Ping’s medical examination center often has patients thanking them for their patient and meticulous service.

Ding Ping said that he has been engaged in nursing for more than 30 years. From the nurse to the current outpatient department director, he sees the patient’s recognition, the facilities of the hospital are getting more and more complete, the growth of the team that has been brought toIt is growing, "Even if I have paid a lot of effort for this, my inner sense of accomplishment tells me that all sweats are worth it."


In the first episode of "Kangxi is Coming", star Zhong Xinling revealed that he could not help but sneezed when he crossed the road. He immediately felt that the urine was about to flow out. He could only stop quickly, hold his legs, and embarrassed.The female celebrities who had children around them were attached, and although the sexy hot mom "Little S" who had given 3 babies at the beginning, she denied it, but in the end, she said, "I will never do such a ‘Oba.The matter of mulberry ‘, because I will keep my legs clamping from beginning to end. "

In the Korean drama "Please answer 1988", there is a classic line of the identity of "Mom": "I heard that God can’t be available everywhere, so I created a mother …"

However, my mother is not omnipotent …

"There are information showing that 4-60 % of women’s postpartum‘ leakage ‘occurred, and such a high incidence prompted us to pay attention to the postpartum muscle function of women’s postpartum. "

The Pot File Rehabilitation Center is the department established in 2018 of Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital.

In a meeting, Ding Ping accidentally learned that the pelvic floor rehabilitation was naturally very interested as a doctor.As a woman, she was deeply impressed by the inconvenience of life caused by people around the pelvic floor dysfunction.

In 2017, Ding Ping led her team to investigate again and again in Ningbo, and found that there were many women with similar problems, especially for the elderly women’s urinary incontinence, but there were not many professional pelvic floor rehabilitation institutions in Ningbo.There are very few understanding of pelvic floor dysfunctional diseases.

From the fact that no one just founded to be well received, Ding Ping has groped all the way to this day.

"Compared with the problem, think about how to treat it, in fact, when you are young, you should train through Kegel to achieve the state of prevention and reduce the pelvic floor dysfunctional diseases." Compared to the relative to the pelvic floor. "Compared to the relative to the pelvic floor." Compared toFor young women, elderly women are more likely to have this disease.Most of them are damaged when the pelvic floor muscles are produced when they are produced, and they are not repaired in time. Long -term physical labor causes the bottom muscle to be damaged again. Wait until the female is old, the estrogen decreases, the pelvic foundation muscle is lost, the muscle is lost, the musclePower decreases, which causes no way to control urine and control.In fact, after 42 days of production, it is necessary to do a recovery guidance for the bottom muscle of the health pot.To guide how to use the correct actions to repair the basin muscle through their own use, thereby preventing problems in the elderly.

"Sports such as running, fitness exercises, and tennis need to stand for a long time, and it will also affect the bottom muscle of the basin. Therefore, athletes such as marathons and teachers are more likely to cause damage to the basin muscle." Ding Ping alsoIntroduction, just like sitting up in front of you. When you get from top to next, you will find that the abdominal pressure increases, and the bottom muscle of the basin will be protruded once.The posture should be a rolling action from the bottom to top, but there are not many people who really know.

"You find that the elderly women go to the toilet is particularly frequent and urgent. If there is a problem with the urinary system, the chance of the pelvic floor dysfunction is very high."

Most of the patients encountered by Ding Ping did not love to go out because of cough leakage, urgency and other problems.Because when you go out, you do n’t spend most of the time looking for the toilet, or you must bring a urine pad with a urine pad, or even an odor, which will cause the patient to be depressed and inferior.disease.She also encountered a little girl who jumped ballet. She also had the problem of leakage of urine. She had to be careful about splitting and jumping. The original good future was almost destroyed.The chairman of the International Pain Pain Society has also proposed that a strong basin of the pot will help reduce the risk of your incontinence, improve your sexual health, and improve the strength and stability of your core muscle group.

"Potting bottom dysfunction is originally a small problem that can be solved, but many people are dragging into big problems." On the one hand, patients will feel that it is difficult to open up, and on the other handMost of them have this situation, they think it is normal, causing the pelvic floor dysfunction to become more serious.When you find that you will leak urine as soon as you turn over, you will think of treatment, and the effect will naturally not meet the expectations.Moreover, the pelvic floor dysfunction may not completely solve the problem through surgery, and it may also hurt other organs in the body during the process.


"Our purpose is to let you learn Kegel training and improve the improvement through your own exercise. But when you can’t find the bottom muscle correctly, even if you try to practice Kegel trainingPersonnel. "Through professional instruments, the muscle contracted by current stimulates the muscle around the vagina, and the contracted muscles are the bottom muscle.How to teach patients to do rehabilitation training and whether the guidance action is correct.

At the beginning of the rehabilitation of the basin bottom, Ding Ping led her team to Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and the Renjin Nannan Basin Center Center affiliated to Shanghai Tongji University. At present, she has also participated in the national and provincial basin rehabilitation study, team and herI have obtained the Lever-2 certificate of the European Biofeed Alliance BFE 1 Certificate and the International Pot Filed Dioxide Rehabilitation Society.In 2016, Ding Ping led the team to pass the highest quality certification of the international rehabilitation, that is, the highest three -year certification of the CARF certification outpatient project.

In 2018, when Ding Ping was 45 years old, even if she had been the director of the clinic, even if she had already obtained the title of the deputy director’s nurses and passed the title test of the chief nurses, she was still involving the new love for her professionalism.In the medical field, seize various training, self -study, and training opportunities to continuously improve your professional level."Always maintain the state of learning and use what you have learned to work to help more patients. I hope to complete the ultimate mission of our bottom rehabilitation center: let the postpartum women recover as early as the beginning, let the elderly women happy and peaceful"Ding Ping said.


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