Dis -discharged patients’ self -report: From fear to gratitude to talk about those words that can’t be said

From the healing to discharge to the medical observation period, Chen Wei survived the fourteen days of "spending the day"."Even mobile games are tired, and it is difficult to catch up with the days when you are in isolation at home."

Chen Wei, who received the notice of the community’s "Observation Period", rushed downstairs, launched a car, opened the audio, and drove around in the community.After finishing addiction, he stood in front of the car and put on a posture, greeted the reporter to take a group of photos for him."I pay attention to my personal image, please take a little better."

Chen Wei, who wasolated in front of the car, take a picture in front of the car

It is hard to imagine that just a month ago, the 33 -year -old young man in front of him almost gave up the hope of surviving.

The illness comes like a mountain, the young man who "can carry everything" counseled

On January 13, Chen Wei had symptoms of fever after returning home, and he didn’t care.He usually carried him with a cold and fever, and he took antipyretics at home.But this time has not improved for two days.Under the urging of his father, Chen Wei and his father came to Wuhan 672 Hospital for treatment. He did not find the cause and only got some medicines.But the drug does not work.In the next few days, Chen Wei’s body was high and low.Because of the symptoms of new crown pneumonia, he began to panic.

Chen Wei and his father moved at least five hospitals, and did not get accurate theory.Although the results of nucleic acid testing are negative, the symptoms of obvious shadows and high fever in the lung CT coincide with the new crown pneumonia.In the end, due to the lack of bed, Chen Wei failed to be treated by the hospital.At this time, he was a little unclear. Chen Wei said when he was hospitalized and how to go to the hospital."Later, the doctor from the First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District, Wuhan told me that when I was admitted to the hospital, the patient was the most serious at the time."

The next treatment made Chen Wei, a young man who claimed to "carry everything".Lumber infection causes dyspnea, let alone go to bed, sitting up is a kind of torment."There is a suffocating experience when you go to the bathroom." After finally getting up, I could only move to the bathroom step by step.The passing nurse handed him an oxygen pillow, but he didn’t even take a deep breath.

Chen Wei was paralyzed.In a few days, his weight dropped from more than 150 pounds to about 130 pounds."In the past, those who were seriously ill can be carried over, but this time it was uncomfortable." Looking at the back of the purple Qing Dynasty, Chen Wei even wanted to give up treatment.

He wanted to give up, but someone grabbed his hand tightly.In the next few days, the angels in white walked more frequently in front of Chen Wei’s illness to cheer him."Believe in us, you will be able to cure you." "You are still young and have strong resistance, don’t be afraid of the virus, we work hard together with the virus".

Want to do something for medical staff, even if you tell a joke more

What impressed him most was a male nurse named Zhang."He walked lightly and slowly, and he said softly. It was a bit different from the rushing and tight medical care in the corridor." Listening to the accent, Chen Wei decided that he was not a Wuhan native, and sometimes he could still beSee the word "Nanjing" in the protective service.But Chen Wei didn’t expect the male nurse to talk about the encouragement, gentleness with strength."Nurse Zhang often joked with me. Because of the same age, we both called each other. Basically, I could see him when I opened my eyes. He was taking care of me all the time."

Gradually, Chen Wei’s condition began to improve, and he had more conversations with Nuan Zhang.Family, life, and ideals, the two people talk about the world in the ward.Nurse Zhang kept encouraging Chen Wei. Chen Wei also hoped that his optimism would alleviate the tension of Nursery Zhang. He would introduce Wuhan’s food and beautiful scenery to Nurse.Every time he said the hot dry noodles, Chen Wei swallowed.After noticing, the nurse Zhang noticed that he gave him the "old Shanghai fried noodles" brought by Jiangsu."At that time, it was convenient for me to be good. They gave me all they had eaten. What did they do?" Chen Wei has never been willing to open it.

Selfie of Chen Wei and medical staff

Photos taken by Chen Wei for medical staff

After treatment, Chen Wei finally transferred from the intensive ward to the mild ward near the door.The doctor said that the closer to the door of the hidden area, the sooner he was discharged.Although Chen Wei has been thinking about being able to discharge soon, but on this day, he was a little reluctant."I want to do something for them, even if you tell a joke more."

Chen Wei during the medical observation period was isolated at home.He always wanted to send a WeChat to Nurse Zhang, but he was afraid of affecting his work.When looking at the circle of friends Zhang, he saw such a paragraph: "9 -bed patients are a young man with a young Wuhan man. He is almost the same as me and is handsome and handsome. He can say. He entered the hospital on the 24th., Asthma, seemed to lose confidence. We kept cheering him up and encouraged him to recover soon. Our doctor guarded health and their hope of life. "The picture was also taken by Chen Wei with his mobile phone."Nurse Zhang also said at the time that this was the clearest photo recently."

"Dreaming these days will dream of the days when he is treated in the hospital." Chen Wei said that he hoped that the epidemic would end earlier, look good about these medical care, take a clear photo with Nurse Zhang, and ask them to have a meal.

After the epidemic is over, thank you with your wife. Thank you

Chen Wei, after the birth of the serious illness, has a new understanding of "people’s common sense".He found that there have been so many people who love themselves and paid silently around him.

After his parents divorced, Chen Wei lived alone.He said that he was "not emotional" with his parents and was unwilling to say a word.But after he was sick, his parents’ actions made him ashamed.

Since he was clinic at the Sixth Seventh Hospital, his father has been running for Chen Wei.The same anxious father always said to Chen Wei, "It’s okay."

There was a huge risk of cross -infection in the hospital, but his father rushed inside.Sometimes the long line lined up in the hospital’s registered window can’t look at the head, and the small corridor is crowded.Chen Wei looked at his father so much waiting, squeezing, and grabbing. "When there are too many people, I can’t see him. After a while, he came back sweatically and told me with a smile.It will come to you in a while. "He suddenly felt that his father was particularly" man. "

During the treatment, when Chen Wei received his mother’s WeChat, she learned that she also had symptoms and was treated in the hospital.In those days, the mother and son had the interaction that they had never had before, and talked about each other, cheering up."Now she is almost recovering. My family’s body is strong. I also inherited their genes so fast."

Speaking of his wife, Chen Wei was a little embarrassed.They got married in October last year, and the two lived together simple and interesting.When Chen Wei wanted to toss, his wife accompanied him to travel by himself; if he wanted to be quiet, his wife accompanied him to play games at home.When she was sick, my wife was very anxious and helpless."She has never entered the kitchen, but when I had a fever, she made me the first meal." Chen Wei’s nose was sore at the wives who looked at the meals in front of me.

Earlier this year, his wife was pregnant.Chen Wei had a lot of effort to persuade her to return to her hometown."She doesn’t listen to whatever, she has to accompany me and refuses to leave.

Now, Chen Wei is looking forward to his mother’s discharge, and he is looking forward to the end of the epidemic. He picks up his wife and thank his parents together.

Chen Wei finally revealed a secret. Before he was discharged, he gave the "old Shanghai fried noodles" that he had been reluctant to eat to the patient.He said, what wants to leave something is not just face.

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